Never Have I Ever Filming Locations

Adding to the collection of its critically acclaimed and highly popular teen dramas, Netflix brings forth a delightful series from Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher in the form of ‘Never Have I Ever’. Following the story of a hot-headed teen, it is an emotional rollercoaster that balances the act with an equal number of laughs.

At the center of it is a girl named Devi. After her father dies of a heart attack, in the middle of her concert, she is hit hard. While the grief eats away at her, she keeps it to herself and gets distracted with side-projects, like finding a hot boyfriend and attending a party with drugs and alcohol. This leads to her distancing from the people who love her, especially her mother, with whom she has a rocky relationship.

‘Never Have I Ever’ presents Devi’s story in all her different colors. The story focuses on her suburban life, which doesn’t have any exciting factor to it until she decides to go out and seize the day with all the drama she can. The series features a number of locations, each acting as a stage for Devi’s different character traits. Hence, location becomes an important part of the storytelling. If you’ve been wondering where in Sherman Oaks does Devi live with her family, here’s the answer. Here are all the filming locations of ‘Never Have I Ever’.

Where was Never Have I Ever Filmed?

Like any teen show, the story of ‘Never Have I Ever’ is also fixed in a couple of generic locations. And like most other sitcoms, this Netflix series, too, finds all these places around town in a single location. Los Angeles serves as the primary filming location for the show. The entire show has been filmed in the studios in Hollywood.

Los Angeles, California

‘Never Have I Ever’ follows the story of Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian-American girl who lives in the San Fernando neighborhood of Sherman Oaks. Her life mostly revolves around her house and the school, while also taking some detours to Paxton’s house and an unexpected stay at Ben’s house. All of these places exist, just not in the real Sherman Oaks. You can find every spot on the show in Universal Studios backlot.

You might even recognize some of the locations from other popular shows. The lot has been home to a number of TV series over the years. From the infamous ‘Bates Motel’ to the Wisteria Lane of ‘Desperate Housewives’, it is a vast space that is a city in itself. Be it Devi’s humble home or Ben’s lavish residence, all of these buildings are part of the same package.

Some of the scenes in the show, particularly in the fifth and sixth episodes, have also been filmed right next to the courthouse that features in ‘Back to the Future’ movie. One of the specialities of Universal studios is the craft of replicating all sorts of places. New York, Mexico, Malibu- you’ll find it expertly adapting to whatever the story requires it to be.

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