Neo’s Powers in The Matrix Resurrections, Explained

In ‘The Matrix’ franchise, Thomas Anderson or Neo (Keanu Reeves) is described as the One, with the power to control the very reality within the Matrix. This is because he has what is called the Prime Program, which gives him administrative authority over the Matrix. He has a diverse range of powers, many of which seem to stem from telekinesis. In the first three films, Neo can fly by concentrating his telekinetic powers on himself. He has the power of phasing, with which he saves Trinity’s life by pulling out a bullet and restarting her heart in ‘The Matrix Reloaded.’

Inside the Matrix, he has the power to see the codes and constructs of the people and the world around him. He has super-human strength, endurance, agility, and reflexes, though all of them have a limit. Neo even demonstrates some precognitive abilities. And like everyone else in the resistance, various martial arts have been uploaded into his brain. But in ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ most of these powers seem to elude Neo, at least initially. If you are wondering what abilities he does have in the film, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Powers Does Neo Have in The Matrix Resurrections?

When Bugs and the Modal version of Morpheus find Neo, he is deeply entrenched into the Matrix. He believes that he is a game designer who created ‘The Matrix’ game trilogy and based the character of Neo on himself, Trinity on a married woman named Tiffany, and Smith on his business partner. He gets glimpses of his past and has come to regard them as delusions. Whenever this make-belief world starts to fall apart, he seems to have what his therapist describes as mental breakdowns. This therapist is revealed to be the Analyst, the creator of the current Matrix. He has revived both Neo and Trinity and placed them back in the pod to serve as the energy source for the machines.

After Neo is unplugged, he is disorientated at first. Bugs and her team have to protect him as they navigate through bots inside a train in Tokyo. Later, he has a training session with the new Morpheus, just like he did with the original one in the first film. Only this time, it’s about remembering things, not learning them.

Neo’s ability to fight gets increasingly better as the film progresses. His telekinetic powers seem to have returned as well. He easily blocks bullets and even diverts the trajectory of a rocket. However, he isn’t able to use it to fly until the very last scene of the film. ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ doesn’t seem to address whether he has the ability of phasing any longer, and it appears that Trinity now has the precognitive ability.

On the other hand, Neo probably can see the constructs of codes of everything in the Matrix. After he is freed, he recognizes Smith for who he really is. Neo’s powers gradually return to what they used to be in the course of the movie. In the climactic scene, both he and Trinity take flight after threatening the Analyst. The insinuation here is that not only Neo has all his powers back, but Trinity also possesses those same abilities now. They are both the One.

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