10 Movies Like Jack Reacher You Must See

There are some movie characters which are handsome/ beautiful, calm, well-behaved and dutiful, but when someone messes with them, they are just unstoppable and can bring down an entire gang of criminals in just a matter of time. The movie Jack Reacher introduces us to such a character and lets us know the true definition of a “ Badass”.

Jack Reacher, the role played by Tom Cruise, is an ex-military investigator who takes a case of finding out the main culprit behind the killing of five innocent people. One can see how he remains calm and confident while solving his case and at the same time can become an unstoppable fighter if someone interferes in his maters. What makes his character more attractive is the way he delivers his dialogues which are strong and gives a “kick” to the listener. With that said, here’s the list of movies similar to Jack Reacher that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these movies like Jack Reacher on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

10. Red

Actor Bruce Willis has been well known as a tough action star but he does it even better when we see him delivering funny dialogues when engaging in a gunfight. In this movie, Willis plays the role of a retired black-ops C.I.A. agent Frank Moses who, after some assassins try to kill him, sets out to find out who the main people behind the plot. The movie is actually a film adaptation of a limited comic book series. The dialogues and the situations become hilarious in the movie as it progresses. The bad guys in the movie are shown to helpless when Moses fight them and the main thing that suits the character of Frank Moses is the full form of R.E.D. which is Retired Extremely Dangerous. Those who love to see older actors still staying young and strong like Bruce Willis, this is the perfect movie for them.

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9. The Foreigner

Based on a novel called “The Chinaman”, the movie tells the story of an immigrant living in London named Ngoc Minh Quan (Jackie Chan), who seeks out revenge after his daughter dies in a bomb blast. What makes Quan a dangerous person is that even though he lives a normal life, he is a former Vietnam War special forces operator and using the skills he learned during his training, he sets out to find the terrorists who were behind the bombings. All the Jackie Chan fans will see him in a very different movie role but what remains the same is the fact that he still performs his own stunts making him a tough guy both on and off screen.

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8. Atomic Blonde

The term “Badass” doesn’t necessarily have to relate with Men. Some “Bad Girl” movies fit perfectly in the same category of Jack Reacher like the movie Atomic Blonde. It introduces Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton, an M.I.6 agent who is assigned a task to find out the double agents who are being smuggled into the west during the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989. It is a special movie to watch as Charlize Theron is shown as a tough woman and her action scenes are very amazing to watch. The movie is well known for having an action scene of about fifteen minutes which was shot continuously without retakes. The movie is directed by David Leitch, who was previously a stunt coordinator and is well known to have co-directed the epic action flick, John Wick.

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7. Mission: Impossible 2

If you have seen all the Mission Impossible films, which one of them showcases Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) as the toughest version of himself? If the answer is Mission Impossible 2 then its definitely correct. From the free-hand rock climbing in the beginning to the bike chase action scene towards the end of the movie, we don’t actually feel like we are watching a spy movie but a high octane action movie. The story involves I.M.F. agent Ethan Hunt going on a mission to find and destroy the virus called Chimera which was stolen by Hunt’s former partner Sean Ambrose from a biochemical facility. Director John Woo’s style is very much appreciated in this film for using Hong Kong cinema style gunfights and slow motions. Hunt would have just retrieved the virus samples and destroyed it but since the antagonist messed with him by holding Hunt’s love interest captive, he ends up killing Ambrose and his whole team, something that a Real Man would do.

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6. Street Kings

Before the release of the movie John Wick, if there is any movie where Keanu Reeves has been depicted as a “tough guy”, it would be Street Kings. In this movie, Reeves plays the role of a police detective Tom Ludlow, who sets out to find out the killers of his former partner which in turn leads him to the truth about the corruption going on inside his unit. When he realizes that he too is been slowly dragged into the dirty games of his unit he stands against all odds and starts hunting them one by one. His character is shown as a dutiful and honest cop who solves cases using his wits and that kind of a person who can become a merciless man when he has to face any criminal. The fighting scenes look very realistic but the level of violence may disturb some viewers. But apart from that, it’s an awesome cop movie to watch.

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5. Haywire

Another “Tough Girl” movie that especially the M.M.A. lovers would love to watch as it features U.F.C. fighter Gina Carano as the protagonist. Anyone would love to watch the lead actor  perform their own stunts which Carano does it flawlessly in the movie. The story of the film is about Mallory Kane who works for a company that handles covert operations for the government and has to find out the actual people behind an assassination attempt which she has been falsely framed. Director Steven Soderbergh’s attempt to make an action movie is a nice one and the film doesn’t disappoint the viewers. The fight scenes are just amazing to watch and the performance of Carano is really great.

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4. Die Hard

The movie Die Hard has established itself as one of the gems of action-thriller movies and the term “One Man Army” really associates with this one. The film tells the story of an off-duty N.Y.P.D. cop John McClane who is caught inside a skyscraper in Los Angeles when a group of terrorists who ceases the building and traps several others including his wife. The viewers get a feeling of tension when we start to think that how will just one man save all the people in the building. McClane’s character has been presented as that kind of cop who even being off-duty always has the responsibility to save the people in case of any trouble. The movie is well known for its unique action scenes and gunfights which were rarely seen in the action movies of that time. The critical and commercial success of the movie led to four more sequels and is a must watch for all action-loving fans.

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3. Taken

This is another great action-thriller movie which helped establish Liam Neeson as an action star. Despite his age during its release, the character of Neeson, Bryan Mills fits in perfectly in the movie. The story is about retired C.I.A. field agent Mills who goes to Paris to find his daughter who has been kidnapped by Albanian sex-traffickers while on a trip to France. What makes the movie a masterpiece is the portrayal of Neeson’s character as an unshakable tough and cunning man who at the same time is a loving and responsible father who pushes all limits to find his daughter. The realistic looking action sequences, strong dialogues, and the progressive story make the movie so much watchable that no one can stop thinking of the movie long after watching it.

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2. Casino Royal

When someone thinks of a Real Man movie character, the first or probably the only name that comes to the mind is James Bond. A charismatic, energetic and a strong-willed man who has the complete trust of his agency is the kind of man the everyone should be looking for in a spy-thriller film. Daniel Craig as Bond is probably the only actor to play the role who suits the best among all the other actors. When it comes to the story, it is about Bond on his first mission as Agent 007 where he has an assignment to bankrupt a terrorist financier in a poker game. They say that a Real Man never deviates his focus from his duty and makes sure that nothing goes wrong and we see this in Bond where after knowing that he has been deceived by the lady he loves, denounces her as a traitor after she drowns and dies. This makes Bond a dutiful man and loyal to the agency he works for. This is one of the best Bond movies and a must watch for everyone.

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1. John Wick

Upon its release, this movie has already gained its rightful place as an all-time action classic and Keanu Reeves as John Wick gives more attractiveness to the movie as everyone would say that no one else would have done justice to the role. If anyone wants to know what it looks like when a calm and nice person living a peaceful and simple life is disturbed by some unwanted wannabes, they need to watch this movie for sure. The story revolves around John Wick, a retired hitman who seeks out vengeance for his stolen car and the death of his puppy the latter of which was gifted by his deceased wife. The movie features the retro Japanese style gun fights which are new amongst the Hollywood movies. The story of the film is simple but the portrayal of each character in the movie is really great. It results in a great action movie when the directors have experienced stunt coordinators. Everyone needs to watch this movie and probably the viewers who are not fond of action movies might have second thoughts after watching.

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