When Does Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 11 Start?

‘Mr. Robot’ happens to be one of the most chilling and exciting shows on the USA Network at the moment. It tells the story of a hacker who decides to take on society and its injustices while battling mental health issues at the same time. Right from the start, ‘Mr. Robot’ has been pulling crowds and has managed to shoot the excellent Rami Malek to new heights of fame.

We follow the story of Elliot Anderson, a hacker who joins other hacktivists. Over the seasons, he has taken on various behemoths representing all that is terrible about the capitalist system. As is inevitable, Anderson has also gone up against fellow hackers, who are deadly themselves and have their own agendas. Currently, the show is on its final season, and we are almost in the finishing stretch.

You might be wondering what happened in the latest episode of ‘Mr. Robot’, and we are here to give you a recap. However, first, let us walk you through where and when you can see the upcoming episode of the show.

Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 11 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 4 Episode 11 is titled ‘Exit’. It is helmed by Sam Esmail, the show’s creator. The new episode is slated to be released on Sunday, December 15, 2019, at 10 PM EST.

We know that action will be stirring in the upcoming episode as Elliot Anderson decides that enough is enough and goes to the Washington Township Power Plant. The season has three more episodes left, including the upcoming episode, so we expect the narrative to be coming to a climax.

Where to Watch Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 11 Online?

Since ‘Mr. Robot’ belongs to the USA Network, the best way to see it is if you have a subscription. However, if you cannot access the television, or do not have a cable connection, there is no reason to worry. You can stream it online on the USA Network site as well.

There are some other ways in which you can see the show, and it includes cable-free live streaming services. Among them are FuboTV, AT&T TV Now, and Hulu With Live TV. You have to mindful that some of these services have a free trial period which you can use before they start charging you.

Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 10 Recap:

Episode 10 of ‘Mr. Robot’ has been titled ‘Gone’ and deals with what could be a bittersweet goodbye. We see Dom recovering in a hospital bed, still alive. She realizes that she had been talking to Whiterose, but didn’t realize who it was. With this realization, comes the added understanding that she cannot go back to her family since the FBI is watching her.

Finally, she goes back to her apartment and manages to make herself a grilled cheese sandwich, which she had dreamed of doing for years. This is when Darlene shows up with the proposal to run away with her and Elliot till things with the Dark Army quietens down. This begins the start of a tender farewell, starting with Darlene saying her goodbyes to Elliot. We realize his intentions, which will play out in the following episode. Darlene, Dom, and Leon embark on a road trip to Boston, going through Connecticut. There is a wonderful moment where Dom loses her cynicism and enjoys a minute of belonging with Darlene as she executes one of the largest instances of redistribution of wealth in history.

At the airport, while Dom is about to go away with Darlene, she meets a member of the Dark Army, who reiterates that they have no interest in either of them. Why Dom takes this at face value is anybody’s guess. However, she decides not to go to Budapest with Darlene, much to the latter’s dismay, because she needs company and has feelings for Dom. There is a bittersweet sense in the sequence that plays out, alternating between Darlene and Dom, wherein we feel the tugs of a romantic relationship. However, by the end, Darlene emerges with the confidence that she can look after herself, and we do not know if we will see her back with Dom again, but we sure hope so.

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