16 Movies You Must Watch if You Love ‘Wrong Turn’

One wrong turn on the road and it’s life or death for you, the latter being the most likely. The Wrong Turn series and its three crazy cannibals are perhaps one of the most merciless yet best-known characters of the Hollywood slasher genre. Slicing and dicing living human beings to sate their cannibal lust, these three brothers murder every unfortunate tourist who crosses their path. For the fans of the slasher genre, here’s a list of movies similar to Wrong Turn that are our recommendations. You can also watch some of these movies like Wrong Turn on Netflix or Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

16. Blood Feast (1963)

Long before movies like Wrong Turn came out, Herschell Gordon Lewis a.k.a Godfather of Gore made the first splatter film in 1963. ‘Blood Feast’s depiction of gore was groundbreaking, and it is now considered to be one of the most important films in the history of cinema. The movie’s cult following meant a section of audience accepted such levels of gore and violence and signaled the inception of 70s and 80s horror.

It’s not as disgusting as the other entries and is probably unwatchable because of its nonsensical story and performances, but producer David Friedman asserted that they never made it be taken seriously. Nevertheless, the blood and shabby bits of flesh are enough to put a normal person on a diet of oats for two days.

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15. The Human Centipede (2009)

This has to be the only trilogy that isn’t worthy of being called one. As sickening and depressing as it sounds like, the trailing two movies derive their inspiration from the first installment. Dr Heiter, a surgeon known to separate conjoint twins, fantasizes creating a human centipede by creating a mouth-to-anus connection between three different people after sewing them together. He captures two females and a male tourist to accomplish his purpose. While the very idea of it is gut-wrenching, he further plans to keep the “triplet” as a pet. The vicious and bilious thoughts of Dr. Heiter, combined with his inhumane intent, is utterly disgusting. Something one should avoid watching unless turning pale due to vomiting and nausea is the only impetus.

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14. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

‘Cannibal Holocaust.’ The fact that this movie remains banned after 37 years of its release in some countries and is only available in a heavily cut version most probably talks a lot about this “video nasty.” If Blood Feast gave birth to torture porn, then Cannibal Holocaust pushed the genre to an age of adolescence. It transformed from primitive splatter to something so realistic and disgusting, many hardcore fans couldn’t stomach the changes. Apart from being a landmark in torture porn, the film also revolutionized the found footage style, as it follows a missing documentary crew who had gone to the Amazon rainforests to film cannibal tribes.

Though the director, Rogero Deodato was cleared of manslaughter accusations after rumors that the actors were sexually assaulted and killed during the process, he was still condemned over the depiction of real violence towards animals which is horrid enough to make you puke in your popcorn.

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13. Oldboy (2003)

A movie that features on the “must-watch” list of every Korean movie enthusiast, Oldboy is a captivating story of a revenge-stricken man who had been imprisoned by unknown people for the past fifteen years. Dae-Su, who’s been in pain due to the loss of his family members, who has embraced loneliness, has five days to figure out the reason for his torment, or else he risks losing much more than he thinks. ‘Oldboy’ is also a classic example of being one of the most diverse movies covering the entire pleasure-pain paradox, comprising of incestuous sex, cringe-worthy scenes like eating of live squids, suicides, tortures, hypnotism, self-infliction, and hallucinations. ‘Oldboy,’ in its genre, is a cornerstone of world cinema. And no, that’s not pun-intended.

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12. See No Evil (2006)

Starring the Big Red Machine Kane as the psychopath killer Jacob Goodnight, See No Evil is a religious horror. Bent on exacting revenge from the cop who shot him four years ago, Jacob is back to wreak havoc on a group of non-believers. When he finds a pack of delinquent criminals, one of whom has disrespectful religious symbols on her body, the psychotic man does what he does best. Will Jacob rip them off one by one, or will the scum of society kill the monster?

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11. House of Wax (2005)

You may have seen Elisha Cuthbert in ‘The Girl Next door.’ It’s time to see her starring in a slasher film alongside Paris Hilton, wearing more skimpy outfits. Sounds interesting already. A group of six friends going to a football game take a lift from a stranger and end up in the town of Ambrose. Other than being deserted and having only two residents, the city seems to be famous for its massive exhibit of wax statues called the House of Wax. The group must realise that the reason behind the wax statues appearing almost real might be that they are actually real. Moral of the story: don’t take lifts from strangers.

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10. Turistas (2006)

A group of tourists is out to see the scenic beaches of Brazil and the hot South American girls. What they get, however, is a forced operation in the back alleys and a few dead bodies. A deadly organ smuggling ring working out of Brazil captures the unwary tourists and harvests their organs to give them a gruesome death in a dingy place. Will Alex, Bea (Olivia Wilde), and their friends survive this vacation of a lifetime?

