10 Sci-Fi Movie Predictions That Came True

As a matter of fact, the sky isn’t filled with flying cars, aliens are still hidden somewhere in the universe and Robots yet to reach our homes. It’s true that the most sci-fi movies of 20th century have failed to predict future, and we can’t blame them. But still there are some gems among the stones that have done it. Surprisingly, several non-sci-fi movies have also turned out to be prophetic. So, without further ado let’s get into the list of movies that predicted the future accurately. Let us know if you are a fan of these top films that predicted future accurately.

10. Videodrome (1983)

Predicted: YouTube

‘Videodrome’ is disturbing techno-surreal movie that predicted age of viral videos or more precisely YouTube. ‘Videodrome’ display a contemporary broadcast channel that shows graphic videos containing extreme violence and disturbing images. These videos come from ambiguous sources, which is very similar to the beheading videos of ISIS available on YouTube. The content isn’t subject of any kind of rules and restrictions, you can show whatever you want, from softcore porn to graphic violence. And it spreads like a virus, within seconds thousands of people watch them.

Even the look of videos shown in the movie was incredibly accurate, they seem to be shot by amateurs by handheld cameras similar to most of viral videos we see today on YouTube.

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9. The Truman Show (1998)

Predicted: Obsession With Reality TV Shows

The film starts with Jim Carrey playing a character named Truman, who’s unknowingly living on an island where hundreds of cameras capturing his each and every move, and people are watching that on their TVs. Truman have been living on that island for all of his life, he has never been out of that reality created by the producer of the show. The Truman show predicted the creation of TV shows like Big Brother and Survivor with great accuracy. In these shows the environment isn’t actually real but were made to look like real.

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8. Game Of Death (1978)

Predicted: Death Of Bruce Lee’s Son Brandon Lee

The original Game of death could never be completed due the death of main actor Bruce Lee in 1973. However, the footage of the film was used to make an entirely new film with a different plot, which was also named Game of death. The new version of the film follows a character named Billy, a martial artist movie star, who was shot dead during the making of the film. The strikingly similar incident took place in 1994 during the making of ‘The Crow’, when Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee’s was shot dead. A fragment of game of death’s plot was also similar to ‘The Crow’ such as, the main character comes back from death and disguise himself as someone else, exacting revenge against those who wronged him one at a time.

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7. The Cable Guy (1996)

Predicted: Online Gaming

The cable guy is a black-comedy film starring Jim Carrey as the cable guy. People never expected this movie to ever predict future with better accuracy than perhaps most science fiction movies, and we don’t blame them. In the film Jim Carrey or the cable guy makes the following statement: “The future is now! Soon every American home will integrate their television, phone and computer. You’ll be able to visit the Louvre on one channel, or watch female wrestling on another. You can do your shopping at home, or play Mortal Kombat with a friend from Vietnam. There’s no end to the possibilities!” Although TVs, phones and computers existed in 1996, but online shopping was fairly new. Amazon and eBay were launched a year prior the release of the film, however online gaming was an entirely unknown concept at the time.

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6. The Blade Runner (1982)

Predicted: Digital Billboards

If you live in the cities like New York and Tokyo, it would be difficult for you to imagine a life without digital Billboards. ‘Blade Runner’ is set in a futuristic version of Los Angeles, and most interesting part of city was its digital Billboards used for advertisements that could be found everywhere in the city. In 1982, it was not a reality but merely a science fiction concept, surprisingly this movie predicted this innovation with incredible accuracy.

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5. Star Trek (1979)

Predicted: Smartwatch, 3D printers, Tablet And Bluetooth Headset.

Set in 2273, ‘Star Trek’ motion picture didn’t try to explore rational science, instead had more of fantasy elements. But perhaps unintentionally this film predicted several present day technologies. Some technologies include a gadget that resembles smartwatch and they are also s shown using devices that look similar to tablet computers and wireless headphones. But the most vividly predicted technology was a machine that seems to create objects out of thin air, that highly resembles present day 3D printers.

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4. Americathon (1979)

Predicted: Rise Of China

‘Americathon’ received bad reviews by critics at the time of release, probably due to the length and one dimensional characters. While it may not be a masterpiece from critical point of view, but this movie has been declared as one of the most prophetic movies of all time. Set in 1998, about 20 years into the future film predicted many future events with amazing accuracy. Some of which are, China embracing capitalism and becoming a global economic superpower. Cliques of Native Americans becoming wealthy. Nike becoming a multinational conglomerate. Vietnam becoming a major tourist attraction among Asia’s wealthy and powerful nations. The demise of the USSR. Reality television reaching absurd limits and Smoking being banned.

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3. The Mario Brothers (1993)

Predicted: 9/11

‘The Mario Brothers’ was a truly absurd film, as it contains unusual story and terrible visual effects, but soon after the release it received cult status. This film was penned by critics at the time of release, but who could imagine that this film would predict one of the worst terrorist attack of all time. Released back in 1993 ‘The Mario Brothers’ predicted 9/11 terrorist attack about 6 years prior to the actual event, with shocking accuracy. In one scene twin towers are shown to dissolve into nothing, surprisingly the display of incident looks quite similar to the 9/11 attack on world trade center.

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2. Back To The Future: Part II (1989)

Predicted: Hollywood’s Obsession with Sequels, Flat Screens TVs and 3D Cinemas

‘In Back to The Future Part 2’ the main characters arrive in the year 2015 using a flying time machine. They’re shown to witness several incredible things that could have happened in 2015. While we still don’t have hoverboards or flying cars, but the film accurately predicted Hollywood’s obsession with sequels and remakes, which is true because in 2017 alone most of Hollywood’s anticipated movies are the remakes or sequels of some movies. Flat screen TVs was also be observed in the movie, and also 3D cinemas which were entirely non-existent at the time.

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1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Predicted: Artificial Intelligence, Tablet And International space stations

‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ was a groundbreaking achievement in film making. It has been declared by many critics and moviegoers as the best and most influential science fiction movie ever made. Although it was overlooked by critics at the time of release, but several years later it generated a cult following.

The director Stanley Kubrick consulted more than 50 scientists to make his science fiction movie as realistic as possible. And he successfully achieved his goals, the film is noted for its scientifically accurate depiction of space flight, which is impressive even by today’s standards. But the reason it is on this list, is an artificially intelligent robot named HAL9000, which looks very similar to present day Apple’s Siri. The film also shows people watching news on the handheld gadgets that highly resemble tablets of today.

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