Next Level Chef Season 3: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Prepare to refresh on the culinary delights as we revisit the talented contestants of Fox’s ‘Next Level Chef’ season 3! Gordon Ramsay’s return as host and mentor, alongside Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais, elevated the competition to new heights. Gabi Chappel, the Social Media Chef, claimed victory, with Christina Miros and Zach Laidlaw named as formidable runners-up. The post-show journeys of these culinary maestros have been filled with triumphs, challenges, and delicious surprises. From cooking for celebrities to solving crimes as a detective, this batch of contestants and their endeavors are as unique as their culinary undertakings.

Gabi Chappel is Flourishing as a Chef

Gabi Chappel, a 30-year-old Social Media Chef based in Brooklyn, New York, is originally from a rural town in Central Pennsylvania. Mentored by Gordon Ramsay during her victorious stint on ‘Next Level Chef’ season 3, she has since thrived in her career. She now works as a private chef, offering catering services and pop-up dinners while also serving as a culinary educator and recipe developer, sharing her creations on her website. Gabi attributes much of her passion for cooking to her family, especially her grandparents.

Before diving into the realm of cookery, she spent six years as a freelance creative producer. Her recent endeavors include featuring in Bite Originals’ ‘Gabi’s Next Course’ on YouTube, where she showcased handmade pasta and pesto with fresh greens from New York City Farmers Market. She has also cooked with Emily M. Duncan on ‘No Expert with Emily’ and explored her Polish roots at Pierozek in Brooklyn. Gabi continues to explore new cuisines in her series ‘Gabi’s Next Course,’ collaborating with Olivia Tiedemann on risotto and lecturing at the Institute of Culinary Education on her birthday, May 22, which she celebrated with a nine-course meal at Beut, New York.

Gabi has been dating model and photographer Mike Shin for over four years now. The two seem to be living together in New York and love to explore new places while on vacation, with their recent trip being to Mexico. She remains an advocate for home produce, frequently sharing innovative recipes online, and collaborates with the workwear brand Llowel. Her recent activities also include attending Cherry Bombe’s Jubilee event, reviewing Urban Hawker eatery for her show, creating a spring special menu with seasonal produce, and participating in HexClad’s Pizza Party on World Pizza Day. Additionally, she has been seen shopping at Midoriya in New York and crafting beautiful dishes for fine-dining establishments like Privé in New York.

Zach Laidlaw is Promoting Sustainability With His Cooking

Zach Laidlaw is an enthusiastic chef and farmer from Burlington, Illinois, who now resides in Lahaina, Hawaii. After graduating from Central High School, Zach pursued Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at Elgin Community College. He began his career as a bartender at Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar and quickly rose to head chef at Porter’s Pub and Emiles Restaurant, showcasing his dedication and passion for cooking. Born in 1989, Zach is now 35 years old.

Zach continues his gastronomic endeavors at Hua Momona Farms in Maui, where he creates unique culinary experiences for local residents. Recently, he announced that Hua Momona Events is taking orders again and congratulated Dr. Liz on her graduation at a Colorful Garden Party in Maui. He joined athlete/chef Mada for a ‘Next Level Chef’ finale viewing party and a fundraising dinner for the Hua Momona Foundation. He is also an ambassador for HexClad cookware.

Zach recently shared a post commemorating his return at the Hua Momona Farms, where he started off his day with some microgreen harvest. He also appeared as a guest on Amanda Humberson’s podcast, ‘I’m Not Finished.’ A fresh produce-to-table chef, Zach is deeply committed to sustainable farming and microgreens at Hua Momona Farms. He is dating Tina Carranza and has faced the tragic loss of his home in the 2023 Hawaii fires, which he recently revisited after three and a half months, finding nothing salvageable.

Christina Miros Continues to Blend Her Culinary Passion With  Dedication to Healthcare

Christina’s diverse repertoire extends from event catering to private cooking, as on her website. Recently, she’s been on a whirlwind of activities, from attending Gabi’s Spring Fling pop-up with her family to promoting Edy Massih’s cookbook. Adding a personal touch, she crafted Bachelorette Weekend Goodie bags and celebrated her own Bachelorette weekend. Balancing her culinary flair with her role as an Intensive Care Unit nurse, she cooked for her hospital’s nursing unit, spreading joy on Mother’s Day and Nurse Week. Active on social media, she shares her culinary creations on her social media platforms. Moreover, she also collaborated on a menu with Jersey Cyclone Brewing.

With a passion ignited in Arizona, Christina’s engagement blends her love for Mexican food with her dedication to healthcare. Christina offers services such as event catering, recipe development, menu curation, private cooking, custom charcuterie, and meal kits. Recently, she visited Gabi’s Spring Fling pop-up with her family, attended the Keep it Zesty launch in New York City, and promoted Edy Massih’s cookbook. She launched a Bachelorette Weekend Goodie bag for her store and celebrated her own Bachelorette weekend.

Moreover, she works as an Intensive Care Unit nurse and recently cooked for her hospital’s entire nursing unit. Christina shared heartfelt messages on Mother’s Day and during Nurse Week. Active on social media, she frequently shares her dishes and recipes and recently launched a collaborative menu with Jersey Cyclone Brewing. Having spent six years in Arizona, she credits this period for her love of Mexican food. Christina is engaged and continues to “serve” as a nurse even today.

Jordan Torrey is One Half of a Power Couple

Jordan Torrey is a well-known social media chef who goes by the moniker Farnum. Married to Jaclyn Hill, Jordan’s culinary journey began as a child, inspired by watching ‘Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-off’ on Disney Channel. His love for cooking shines through when he prepares his wife’s favorite dish, lobster pasta. Reflecting on his time in ‘Next Level Chef’ season 3, Jordan admits he’s grown tremendously as a cook.

