The Grudge: 7 Similar Horror Movies You Must See

Screen Gems' THE GRUDGE.

Remakes and reboots are never running out of commercial potential, especially when it comes to horror movies. ‘The Grudge‘ is one such franchise that actually comes from the Japanese horror movie, titled ‘Ju-On: The Grudge’.

The series revolves around a curse which is transferred to another person when someone dies due to extreme rage or anger. In this manner, the curse keeps getting passed on to different victims, forming a never-ending chain of horror. It is no wonder that such a potentially filled premise has led to multiple movies since multiple stories can be told with the above-mentioned supernatural mythology.

Most of the movies of the franchise follow several stories that are told in non-chronological order. At its core, ‘The Grudge’ is all about the consequences of rage, hatred, as well as negative emotions and how to overcome them. It also marks one of the most iconic adaptations of a Japanese film that has eventually become a staple among Hollywood horror fans. Naturally, if you are in the mood for scares and want to explore horror films like ‘The Grudge,’ read our list below.

7. The Conjuring (2013)

The Conjuring’ is a 2013 movie that has led to multiple sequels making it one of the most popular horror franchises currently. The film is apparently based on real-life incidents. The movie follows a couple of demonologists or paranormal investigators who try to help a family get rid of an evil supernatural force that has been troubling them.

The film introduced the possessed doll, Annabelle, which has become quite popular and even led to a series of movies about its origins, the first one titled Annabelle.’ The film received praise for being masterfully crafted and employing techniques and jump scares that hark back to several old-school horror movies.

6. The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook’ is a 2014 horror movie that inventively derives its horror out of a cursed/possessed storybook called ‘Mister Babadook.’ It follows a single mother who is concerned about her son’s nightmares of a monster that he believes is real.

After she reads him the aforementioned storybook, mysteriously supernatural events start to take place in her house, while her son uncontrollably begins to hallucinate, becoming violent in the process. The film has been revered by critics for its portrayal of base human fears and its theme of parenthood.

5. The Ring (2002)

‘The Ring’ is a horror movie that also successfully remade a quality Japanese horror film. The film follows a journalist who starts to investigate multiple mysterious deaths that seem to have been caused due to a videotape that apparently kills the victims seven days after it is viewed.

The film led to a series of movies and its creepy visual of a spine-tingling ghost crawling out of a television screen has seeped into popular culture. The film stars Naomi Watts and was praised for its scary atmosphere that manages to get under the skins of viewers repeatedly.

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4. Drag Me to Hell (2009)

Curses have been popular and frequent devices used by horror storytellers. ‘Drag Me to Hell’ is one such movie that employs this. The film revolves around the loan officer, Christine Brown. After Brown refuses to grant an extension to an old woman’s loan, the lady curses her.

The curse turns Brown’s life into a living nightmare as she has to suffer three days of terror and then face the fate of being dragged to hell. Winner of the Best Horror Film award at the Scream Awards, the movie has been praised for its effective merger of laughs and scares that pushes viewers to their limits.

3. It Follows (2014)

‘It Follows’ is a 2014 horror movie that also derives its source of horror from a curse. The movie follows a teenage girl named Jay who becomes cursed by a supernatural entity after sleeping with her boyfriend for the first time. The curse is transferred through sexual intercourse.

Jay’s friends are skeptical at first, but soon help her get rid of it when they realize that it is very real. The movie was acclaimed by critics for its rather original approach to the genre apart from its suspense and tension.

2. Poltergeist (1982)

The 1982 film, ‘Poltergeist’ marks Steven Spielberg’s foray into the horror genre and unsurprisingly, he offers viewers another gripping tale. Speaking of curses, a rather hair-raising fact about the movie is that several actors associated with ‘Poltergeist’ and its sequels or adaptations have died prematurely, leading many to believe that the franchise is cursed.

The movie follows a family living in the Californian suburbs whose home becomes hellish after supernatural spirits kidnap their younger daughter. The movie is considered a horror classic and received widespread critical acclaim for its special effects that paired well with Spielberg’s focus on the family members.

1. The Grudge (2004)

This 2004 movie is an obvious entrant in the list and forms the first movie in ‘The Grudge’ Hollywood franchise. The movie is a remake of the Japanese movie, ‘Ju-On: The Grudge’ and follows three different stories that are told through a non-linear narrative.

This is the film that introduced American viewers to the never-ending curse called the Grudge and cemented its place in the minds of horror fans due to some truly spine-chilling imagery.

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