Murder Mystery 2 Ending, Explained: Who Kidnapped Vik?

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Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as Nick and Audrey Spitz, Netflix’s mystery comedy ‘Murder Mystery 2’ takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride. The sequel puts the couple through a tough time, trying to save their friend while figuring out who might mean him harm. Working like an Agatha Christie story, the movie traverses a complicated path to pin down the real culprit’s identity. There are many surprises along the way, and once again, many people die, some at the Spitzs’ hands. Just when they think they have cracked it, a new detail emerges, and they have to reconsider their previous deductions. With many twists and turns, the film keeps the Spitz and the audience on edge till its final moments. Here’s what the ending means. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Murder Mystery 2 Plot Synopsis

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It’s been four years since Nick and Audrey solved the murder of Malcolm Quince. Now, they run their detective agency. Despite their best efforts, their business is struggling, and they start to wonder if there is something else they should do. This is when they get a call from Maharaja Vikram, whom they’d met during the Quince case. He is getting married and has invited them to attend the ceremony on his private island.

For Nick and Audrey, this is a much-needed break. They prepare to enjoy the festivities and the comfort over the weekend, but things take a turn when Vik is kidnapped, and his bodyguard Mr. Lou is killed. Nick and Audrey deduce that this is a two-person job. While one took Vik away, the other stayed back and was still on the island. The suspicion is narrowed down to Vik’s inner circle, which includes his bride-to-be Claudette, his sister Saira, his business partner Francisco, his ex-girlfriend Countess Sekou, and his former bodyguard Colonel Ulenga.

Murder Mystery 2 Ending: Who Kidnapped Vik?

The Spitzs spring into action when the kidnapper’s plan is put in motion. Vik was supposed to enter the place on an elephant. In his stead, they find his bodyguard, Mr. Lou, stabbed in the back. Meanwhile, Vik is taken away by a kidnapper. While Nick goes after Vik, Audrey looks around for clues. She’d noticed a person slipping into the crowd when the elephant entered the scene. Their face was covered, and they threw away the robe in the fire. Audrey got a glimpse of the cloth and blood on its sleeve. It isn’t until the very end that Audrey realizes it wasn’t blood.

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Famous private detective Connor Miller is called for help. The investigation picks pace when the kidnappers call for a ransom. The amount is around seventy million, and the kidnapper demands Nick and Audrey to be the ones who deliver it. By the night’s end, the men who had come to collect the money are killed by Nick and Audrey, while Connor Miller dies in a car explosion. The money is taken away by someone else. Nick and Audrey discover that the Countess took the money, but she isn’t involved in Vik’s kidnapping.

Knowing that one of Vik’s closest people is the culprit, Nick and Audrey everyone to meet at the Eiffel Tower. As expected, the kidnapper shows up, threatening to kill Vik, who has a bomb strapped to his chest. Nick deduces that the kidnapper is well-versed in how the situation will play out, which means they are a pro at handling such situations. The only such person they knew was Connor Miller, and to everyone’s shock, he shows up to get the money. It also becomes clear that he is not interested in leaving any witnesses behind.

Nick and Audrey fight him, which ends in his death. With him gone and the bomb disabled, everyone relaxes. However, there are still a few loose ends. The Spitzs knew that the culprit attended the ceremony the night of Vik’s kidnapping, but Miller didn’t show up until the next day. This means the other person, who entered with the elephant and disposed of the robe, is still around. This hits Audrey when she sees Saira’s hand.

At first glance, it looks like there is blood on Saira’s hand, but it turns out to be smeared henna. This makes Audrey think about the ceremony and how Saira was nowhere to be seen when the dance performance started. She suddenly showed up after the elephant came. Another fact that Audrey knows is that once the henna has been set, it doesn’t smear. Saira claims it smeared during the commotion, but Audrey knows it must have happened earlier, on the night of Vik’s kidnapping. Audrey realizes it wasn’t blood she saw on the robe but henna. This means that Saira was the one who orchestrated all this. Once the truth is out, Saira confesses to everything.

Why Did Saira Want to Kill Vik?

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When Saira is suspected of kidnapping and trying to kill her brother, she lashes out, saying how much she loves her brother and there is no reason for her to try and harm him. It’s a good enough argument initially, but in the end, it becomes clear that she is the only one with the motive to harm Vik. Nick theorizes that Saira must have been angry with her brother for inheriting their parents’ business. She was better suited to the job than her careless brother. She needed to get him out of the way. This was why she tried to kill him in Mumbai, which led to the Colonel losing his left arm.

She tried again at the wedding and was better prepared this time. The crowd would ensure that no one would see her. She made it look like a kidnapping to shift the suspicion from herself. She knew that someone would be called in to solve the case once Vik was kidnapped. Connor Miller was the best private detective she knew, so she got him involved in the plan as well. Miller would kidnap Vik and show up the next day to solve the case. This way, they could keep out other investigators and frame someone else for their crime. Miller would get the ransom money, and Saira would get the family business. It would have worked out well if Nick and Audrey didn’t show up.

Do Nick and Audrey Die?

Once the culprits are caught, Vik and Claudette elope. Thankful for saving his life, Vik gives ten million in cash to Nick and Audrey. He sends his pilot to give them the money, revealing that he has also left his helicopter at their service. The pilot has been told to take them wherever they want to go from here. This surprises the Spitzs, but they are also pleased because it changes their financial situation while also getting them the chance to travel the world and get the honeymoon they deserve.

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It looks like, after all the bumps on the road, Nick and Audrey are finally getting a happy ending. After the chaotic weekend, they can go somewhere nice and spend some time in peace. However, their plans are ruined when the pilot loots them at gunpoint. It turns out that he wasn’t European, as he’d told them the last time. He is an American from Jersey and the only person who knows that the Spitzs have millions of dollars in a bag that is worth millions too.

It’s not revealed why the pilot was pretending to be European, but he drops the act when he sees the opportunity to change his life forever. He takes the money and jumps off the plane in a parachute. Before they can lament the loss of money, Nick and Audrey must figure out how to fly the helicopter now that the pilot is gone. They might be good at solving murder mysteries, but none of them has handled a plane before. Does this mean that they are going to die?

Considering that we don’t actually see them die, we can assume they will somehow survive this ordeal. They might not have flown a helicopter before, but if they are sharp enough to figure out the identity of a murderer, they are sharp enough to figure out the controls of a helicopter. They might crash, but it wouldn’t be as severe, and they will come out of it with a few cuts and bruises or maybe a missing limb or two. In any case, Nick and Audrey Spitz will make it out of there alive and well enough to solve another murder mystery.

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