Natalya “Nat” Scudder: Below Deck Med Star is Also an Accomplished Model

Image Credit: Natalya Scudder/Instagram

A spin-off of the ‘Below Deck’ franchise, ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ is a popular reality TV series that follows the lives and adventures of the crew working on a luxury yacht as they cater to the needs and demands of demanding charter guests cruising the Mediterranean. The eighth season offered a mix of high-end service, travel, and interpersonal drama, which made for a captivating and entertaining time for all the viewers.

One of the contestants who came back to the franchise after her appearance in season 7 was Natalya Scudder in the role of the second stewardess. The eighth installment aired on September 25, 2023, and, naturally, fans are curious to know everything about her.

Natalya Scudder Was Born in Australia

Natalya Scudder, born on March 20, 1997, is originally from Australia, and she spent her formative years growing up in her home country. She completed her high school education in her home country. She shared that her father was a strict disciplinarian who instilled a strong work ethic in her. While there isn’t much information available about her college education, it’s evident that Natalya has always had a passion for the water, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in the field she loves the most.

Natalya Scudder’s Professional Journey

Natalya Scudder embarked on her career as a stew immediately upon turning 18. She demonstrated dedication and commitment to her job, which quickly led to opportunities for her to serve as a Second Stew and eventually a Chief Stew on various yachts. Her professionalism and expertise in the industry soon earned her positions catering to high-end clientele, including the privilege of serving multiple members of royal families. She worked as a solo stew on a yacht in the Kimberly in Australia.

She worked on the superyacht Samurai, a 60-meter motor yacht that typically accommodates 15 crew members and can host up to 12 guests. Her expertise and dedication also led her to work on the motor superyacht Euphoria. Natalya Scudder’s career took a significant leap when she was offered the position of a second stew on the seventh season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ She enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to become a part of Bravo’s popular reality series.

Throughout the season, she portrayed herself as a diligent and hardworking crew member who maintained positive relationships with her colleagues and always wore a welcoming smile while providing top-notch service to her customers. She was often told to be almost physically identical to her boss Chief Stew Natasha Webb. Her appearance in the seventh season helped her gain recognition and solidify her position in the yachting industry.

Is Natalya Scudder Dating Anyone?

Natalya Scudder garnered additional attention during her time on the show due to her showmance with Storm Smith, who served as the bosun on the yacht. Their on-screen relationship was characterized by moments of affection and cuddling in his bunk, but it was also marked by frequent conflicts and arguments. However, it’s worth noting that by the time the season aired, their relationship had already come to an end. Talking about the breakup, she said, “I think if we worked on a yacht together still, I think we would have a relationship, but he was going back to, I think, South Africa [and] I was going back to Australia. And for me in my head, I kind of already made a decision it most likely wasn’t going to work due to the time and places we were going to be.”

As of now, Natalya Scudder does not appear to be in a romantic relationship and seems to be fully focused on her career. She is set to make an appearance in the eighth season of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean,’ indicating her commitment to her profession. Natalya is not only an accomplished stewardess but also a Playboy model, a public figure, and a successful influencer. She also teamed up with her co-star Camille Lam to make OnlyFans content in February 2023. Her passion for travel is evident from her beautiful vacations to destinations like Bali, Ibiza, and Cannes, among others. It appears that Natalya is prioritizing self-discovery and fulfillment beyond romantic relationships, embracing her independence and career aspirations.

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