Murder Mubarak: Is Koohu Akash’s Real Girlfriend?

The whodunnit narrative in Homi Adajania’s Hindi-language Netflix film, ‘Murder Mubarak,’ follows several puzzling threads tied to the mysterious death of a gym trainer in the famed Royal Delhi Club. As ACP Bhavani Singh enters the exclusive club reserved for the elite, several members within the club find themselves on the police officer’s suspect list due to their dubious connections to the victim, Leo Matthews. Yet, within the group, two individuals— Bambi Todi and Akash “Kashi” Dogra— stand out as they aid Bhavani in his investigation.

Therefore, the underlying but persistent tension between Bambi and Akash becomes a driving emotional narrative within the tale. For the same reason, the unseen third between the duo’s relationship— Akash’s elusive girlfriend, Koohu— remains a point of contention. However, due to Koohu’s unseen nature, viewers are bound to wonder if the character really exists or is simply a tall tale. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Koohu’s Mysterious Existence

‘Murder Mubarak’ introduces Akash into the plot through his association with Koohu, his long-term Bengali girlfriend whom the man’s mother, Mrs. Dogra, patently hates. The Dogra family belongs to Delhi’s high society, running in the most elite social circle within The Royal Delhi Club, frequented by royal descendants and well-known actresses. However, ever since Akash began dating his girlfriend— who holds many leftist political values— he’s started deeming his privileged upbringing in a critical light.

For the same reason, Mrs. Dogra isn’t certain her son will attend one of the most prominent events at the club, a Tambola Night Diwali Party. While Akash manages to make it to the event, his mother still finds ways to blame Koohu, the liberal girlfriend who fails to make an appearance herself. Afterward, Leo Matthew’s murder overtakes the narrative focus, roping Akash into the loop due to his connection with the club, which houses all of Bhavani’s suspects in the form of members and staff.

Even though Akash is free to leave after an initial interview, the man cancels his trip back to Kolkata— a fact Bambi, his former girlfriend, can only appreciate. Conveniently, Koohu has been called away to a volunteering effort after a local primary school’s roof caves in following a natural disaster, leaving Akash off the hook for his return to Kolkata.

Considering Akash’s obvious persisting feelings for Bambi, the incident appears a little too good to be true, providing the earliest hint about Koohu’s possible fabrication. As the plot progresses, Koohu remains forgotten since her identity revolves around Akash, who loses himself in Bambi’s magnetic orbit. Even after the two finally give into the palpable tension surrounding them and hook up together, betraying Koohu remains the last of Akash’s worries.

By then, the audience is meant to believe Akash’s feelings for Bambi have completely overridden any sense of obligation he may feel toward Koohu. However, another thought remains that perhaps the man is so unaffected by his infidelity because he’s actually untethered to a significant other. In flashbacks, Akash’s frustration over Bambi’s marriage to Anshul remains obvious.

Despite their fling together, Bambi disregarded Akash’s feelings and married Anshul to enhance her social issue. For the same reason, Akash remained defeated by his love for such a volatile woman. As such, it’s possible that the man fabricated a fake girlfriend— who conveniently embodies the exact opposite of Bambi’s class and status-obsessed personality. By doing so, Akash could put up the front of someone who has moved on from a whirlwind relationship as he watches Bambi thrive in her seemingly perfect marriage.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that Koohu does exist but is simply no longer in Akash’s life. While attending the club’s Diwali party, Akash had to have known Bambi would be at the event, given her love for the establishment. Therefore, he could’ve broken up with Koohu— a rebound relationship— before returning to Delhi, hoping to have a second chance with Bambi, who was widowed three years ago.

Either of these theories can explain the ominous smile that remains on Akash’s face at the film’s end when Bhavani inquires about the existence of Koohu, his Bengali girlfriend who never makes an appearance. Whether Koohu is fictitious or no longer in Akash’s life, the man’s loyalty toward Bambi remains evident.

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