These 8 Films Are Just Like Netflix’s The Conference

Netflix’s ‘The Conference’ is an entertaining watch that not only tickles your funny bone but also offers some chills and thrills. The Swedish horror comedy film, directed by Patrik Eklund, follows a group of public-sector employees on a work retreat that goes wrong when a mysterious murderer goes on a killing spree in the resort they are staying in. Meanwhile, the employees also have to deal with their interpersonal differences. If you are someone who enjoyed the film and is searching for more such films, here are some recommendations from our side. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘The Conference’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8. Happy Death Day (2017)

Directed by Christopher Landon, ‘Happy Death Day’ is a slasher film that revolves around the character of Theresa “Tree” Gelbman (Jessica Rothe), a self-absorbed college student, who finds herself trapped in a time loop, reliving her birthday over and over again. Each day culminates in her brutal murder by a masked assailant. In order to break free from this nightmarish cycle, Tree must investigate her own death, unraveling a mystery that becomes increasingly complex with each repetition.

Along the way, Tree undergoes personal growth, learning to be a better person and connecting with people she had previously ignored. The black comedy film provides humor against the backdrop of mystery and suspense, and focuses on the personal growth and transformation of the characters, just like ‘The Conference.’

7. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010)

Helmed by Eli Craig, ‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ is a hilarious take on the traditional horror genre. The film follows Tucker and Dale, two well-meaning but socially awkward men who embark on a relaxing vacation to their newly acquired remote cabin in the woods. However, a group of college students camping nearby mistake the duo for deranged killers due to a series of comically unfortunate misunderstandings.

As the terrified students continue to accidentally harm themselves while trying to escape the perceived threat, Tucker and Dale, genuinely concerned for their safety, attempt to assist. Driven by the compelling performances of Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk, the film is known for its absurd and over-the-top comedy blended with horror. While the story and setting of ‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ are different than that of ‘The Conference,’ both films masterfully blend horror and comedy and evoke humor through absurd situations.

6. Cottage Country (2013)

‘Cottage Country’ is a horror comedy film that follows Todd (Tyler Labine) and Cammie (Malin Åkerman), a young couple who plan a romantic getaway to Todd’s family cottage in the secluded wilderness. Todd intends to propose to Cammie, but their peaceful vacation takes a dark and comedic turn when Todd’s unruly brother, Salinger (Dan Petronijevic), unexpectedly crashes their trip with his obnoxious girlfriend, Masha (Lucy Punch).

As tensions rise and relationships become strained, a series of accidental deaths occur, leading Todd and Cammie to resort to extreme measures to cover up their misdeeds. Both ‘Cottage Country’ and ‘The Conference’ are comedies with an element of murders and depict strained relationships among the characters.

5. Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

Like ‘The Conference,’ ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ is another horror comedy that tells the story of a group gathered in a remote mansion, where a murder changes their dynamics. Directed by Halina Reijn, the film follows a group of 20-somethings who get together for a “hurricane party” at a luxurious mansion and play a murder-themed game in the dark. However, when a member actually ends up getting killed, tension escalates and suspicion falls on guests, leading to a series of violent confrontations and the revelation of dark secrets.

4. Office Uprising (2018)

‘Office Uprising’ follows Desmond (Brenton Thwaites), an unenthusiastic office worker at a weapons manufacturing company. Things take a wild turn for him when an experiment with an energy drink goes wrong, transforming his co-workers into bloodthirsty maniacs. Desmond is then forced into a fight for survival within the confines of the office.

Teaming up with his colleagues, including his crush Samantha (Jane Levy) and his best friend Mourad (Karan Soni), Desmond must use improvised weapons to battle his co-workers and navigate the complexities of corporate bureaucracy to put an end to the madness. Both ‘Office Uprising’ and ‘The Conference’ are horror comedies that feature co-workers fighting for their lives in the setting of a workplace.

3. Mayhem (2017)

‘Mayhem’ is set in a not-so-distant dystopian future where an infectious virus known as the “Red Eye” has taken over, causing those infected to act on their most aggressive impulses. In such a situation, Derek Cho (Steven Yeun), a legal executive who works for a ruthless corporate law firm is unjustly fired from his job. He finds himself trapped in the office building, which is suddenly placed under quarantine due to a Red Eye outbreak.

To make things worse, Derek is locked up with Melanie, a client he had called security on earlier. The two have to put their personal differences aside to make it out of the room and confront the infected employees and the office’s powerful executives. Akin to ‘The Conference,’ ‘Mayhem’ also features elements of workplace satire while the characters deal with a catastrophe.

2. Office Killer (1997)

Directed by Cindy Sherman, ‘Office Killer’ follows Dorine Douglas, portrayed by Carol Kane, a magazine editor who is made to work from home due to budget cuts. Her dull life takes a sinister turn when she witnesses the death of one of her co-workers, Gary Michaels, played by David Thornton. Rather than reporting the death, Dorine decides to cover it up and takes Gary’s corpse home.

Dorine then begins an unexpected killing spree, hunting down her co-workers one by one and keeping their bodies in her basement. Her gruesome actions intensify as she becomes more unhinged, leading to a growing body count and an eerie obsession with her newfound power. Both ‘Office Killer’ and ‘The Conference’ trace the journey of office workers while a killer is on the loose, and offer comic relief between the murderous episodes.

1. Severance (2006)

‘Severance,’ is a horror comedy film that follows a group of coworkers from a weapons manufacturing company who embark on a team-building retreat in the remote wilderness of Eastern Europe. As the team travels to their destination, they become stranded in the dense forest and stumble upon an abandoned lodge with a dark history. Soon, the group finds themselves under attack by mysterious and relentless assailants.

As the group fights for survival, the colleagues have to confront their fears, forge unexpected alliances, and outsmart their merciless pursuers. ‘Severance’ shares a similar storyline to ‘The Conference’ where co-workers go on a work retreat and end up fighting for their survival against mysterious attackers.

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