Narcos-Saints Ending, Explained: Is Jeon Arrested? Does Kang Get His Money?

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Netflix’s ‘Narco-Saints’ (alternatively titled ‘Suriname’ and ‘The Accidental Narco’) is a crime drama series created by Yoon Jong-bin and Kwon Sung-Hui and based on real events. It follows Kang In-gu, an ordinary business from South Korea who moves to Suriname to start a fishing business. However, Kang’s life turns upside down when he is roped into a plot to arrest a drug lord, Jeon Yo-hwan, who has taken over the small nation. As a result, Kang must navigate several challenges and manipulate events to capture Jeon. Therefore, viewers must be wondering how Kang’s quest turns out. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Narco-Saints.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Narco-Saints Season 1 Recap

‘Narco-Saints’ follows Kang In-gu, a poor man living in South Korean suburbs who struggles to make ends meet. However, Kang is a shrewd businessman who knows how to negotiate good deals. After his mother and father’s death, Kang took the responsibility of raising his siblings. He is married and has two children but fails to give them a life of comfort. One day, Kang’s childhood friend Eungsoo returns from a trip to South America.

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Eungsoo proposes a business idea to Kang about transporting and selling skate, a fish found abundantly in Suriname but not consumed. It is popular in Korea and available cheaply in Suriname. Thus, Kang sees an opportunity to make good money and sells all his businesses, and moves to the South American country. With Eungsoo, Kang sets up a fishing business in Suriname.

After he makes a deal with the army, Kang expects his business to run smoothly. However, Kang runs into trouble with the Chinese drug dealer Chen Jin who demands a cut in the business. Meanwhile, Kang meets Pastor Jeon Yo-hwan and tells him about his issues with Cheng. Jeon takes matters into his own hands and deals with Cheng. As a result, Cheng promises not to meddle with Kang’s business. However, the coast guards seize Kang’s shipment after cocaine is found in it. Kang is arrested and faces a tough sentence until Choi Chang-ho comes to his rescue.

Chang-ho is a NIS agent and reveals that Pastor Jeon is a drug lord who controls most of the cocaine distribution in South Korea. He has suppliers in Colombia and runs his operation using the church as a front. Chang-ho explains that Jeon tried using Kang’s business to smuggle his cocaine. He offers Kang freedom in exchange for help in arresting Jeon. After some deliberation, Kang agrees on the condition that he is paid for the job. Chang-ho agrees, and Jeong decides to work with the NIS as an undercover agent.

Kang lures Jeon using Cheng and reveals that he has a supplier in Asia who can sell Jeon’s cocaine in the region. Chang-ho pretends to be the supplier Sangman and meets Jeon. Soon, a deal is agreed upon, but neither Jeon nor Kang trust each other. After Jeon’s consignment is seized at the Brazil border, his main smuggling route is closed. Hence, Jeon suspects Sangman’s intentions. Sangman proposes moving the drugs through Puerto Rico, but Jeon refuses and ends their agreement. As a result, Chang-ho and Kang must formulate a new plan to capture the notorious drug lord.

Narco-Saints Season 1 Ending: Is Jeon Arrested?

Jeon finds himself stuck in a difficult situation in the sixth and final episode. His agreement with Chen ends with the loss of his consignment. Therefore, Jeon is forced to kill Chen and his men to regain the drugs. After recovering the drugs, Jeon approaches Sangman and tries to construct another deal. Jeon decides to use Puerto Rico after refusing the route earlier. As a result, Sangman is not convinced of the deal. However, after Jeon offers to move the consignment swiftly, Sangman, aka Chang-ho, agrees.

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On the other hand, Jeon is weary of the deal due to recent events such as David Park’s death and the intervention of the Brazilian army. Therefore, instead of handing over the consignment himself, Jeon sends one of his henchmen. Kang tries to convince Chang-ho to hand over the drug shipment. However, Jeon refuses to take the risk. As a result, Chang-ho’s plan to arrest Jeon during the handover is thrown into turmoil. Nonetheless, he improvises and captures Jeon’s man and uses him to reassure him that the deal has gone smoothly.

At the same time, Chang-ho secures the drugs and moves the plan to the next stage. Chang-ho works with the DEA to execute a strike on Jeon’s base. In the end, the hit is successful, and the DEA and NIS arrest the drug cartel. Jeon tries to flee but is stopped by Kang. The two fight until Chang-ho arrives to arrest Jeon. The cartel leader quickly realizes that he has been conned and surrenders. Jeon has been evading law enforcement for several years, and his eye for catching threats helps him escape nearly every time. However, this time his gut fails Jeon, and he falls into the elaborate trap laid for him. Ultimately, Jeon pays for his crimes, and Suriname is liberated from the drug lord.

Does Kang Get His Money?

The series sets up Kang as a father and husband seeking a better life for his family. After his business plan fails because of Jeon, Kang gets another opportunity to make money through Chang-ho and the NIS. According to the deal that Kang makes with Chang-ho, he will be paid 5 million won if he successfully helps capture Jeon. In the final episode, Kang risks his life to catch Jeon and completes the mission. Throughout the series, Kang overcomes several obstacles and dangers but sticks to the mission hoping that the money will improve his and his family’s lifestyle.

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After completing the mission, Kang returns home and finally reunites with his family. It is a touching moment that grounds Kang and helps him realize that staying with his family is more important than money. Hence, he decides never to risk his life again. In the end, Chang-ho meets Kang at his home in South Korea. When Kang asks about his due payment, Chang-ho explains that the NIS cannot pay him directly. Instead, they are offering Kang three army karaokes to own and run. However, Kang, who is fed up with the insulting lifestyle of a bar/karaoke runner, refuses the offer.

During the closing moments, Chang-ho reveals a message Jeon sent for Kang. Jeon wants the baseball with the fake autograph that Kang had taken from his home. However, Chang-ho reveals that Jeon told him the autograph is real. After realizing this, Kang is shocked, and the episode ends. The last scene implies that the autographed baseball is n=incrediably valuable and could help Kang earn enough money to improve his family’s lifestyle. Hence, the series concludes with Kang’s quest to rent with his family and make more money.

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