In a Violent Nature: 10 Similar Slasher Movies That Will Hook You

Directed by Chris Nash, ‘In a Violent Nature’ is a slasher film that proudly wears its ‘80s indie inspiration on its bloodstained sleeve. A group of friends out in a remote wilderness inadvertently awaken a rotting horror when they remove a locket from his burial site. A remorseless, towering undead wearing a leather mask will hack, slash, and crush his way through the screaming men and women to get his locket back. Highlighted by creative kills, unrelenting pacing, and deliberate cinematography, the horror film pays homage to the classics of the genre while providing a refreshing experience. These are some other slasher movies like ‘In a Violent Nature’ with creativity, shock, and plenty of gore.

10. Laid to Rest (2009)

‘Laid to Rest,’ directed by Robert Hall, starts with a young woman waking up in a coffin with no memory of who she is or how she got there. As she escapes her chamber, she realizes she’s being pursued by a relentless and sadistic killer wearing a chrome skull. With the help of a Good Samaritan named Tucker, the woman desperately tries to survive as the menacing killer tracks them down. In addition to evading the clutches of her ruthless assailant, the woman also discovers shocking truths about her past and the sinister forces at play. Fueled by intense suspense and grisly thrills, ‘Laid to Rest’ is considered an underrated gem that shines best in its harrowing scenes of gory murders. With its retro inspirations and dark atmosphere, ‘Laid to Rest’ will likely appeal to admirers of ‘In a Violent Nature.’

9. Hatchet (2006)

Helmed by director Adam Green, ‘Hatchet’ follows a group of tourists on a Louisiana haunted swamp tour. However, their expedition takes a sinister turn when their boat malfunctions, leaving them stranded in the murky depths of the bayou. As they struggle to find a way back to civilization, they are beset by Victor Crowley, a deformed and vengeful being who haunts the swamp. With each gruesome encounter, they unravel the chilling secrets of Crowley’s past and the dark forces that bind him to the swamp. Similar to ‘In a Violent Nature,’ ‘Hatchet’ seeks to recreate the ‘80s slasher feel and revels in its scenes of visceral gore. Both films stick to the basics of the hacker sub-genre and immerse us in the simple terror of their sequences.

8. Wrong Turn (2003)

Directed by Rob Schmidt, ‘Wrong Turn’ transports us to the remote forests of West Virginia, where a group of friends are on a hiking trip. The group becomes lost in the forest and stumbles into the territory of a hidden community of inbred mutant cannibals. A terrifying chase begins when they become aware of the monstrosities coming down the mountain to feast on their flesh. Even hardened fans of the genre may find themselves shocked by the raw and unflinching scenes of violence and gratuitous gore in the film.

7. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006)

Directed by Scott Glosserman, ‘Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon’ is a meta-slasher gem that takes us behind the curtain and into the meticulous minds of slasher villains. The film follows a documentary crew led by Taylor Gentry as they shadow Leslie Vernon, an aspiring serial killer, to document his preparation for a massacre in the town of Glen Echo. Leslie candidly talks about how a killer chooses the stereotypical group to attack. He introduces the crew to his mentor, a retired Eugene, revealing that the slasher killers are real and all know each other and the business well.

However, as the night of terror approaches, Taylor and her crew are forced to confront the consequences of their voyeurism and whether they are merely observers or unwitting participants in Leslie’s deadly game. With clever twists and a self-aware narrative, ‘Behind the Mask’ offers a fresh take on the slasher genre that will enthrall fans of ‘In a Violent Nature.’

6. Sleepaway Camp (1983)

In the directorial hands of Robert Hiltzik, ‘Sleepaway Camp’ is a bone-chilling horror film that subverts expectations with its seemingly straightforward plot of a summer camp gone horribly wrong. The film follows Angela, a shy and introverted teenage girl who struggles to fit in among her peers, enduring ridicule and bullying. However, as her fellow campers begin to meet gruesome fates at the hands of an unknown assailant, suspicions and paranoia run rampant throughout the campground. The film creates a sense of dreadful realism in its setting, which makes its horror all the more striking. For those who liked the shocks of ‘In a Violent Nature,’ ‘Sleepaway Camp’ holds a truly traumatizing climax that promises to haunt you well after the credits roll.