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9. Eden Lake (2008)

Ever seen Michael Fassbender in a slasher movie? Well, here is your chance. Out on a romantic weekend, Steve and Jenny want nothing but to spend their time in each other’s embrace, resting by the side of Eden Lake. These lovers enjoy only a few hours of peace before a local gang of feisty and spoilt teenagers starts pranking them. Things get out of hand when they capture Steve and torture him with barb wires and baseball bats. Now Jenny must find a way to avoid the lusty and bloodthirsty teenagers while trying to save Steve.

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8. The Hills Run Red (2009)

You shouldn’t go looking out for trouble because sometimes you find it. Tyler (Tad Hilgenbrink) is a young filmmaker who wants his name to resound through the halls of time. His girlfriend Serena (Janet Montgomery) is a simple college girl who is confused between her boyfriend and his friend who cares for her. Tyler, unaware of what is happening around him, is obsessed with an Indie movie called ‘The Hills Run Red’ and its villain Babyface who kills everyone with the same knife he used to carve his face. Bent on finding the real actor who played Babyface, Tyler seeks out the director’s daughter Alexa (Sophie Monk) and pleads her to take him to the spot where the movie was made. Tyler and Serena, however, don’t know that the movie is not a work of fiction and Babyface is entirely real. What’s more, Alexa is leading them not to their artistic destination but to their death. The masked killer kills everyone, leaving only Serena for ‘breeding’ purposes; to make more Babyfaces. A tale of bone-chilling horror and disturbing scenes.

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7. Wolf Creek (2005)

I think I need to mention this before I move forward. Can the people in Hollywood please stop accepting lifts and invitations from strangers? They might end up being a serial killer. When three friends on a trip to the Australian wilderness meet a stranger at the Wolf Creek Crater, they accept his invitation to go to his house. What they don’t know is that that man is a formidable serial killer who enjoys butchering people for his entertainment. Will the three dumb brutes survive or end up being the wolf’s prey?

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6. 30 Days of Night (2007)

Every year in Barrow, Alaska, there is a month-long night as the sun dips down the horizon. However, this year there is a surprise waiting for the residents of this isolated town. A pack of vampires were waiting for the eternal night to feast on the warm flesh of the unwary humans, and despite many warnings, the residents paid no heed. Now it is up to the sheriff and his wife to stop the vampires from devouring the remaining residents before the shadows swallow the entire population.

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5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

Are you fed up with watching the Wrong Turn again and again and want to whet your appetite for cannibalism with some other movie? You got it. When five youths driving through Texas see a hitchhiker shoot herself to death, they turn to the locals for answers. However, to their dismay, they knock on the same door the poor soul had been running away from. Chased by a deadly chainsaw-bearing killer called Leatherface and his cannibal family, the five friends must save themselves from a gruesome and violent death. Let the ripping begin.

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4. Friday the 13th (2009)

A group of young delinquents are out on their lake house near Camp Crystal Lake to enjoy themselves. Unknown to them a murderous monster, Jason Voorhees, is prowling around the compound looking for his latest victims. When the campers start disappearing one by one, they must hold hands with Clay, a man looking for his lost sister, and try their best to evade the hockey mask killer. Don’t step into the dark because Jason is coming.

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3. Hostel (2005)

Not for the faint of heart and guts, ‘Hostel’ is filled with severed body parts in almost every frame. Involving a demented game of torture and horrendously filmed gore, Hostel will startle you. A masterpiece when it comes to the slasher genre and a close relative to the Wrong Turn series (minus the incest), Hostel is a concept best left to taboo fantasies. Set in the Czech Republic, it tells about the tourists who come in search of fun, frolic, and sex, to Eastern Europe and are captured by a gang dealing in abducting and trafficking people. They pass on the dumb tourists to the highest bidders who have a fantasy to kill, maim, and burn people for their joy. Who will survive this Hostel of Horrors?

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2. Final Destination (2000)

Stop trying to avoid your demise because it will come whether you like it or not. When Alex receives a vision of him dying along with several people on the flight he has boarded, he warns his friends and gets off. The lucky survivors don’t know that Death doesn’t ever leave its job unfinished. One by one, everyone dies in the same way they were intended to in the first place. The only way to survive? Die.

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1. Saw (2004)

This one will twist your brain up. An unexpected turn at every point, this movie is famous both in the slasher as well as the suspense genre. Two people have been locked in a cell against their will, without any rhyme or reason. To survive, they must play a sinister game where only the person ready to become a murderer will survive. Watch as the Jigsaw Killer busts any expectations or predictions you might have.

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