My Life with the Walter Boys Season 2 Starts Filming in Calgary in May

The filming of the second season of Netflix’s romantic series ‘My Life with the Walter Boys‘ is set to commence in Calgary, Alberta, in May. Melanie Halsall, who developed the show based on Ali Novak’s 2014 novel of the same name, continues to serve as the showrunner with Jerry Ciccoritti returning as a director.

In the finale of the first installment, the spotlight shines on the long-awaited wedding of Will and Haley at the Walter settlement. Jackie takes charge of the wedding planning and amidst the preparations, Will discusses the future of the family ranch with Jackie’s uncle Richard. Will envisions transforming the ranch into a countryside retreat with various interactive experiences. While the ranch’s fate hangs by a thread, the episode leaves viewers optimistic about its potential success.

As the finale progresses, Cole offers help to Jackie, sparking a moment of unexpected clarity about their feelings for each other. At the reception, Alex confesses his love to Jackie but she remains silent. Heartbroken, Kiley, who harbors feelings for Alex, decides not to reveal her emotions. Later, as Jackie helps Danny pack for Julliard, she discovers a teacup with a mended note from Cole. Confronting Cole in the barn, Jackie kisses him, unraveling a passionate connection between them and leaving the viewers wondering about the consequences of her relationship with Alex.

In the upcoming second season of the show, the viewers can brace themselves for the intensification of the love triangle, as teased by Netflix’s “Team Alex or Team Cole” tagline. The first installment concludes with a cliffhanger, as Jackie leaves a note for the brothers and escapes to New York, seemingly evading her problems. Rewinding a bit, Alex has professed his love before heading to the rodeo training camp, while Jackie, still technically with the former, shares more than a kiss with Cole. The ambiguous note won’t suffice and season 2 is poised to unravel the answers to the tangled romantic web.

While the complete cast of the upcoming installment is yet to be disclosed, a glimpse into the season 2 announcement video suggests the return of Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie Howard. Noah LaLonde and Ashby Gentry are expected to return as Cole and Alex Walter respectively. It’s also safe to assume that most members of the Walter family will feature in the second installment, including Sarah Rafferty as Katherine Walter, Marc Blucas as George Walter, Connor Stanhope as Danny, and Johnny Link as Will, likely along with Alisha Newton as Erin, Zoë Soul as Hayley, and Jaylan Evans as Skylar.

The coming-of-age drama is produced by iGeneration Studios and Sony Pictures Television. The executive producers are Ed Glauser and Melanie Halsall. Calgary, the principal location of season 2, previously hosted the shooting of the first installment, along with Alberta, Crossfield, and Cochrane. The city is also a significant location for shows such as ‘Fargo’ and ‘The Last of Us.’

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