5. Happy Death Day (2017)

Directed by Christopher Landon, ‘Happy Death Day’ revolves around college student Tree Gelbman, who finds herself trapped in a time loop, forced to relive the day of her murder over and over again. Each time the baby-mask-wearing killer kills her, she wakes up back at the beginning of the day. Regardless of how she tries to alter her path, the killer always seems to catch up to her and tear through her defenses. Faced with the prospect of having a limited number of restarts, Tree desperately tries to uncover the killer’s identity and look into her own troubled past.

For enthusiasts of movies like ‘In a Violent Nature,’ ‘Happy Death Day’ offers a unique twist on the slasher genre, blending thrills with a compelling mystery. With the film’s premise of time regression, the protagonist is butchered in a number of harrowing ways, making for a refreshing change and keeping us at the edge of our seats with death lurking around every corner.

4. Thanksgiving (2023)

In the birthplace of the holiday, Plymouth, Massachusetts, a Thanksgiving-inspired killer begins to terrorize its residents after a tragedy. With Eli Roth in the director’s chair, ‘Thanksgiving’ takes us back in time and introduces us to various townsfolk who watch in horror as an ax-wielding killer begins to brutally murder them, regardless of whether they are alone or in groups. The movie will appeal to fans of ‘In a Violent Nature’ as it thrives in its simple setup, doing what is expected but exceptionally well. The killing scenes are unrelentingly violent and are paired well with a dark sense of humor.

3. You’re Next (2011)

A family reunion at a secluded mansion turns into a bloodbath when masked intruders break into the house after having stalked the family. The family members initially try to barricade themselves in a room, but soon, the killers break in, forcing the victims to scatter. As they are picked off one by one in nail-bitingly suspenseful scenes, the bloodletting reaches its crescendo. Amidst the sobbing survivors, Erin, the girlfriend of one of the siblings, taps into dormant survival skills to outwit the assailants. Directed by Adam Wingard, ‘You’re Next’ delivers a fresh and thrilling experience for horror enthusiasts of films like ‘In a Violent Nature’ with clever twists, relentless action, and intense suspense.

2. X (2022)

Directed by Ti West, ‘X’ takes us back to 1979, when a small film crew travels to a remote location in rural Texas to shoot an adult movie. The owner of the dilapidated home, a decrepit older man, agrees to let them use the property and its adjoining cabin for their stay and shoot. However, he warns them that his wife has “problems,” which begin to come out at night. As the group starts shooting their film, they have an unpleasant run-in with the owner’s creepy wife. Their apprehensions give way to unbridled terror when blood begins to spill at night. With an isolated setting reminiscent of ‘In a Violent Nature,’ the A24 movie accentuates tropes of the genre with cinematic flair and a twisted sense of humor.

1. Halloween (2018)

In the 2018 installment of the iconic horror franchise directed by David Gordon Green, Laurie Strode confronts her darkest fears when Michael Myers escapes from captivity and returns to continue his killing spree. Decades after surviving his initial rampage, Laurie has become a hardened survivalist, preparing for Myers’ inevitable return. As the masked killer resumes his reign of terror on Halloween night, Laurie must protect her family and finally put an end to the nightmare that has haunted her for years.

The modern sequel to one of the greatest in the genre, ‘Halloween’ pays adequate homage while introducing new elements to form an identity of its own. The film creates a heavy and foreboding atmosphere with its cinematography and haunting soundtrack. Like in ‘In a Violent Nature,’ the deaths are horrifying and creative, and the tension is sometimes contrasted with moments of humor.

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