8 Movies Like The Book of Clarence You Must See

The biblical comedy-drama film, ‘The Book of Clarence,’ presents an unconventional story about self-discovery through faith. In the time of Christ, the story revolves around the titular Clarence, whose attempts at success continue to fall through. As a result, the man comes up with the brilliant idea to cash in on Jesus of Nazreth’s growing popularity by becoming his thirteenth apostle despite being a hardened disbeliever. However, once the plan fails, Clarence finally finds an even more lucrative calling— being a fake Messiah. In exploring Clarence’s odd adventures, the film presents a compelling satirical as well as motivational tale centering around religion and Christianity. Consequently, it results in a unique outcome, which may lead viewers to crave similar stories traversing kindred themes.

8. The Invention of Lying (2009)

Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson’s ‘The Invention of Lying’ transports the viewers to a world where everyone tells the truth and lies don’t exist. That is, until Mark Bellison, an unsuccessful screenwriter with no luck in his love life, stumbles upon the ability to be untruthful. Consequently, the man begins using the newfound idea of lying to his benefit, tricking people into catering to his whims. While the film doesn’t sport an outright religious theme, Mark’s fabrication of Heaven and the afterlife leads him down a path to counterfeit messiahhood in a storyline that remains reminiscent of Clarence and his narrative. For the same reason, this film will be a safe bet for people seeking a feel-good comedy to follow up ‘The Book of Clarence.’

7. Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul (2022)

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul‘ is a mockumentary comedy film revolving around a Southern Baptist megachurch’s attempts to make a comeback into the social consciousness. While Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs led a congregation with tens of thousands of followers, a recent scandal has led the numbers to dwindle drastically. As a result, his wife, the first lady of the megachurch, Trinitie Childs, launches a desperate campaign to rebuild and reopen the church, returning it to its former glory. The film presents a satirical take on the exploitative and hypocritical side of organized religion. Thus, people who enjoyed the careful deconstruction of faith within ‘The Book of Clarence’ might like this film’s dissection of religion in a modern landscape.

6. Leap of Faith (1992)

‘Leap of Faith’ is a comedic film about a charlatan who profits off of people’s faith. Jonas Nightingaledubbed the “Messiah of the Interstate,” is a fake faith healer who holds several tricks up his sleeve to sell his charm and lies to the public. Nevertheless, once his show truck breaks down in a small Texan town with an inquisitive local sheriff, Will, and an attractive but disinterested waitress, Marva, it proposes a dry spell for Jonas and his performance. Still, never one to back down from a challenge, Jonas decides to undertake the challenge of tricking the town into believing in his abilities while Will attempts to uncover the truth behind it all. Through Jonas’ conflicted character, the film mirrors Clarence’s misadventure into fake messiahood.

5. Saved! (2004)

Set in a Christian high school, ‘Saved!’ revolves around the story of Mary, a teenage girl whose life turns upside down after she learns that her boyfriend, Dean, is gay. In a misguided effort to “save” the boy, Mary ends up losing her virginity to him, only for Dean to be sent away to conversion therapy anyway. Worse yet, the encounter leaves Mary pregnant with Dean’s child. Consequently, the people she once considered her friends, such as the sinisterly devout Christian Hilary Faye, begin to turn on her. Thus, Mary’s life turns into a nightmare as she becomes a social outcast like the wheelchair user Roland and the only Jewish girl, Cassandra. While the modern setting of ‘Saved!’ distances it from ‘The Book of Clarence,’ the former film’s exploration of Christianity may be a subject of interest for people who liked Clarence’s journey to faith.

4. Bruce Almighty (2003)

The Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman starrer, ‘Bruce Almighty’ is a comedy film with religious themes that presents an outlandishly intriguing premise. Bruce Nolan, a down-on-his-luck news reporter, is stuck in a perpetual cycle of complaining and blaming God for his problems, no matter how big or small. Eventually, God decides to teach the man a lesson by bestowing Bruce with all his powers, allowing the world to bend at his whim for the coming week. However, once Bruce shoulders the responsibilities that come with all-powerful omniscience, it introduces a new world of troubles. Although significantly more light-hearted than ‘The Book of Clarence,’ this film possesses a humorous levity around religion and faith that fans of the former may appreciate.

3. Ben-Hur (1959)

‘Ben-Hur’ is the ideal historical drama film for people who find themselves captivated by the biblical setting of ‘The Book of Clarence’ and are looking for stories with similar backgrounds. Judah Ben-Hur, the titular protagonist, leads the life of a wealthy Jewish prince. However, the same comes crashing down with the arrival of the contentious Romans after he’s forced into slavery by a former friend despite his ultimate innocence. Nevertheless, the man vows to return and exact his revenge— a feat he proceeds to attempt after. ‘Ben-Hur’ remains one of the most influential films that occupy the backdrop of the first century Jerusalem. As a result, fans of the genre are bound to enjoy this film.

2. OMG: Oh My God! (2017)

‘OMG: Oh My God!’ is a Hindi language film that brings a nuanced take on religious faith, which is bound to appeal to people who enjoyed ‘The Book of Clarence.’ The film follows a firm atheist, Kanji Lalji Mehta, who— ironically enough— runs a shop that sells sacred idols and other items. Therefore, after an earthquake lays waste to his shop, the man decides to take God to court and seeks reparations from big-time religious leaders. The same amasses the attention of a big crowd, including one of the Gods, Lord Krishna, disguised as a house guest. However, instead of dissuading Kanji from his path, Krishna aims to help the man win his lawsuit and expose the corruption within the religion industry.

1. Life of Brian (1979)

As one of the cinematic inspirations behind ‘The Book of Clarence,’ Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ will prove to be the perfect watch for people who enjoy the niche but riveting genre of religious satire. Born on the same day as Jesus Christ, Brian of Nazareth embodies a much ungraceful and less wise personality than the Christian lord and savior. Yet, somehow, his life leads to the same exact path as the people of Jerusalem claim him to be their Messiah at a time of gross oppression under Roman rule. Predictably, Brian discovers that the life of a prophet does not present an easy or safe path. Following a similar hero’s journey as ‘The Book of Clarence,’ ‘Life of Brian’ remains ripe with off-beat comedy and an unpredictable narrative.

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