Netflix’s The Half Of It Filming Locations

Netflix’s ‘The Half Of It’ is a teen drama that tells the story of a girl named Ellie. She doesn’t have many friends at school, and at home, she spends time taking care of her father and working his job. She writes school assignments for money and considers it yet another task when Paul asks her to write a romantic letter for Aster, the girl he likes. As the communication proceeds, a shift in romantic feelings takes place for Ellie, Paul, and Aster.

‘The Half Of It’ sets itself apart from other teen dramas by taking the audience to a town that feels real, rather than a colorful cut-out of a high school fantasy. The surroundings also play an essential role in the development of characters, sometimes focusing on their isolation, and other times, on the connection between them. Thus, location plays an important part in the story, helping to push the plot forward. If you want to know where the movie was filmed, here’s the answer.

Where is The Half Of It Filmed?

The filming for ‘The Half Of It’ took place in various locations all over New York. Setting the story in a small town meant focusing on all the little things that can change due to the surroundings. The crew found the critical locations for the film scattered in different towns and brought them together to create the sense of one place.

New York, USA

The events in ‘The Half Of It’ take place in a small town named Squahamish. As quaint as it looks, it is not a real place. To create its quiet and picturesque environs, the production turned towards the towns and villages surrounding New York. The crew was spotted filming all over the places like Old Forge, Haverstraw, Suffern, Piermont, Pelham, Orangetown, and Cornwall.

One of the important locations in the story is the train station. Ellie’s father is employed there, but after her mother’s death, he loses interest in everything around him, including his job. So, Ellie takes over. We find her spending a lot of time there- at first, alone, and then joined by Paul when they concoct a plan to winning Aster’s heart. The filming of all these scenes took place at the Adirondack Scenic Railroad train station in Old Forge. Some of the scenes were also shot in Van Auken’s Inne in Thendara.

When the time comes to meet each other face to face, Paul and Aster set their date in a diner. They meet there a couple of times, where Aster comes to realize the difference between the person with whom she talks over texts and letters and the one she meets in person. These scenes were filmed at Sparky’s Diner in Garnerville. This place has also featured in other films like Julia Roberts’ ‘Ben is Back’ and Jonah Hill’s ‘True Story’.

In one of the scenes, we find Ellie and Aster spend time with each other in the lap of nature. They take a trail into the forest. These scenes, along with some other, were filmed at the Palisades Interstate Park.

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