Murderville Episode 2 Clues, Killer and Ending, Explained

In its second episode ‘Murderville’ continues its murder mystery hijinks with some improv comedy as Terry welcomes his next partner in the form of former NFL player and Super Bowl champion Marshawn Lynch. While Terry mourns his great-aunt’s death, Marshawn joins the seasoned detective to solve the murder of a rich doll creator. If you are wondering where the trail of blood, clues, and suspects leads and who is behind the gruesome murder, here’s everything you need to know about ‘Murderville’ episode 2! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Murderville Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2, titled ‘Triplet Homicide,’ opens with Terry grieving the loss of his great-aunt. However, Rhonda reveals that Terry’s aunt died of old age, and it has been fifteen years since she passed. Nonetheless, seeing her urn makes Terry emotional, and he begins to reminisce about the past. Rhonda assigns him a new partner, celebrated former professional football player Marshawn Lynch, to distract Terry. After Terry and Marshawn bond over the urn, Rhonda sends them to investigate a recent case, one about the murder of Cora Worthington, an 84-year-old woman who became wealthy by designing dolls.

At the morgue, Terry and Marshawn look at the victim’s dead body. Forensics expert Amber reveals that Cora fell and died after her attacker hit her in the head with Tommy Tuxedo, a popular and expensive doll designed by Cora. The killer is allegedly left-handed and left a spray-painted message in Cora’s house that confirms that one of Cora’s sons killed her. The CCTV footage reveals that the killer was wearing a black hoodie on the night of the murder. However, Cora has three sons, and they are identical triplets, making the case a complex one.

The first suspect is Charles Worthington, who worked with Cora in her doll business and is now in charge after her death. The second suspect is Chester Worthington, the youngest triplet who has become a doomsday prepper after cutting ties with his family. The third and final suspect is the middle triplet, Chadd, a failed influencer who uses the family name to keep himself afloat. After interrogating all three suspects, Marshawn must combine his observations with the evidence and provide a working theory of which triplet killed Cora.

Murderville Episode 2 Ending: Who Killed Cora Worthington? Does Marshawn Lynch Solve the Case?

In the episode, Marshawn learns that Charles was a partner in Cora’s business, and he had the most to gain from her death. Thus, he had a solid motive to kill Cora. Chester is a family outcast who was fighting a lawsuit against Cora to save himself from eviction. Hence, he had a good reason to end his mother’s life as well. Lastly, the third triplet, Chadd, is a gambling addict and his mother stopped paying him money a while back, thereby motivating him to kill her as he was still in Cora’s will.

Terry and Marshawn assemble the triplets at Cora’s mansion under the guise of a will reading. At the mansion, Marshawn presents his theory on who killed Cora. He accuses Charles of being the killer because the person in the CCTV footage was wearing a black hoodie similar to the one Charles wore during the interrogation. Moreover, Marshawn also notes that Charles is bad at spelling, a trait shared with the culprit whose spray-painted message also had notable spelling errors.

However, Rhonda arrives on the scene to reveal the truth and ascertains that Marshawn’s guess is incorrect. She reveals that Chester is Cora’s killer. From the evidence gathered earlier in the episode, it is known that the killer is left-handed and called Cora “mom.” Charles refers to Cora by her name and is a right-handed person. Therefore, he cannot be the killer. On the other hand, Chadd does not wear hoodies and is also right-handed. Thus, he is also excluded from the list of suspects.

It leaves only Chester, who possesses a black hoodie, calls Cora “mom,” and is also terrible at spelling. Furthermore, he is left-handed, as is evidenced when Chester attacks Terry and Marshawn. Thus, Chester is arrested, and the case is closed. Unfortunately, Marshawn needs a lot of work on his detective skills, but to be fair, the triplets made the investigation very tricky.

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