The Reading: 8 Similar Movies You Must See

Directed by Courtney Glaude, ‘The Reading‘ follows Emma Leeden, a home invasion survivor who writes a book about the ordeal which led to the murder of all her family members. She describes the harrowing day in detail in the book titled ‘Invasion.’ She learns that a reading by a 19-year-old psychic medium, Sky Brown, might greatly help as a promotional tactic. So, Emma agrees to a session to amass popularity for her book. However, Sky is no charlatan, the young girl actually summons an evil power from a different portal, and the tragedy begins.

The narrative of the goosebumps-inducing horror thriller movie touches upon the themes of home invasion and turning to supernatural elements after losing someone. If you loved the gut-wrenching film and are eager to watch something equally terrifying, here’s a list of films like ‘The Reading’ that you can count on!

8. Don’t Breathe (2016)

‘Don’t Breathe’ is a crime thriller movie directed by Fede Alvarez which chronicles the lives of three thieves who are eager to break into a blind man’s home. Despite being a retired soldier, he comes off as an easy target to snub. The trio is soon overcome by the realization that the old man is no ordinary person and certainly not one to be messed with. After one of their members dies, they are entrapped in the house as he hunts them down. Unlike ‘The Reading,’ this movie turns the tables on intruders who are the prey in a game where they intend to hunt.

7. The Intruder (2019)

Scott and Annie explore a Napa Valley property when they come across a man killing a deer. After moving into their new home, Charlie, the previous property owner, begins keeping a watchful eye on the couple. Scott grows irritated by Charlie’s constant presence, but Annie is empathetic towards him due to his wife’s recent passing. As Charlie’s obsession with Annie intensifies, he attempts to eliminate Scott.

Refusing to back down, Scott and Annie fight back and uncover a chilling secret about Charlie’s past. ‘The Intruder’ is a horror thriller movie directed by Deon Taylor and parallel to Emma’s story in ‘The Reading’; this movie is about a violent and obsessive man, ready to commit a hate crime at the drop of a hat towards innocent people.

6. Funny Games (2007)

‘Funny Games’ is a crime thriller movie by writer and director Michael Haneke and revolves around a family spending time at their lake house. Peter and Paul are two deceptive men who lure them with their sweet smiles, only to take them hostage for their sadistic pleasures. The two proceed to torture, ridicule, and humiliate the family, making them subject to their violent acts. Similar to Emma’s husband and children, the family in ‘Funny Games’ become victims of the intruders’ sick fantasies and portrays how traumatic the experience could be.

5. The Strangers (2008)

The Strangers‘ is a horror thriller film written and helmed by Bryan Bertino, which centers on a young couple who resides in a secluded home. The two return from a wedding reception and doze off after being tired for hours. But at midnight, someone knocks on their door. Soon, three intruders violently enter the house, and their intentions are unknown. The movie is based on a true story, and much like ‘The Reading,’ it depicts how one’s life is at risk in the confines of their own home, the one place which is supposed to be our safe haven.

4. You’re Next (2011)

Aubrey and Paul Davidson are among the elites with wealthy families, but their relationships are compromised. Weary of their old and repeating patterns, they decide to mend their familial bonds by organizing a wedding anniversary party. The couple’s children and spouses join the celebration, which becomes havoc after masked attackers with crossbows overthrow their party and detain them.

The family must huddle together to increase their chances of survival. ‘You’re Next’ is a horror thriller movie directed by Adam Wingard where a peaceful gathering with good intent, such as the one in ‘The Reading,’ is hijacked by unknown and dangerous forces.

3. Hush (2016)

‘Hush’ is a horror thriller film directed and co-written by Mike Flanagan, which gives you the creeps. The story begins when a deaf and mute writer who lives in the woods notices strange phenomena happening around her. She intends to lead a life of peace and quiet until a masked killer begins to stalk her. With no one available for her immediate rescue, the girl must find a way to keep him at bay until help arrives. Even with the absence of paranormal events, ‘Hush’ creates the same heart-stopping and shivering sequences as the ones in ‘The Reading.’

2. Hereditary (2018)

After losing her mentally ill mother, Annie and her family are engrossed in paranormal and tragic occurrences. Her daughter’s disturbing behavior starts a chain of events that puts everyone’s life in danger. The family plays a blame game after another loss. Annie’s desperation eventually leads to their downfall when she engages in summoning her loved ones, and it opens a doorway to demons, cults, possessions, and all things eerie.

The psychological horror movie ‘Hereditary‘ is helmed by Ari Aster, who combines familial patterns and trauma with mythology in this brilliant feat. Congruent to ‘The Reading,’ Annie also entrusts a psychic medium to connect with a deceased loved one and ends up opening a portal to unimaginable catastrophes.

1. Us (2019)

Image Credit: Claudette Barius/Universal

Adelaide Wilson and her family return to the beachfront she grew up playing at, and the vacation is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for her. However, she becomes aware of an ominous presence eyeing her family from afar. Before she could make sense of the eerie feeling, the mysterious strangers invade their home and hold all members captive.

The family soon notices a creepy resemblance and discovers that each attacker is a doppelgänger of them. ‘Us’ is a mystery horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele, and akin to ‘The Reading,’ it features themes of home invasion and intrusion by supernatural forces.

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