Mr. Car and the Knights Templar Ending, Explained: Who Finds the Treasure?

Netflix’s ‘Mr. Car and the Knights Templar’ is an action-adventure drama movie directed by Antoni Nykowski. The Polish film is based on author Zbigniew Nienacki’s book ‘Pan Samochodzik i Templariusze.’ It stars Mateusz Janicki, Sandra Drzymalska, Maria Dębska, Jacek Beler, and Anna Dymna in the lead roles. The film revolves around the search for the hidden treasure of the Knights Templar, with art historian Tomasz finding himself in a race to find the artifact before those who seek it for evil seize it. In his quest, Tomasz is forced to team up with a group of unlikely heroes who show him a new perspective on treasure hunting. If you are wondering how the heartfelt but high-octane treasure hunt ends, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Mr. Car and the Knights Templar.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mr. Car and the Knights Templar Plot Synopsis

‘Mr. Car and the Knights Templar’ follows art historian Tomasz, who is searching for a rare and mysterious artifact known as the de Molay’s Holy Cross. During the mission, Tomasz is nearly killed by rival hunters but is saved by Petersen, a friend of Tomasz. Eventually, Tomasz finds the Holy Cross and escapes in his modified multipurpose car. At a press conference, Tomasz reveals that the Holy Cross is a guidepost pointing to the Knights Templar treasure hidden from King Philip the Fair during the Crusades. However, he is unaware of how to use the cross to find the treasure. Meanwhile, Anka, a reporter who dislikes Tomasz, asks him difficult questions during the conference.

Tomasz’s boss tells him about Adios, a ruthless treasure hunter who also appears to be searching for the hidden treasure. She directs Tomasz to Laima, a woman with Yotvingian ancestry who lives near Bristol and claims to know a similar Holy Cross. While searching through Laima’s hotel room, Tomasz runs into Petersen and Adios’ goons. Petersen is killed in a car blast while Tomasz narrowly escapes. Later, Tomasz meets Laima, who tells him about the second Holy Cross and seeks help finding the treasure. Eventually, Anka learns about the clues to the Second Holy Cross and shares the details over a radio channel, starting a treasure hunt with several competitors emerging.

On her way to the starting point, Anka meets three scouts – Eagle Eye, Mentor, and Squirrel, who team up with the reporter to find the treasure. Meanwhile, Tomasz is outsmarted by a treasure hunter, Karen, who is revealed as the deceased Petersen’s daughter. At the starting point, Laima reveals that the quest only be undertaken in groups of six. As a result, Tomasz is reluctantly forced to team up with the scout children, Karen and Anka. Despite Laima’s warnings, Tomasz attempts to find the treasure on his own and runs into trouble after encountering Adios and his men. As the race heats up, whether Tomasz learns to work with his new team and finds the treasure forms the rest of the plot.

Mr. Car and the Knights Templar Ending: Who Finds the Treasure?

As the group searches for the treasure, Tomasz deduces that it’s a weapon capable of mass destruction. However, his inability to work with the team costs Tomasz dearly as he falls behind in the race after being locked up in prison for misguiding children. Meanwhile, Karen turns on Tomasz and joins hands with Adios after learning that the weapon can resurrect a dead loved one. While Adios wants to use it to bring his deceased son back to life, Karen wishes to revive her dead father. On the other hand, Tomasz realizes the errors of his ways and reunites with Anka, Eagle Eye, Mentor, and Squirrel.

During the climax, the group successfully locates the vault housing the treasure. However, when Adios approaches it, he is instantly killed. Eagle Eye explains that all the clues and the Holy Crosses point to six people being required to unearth the treasure. After the trio saves Karen from Adios, she decides to help them, and the vault is uncooked, revealing a scroll. However, pulling out the scroll causes the vault to collapse. Karen gets left behind in the ruins while Tomasz and his friends escape. The film ends with Tomasz acknowledging the group as his partners and credits Eagle Eye with finding the treasure. Hence, Tomasz’s journey comes full circle as he finally understands and respects the value of friendship and teamwork.

What Is the Treasure? What Does Laima Do With the Scroll?

After safely escaping with the treasure, Tomasz and his friends encounter Laima, who is waiting for them to complete the quest. From the scroll, Tomasz deduces that the treasure was never an actual weapon. It was a reference to the children who had survived the Crusades and had supernatural abilities. While most religious institutions entrusted with one of the six children protected them, King Philip used his child for evil activities. As a result, Laima wanted to reclaim the scroll, which contains the clues to the descendants of the original six children, so that they can be kept away from evildoers in the modern-day.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Laima is one of the original six children and has healing powers, which she uses to heal Tomasz’s injuries before disappearing. As a result, Tomasz’s obsession with the treasures inadvertently leads him to do a good deed while finding something other than artifacts and relics to cherish – his friendship with his newly formed team. Tomasz also accepts the codename “Mr. Car,” as suggested by the scouts earlier, indicating his readiness to embrace a new role in life.

Are Karen and Adios Dead?

In the final moments, we see Tomasz reuniting with his boss, having safely brought back the Second Holy Cross for the National Museum. During his debriefing session with his boss, Tomasz learns that Karen and Adios’ dead bodies were never recovered from the debris of the vault. As a result, they are likely both still alive. Although the film uses Karen as an anti-hero, she is the final member of Tomasz’s team, helping the group reach the treasure. Hence, if Karen is indeed alive, she could become an ally for Tomasz in the future. Meanwhile, Adios being alive is also possible, especially since he has proven himself to be extremely resourceful. Hence, he could return to pose a threat to Tomasz. Nonetheless, Tomasz is confident that he and his new teammates can undertake any challenge as his boss assigns Tomasz a new case – deducing the mystery of all mysteries.

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