Despite his preparation for the Fox culinary competition, he found filming the show to be his biggest challenge, with organization being his biggest hurdle. Celebrating his one-year marriage anniversary on April 29th, Jordan continues to delight his followers by promoting his favorite kitchen accessories and sharing engaging food content online. The 29-year-old is currently based in Tampa, Florida.

Izahya Thomas Has Come Out With a Cookbook

At 24, Izahya Thomas from Miami, Florida, is spicing things up as a social media chef. Recently, he promoted his cookbook ‘Mouthful’ and treated himself to a visit to Gordon Ramsay’s Lucky Cat restaurant in Miami. He’s no stranger to collaboration, having teamed up with fellow contestants Matt Auckland and Jordan Torrey on social media. Plus, he’s been giving a nod to Grubs Works Kitchen. With a penchant for innovation, Izahya keeps his followers hooked by sharing his latest creative dishes and recipes, making him a standout in the industry.

Mada Abdelhamid is a Jack of Many Trades

Mada Abdelhamid embodies a never-seen-before resilience in human form. Originally from Egypt, Mada’s life took dramatic turns, moving to Saudi Arabia at six and fleeing to New Zealand at nine under difficult circumstances. In New Zealand, his passion for basketball blossomed, leading him to become a player and coach in high school and one of the first players recruited from New Zealand to play basketball in the US, a career highlight he treasures.

Before embracing the culinary world, Mada worked as an assistant for Jason Momoa and had a stint as a WWE wrestler until January 2017. His latest venture, ‘Real Deal Lifestyle’ is a passion project focused on nutritional and wellness supplements. On his YouTube channel, Mada shares fitness regimes, cooking videos, and more, while selling training programs, merchandise, and product recommendations.

At 36, Mada, married to Maryam, whom he met in Los Angeles, recently marked their 11th wedding anniversary with a heartfelt post. The couple resides in the City of Angels with their three children: Xander, Kairo, and Amare. A motorsport aficionado, Mada was recently seen at the Indianapolis 500 race. Known for his humorous Instagram videos with his wife, he also frequently teams up with fellow contestants like Jordan Torrey. He’s also very vocal about his support for ‘GoodRanchers,’ a food delivery service provider. Mada’s all-encompassing career and lively family life continue to amuse his followers, highlighting his multiple talents and engaging content.

Nicole Renard is Thrilled to Embrace Motherhood

Nicole Renard, known as the Smoothie Bowl Girl on TikTok, has been busy since her time on the show. The 28-year-old has made a name for herself as a YouTuber, photographer, and social media influencer. Originally from Kennewick, Washington, she now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Nicole shares her love for smoothie and pancake recipes on Instagram, impressing her followers with her creativity. Her personal life has also flourished; she married Chandler Warren on November 28, 2023, and their six-month anniversary post was swoon-worthy, to say the least. The couple enjoyed a vacation in Hawaii, where they met fellow show alum Zach Laidlaw.

In June 2024, the pair announced their first pregnancy with the world, sharing that they can’t wait for the arrival of their little bundle of joy, Warren, in October 2024. Nicole frequently shares travel tips and insights from her adventures, including a recent trip to Switzerland. She was also spotted celebrating her birthday on May 24 with friends and family. A promoter for the Heaven on Earth festival, the chef also sells customized Palm Spoons and Nomad Bowls in collaboration with E+ROSE Wellness Cafe.

Nicole celebrated Resurrection Day with her family and hosted a get-together using Take a Chef services. Nicole enjoys creating motivating challenges like the popular 5-day toast challenge on her social media. Her Disney-themed wedding at Disney Parks was a dream come true, and they went on their honeymoon to Mexico. Nicole’s vibrant lifestyle content includes road trip vlogs and “What I Eat in a Day” videos, and she has a paid partnership with Starbucks, frequently promoting and reviewing their products.

Ryan “Von” Smith Operates An Eatery in His Hometown

At 37 years old, Ryan is not just a professional chef but also the proud owner of Chef Von & Mom, a beloved eatery in his hometown. Delighting in culinary innovation, he tantalizes his social media audience with glimpses of his restaurant’s delicacies, including fun tidbits like what to do with skinned salmon skin. Ryan’s culinary journey has taken him from the kitchen to the screen, as he recently shared the origins of his restaurant on the Ryan Leckey Show in April.

Grateful for the camaraderie of fellow chefs, Ryan extends his thanks to fellow chefs Alexandra Donnadio and Aaron Alosi for their recent visit to his establishment. An avid promoter of his restaurant’s offerings, Ryan frequently showcases its delicacies across various social media platforms. He even made a television appearance on Fox 56 Wolf TV alongside his sous chef and godson, Savion. Beyond his culinary pursuits, Ryan is a die-hard National Football League fan and a proud supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Angela Pagan is Driven by Food and Fashion

Enter Angela Pagan, the 33-year-old maven from Atlanta, Georgia, whose prowess in the kitchen is as vibrant as her fashion sense. As a professional chef, Angela infuses her dishes with creativity and flair, much like her eclectic wardrobe. When she’s not whipping up gastronomic delights, you can find Angela indulging in her love for wildlife and sharing snapshots of her adventures on social media. With Contessa Miami as one of her favorite dining spots, Angela knows a thing or two about good taste. She continues to bewitch her followers with her impeccable style, often promoting The Rich Wife Collection, a testament to her status as a trendy fashionista. As of late, Pagan was also seen celebrating her birthday on May 10.

Chris Tzorin Now Runs a Foodtruck

With 37 years of experience, this professional chef hails from Orange County, California. He wears multiple hats, serving as a personal chef and the driving force behind ‘Taste Collective,’ a luxury food truck renowned for its exquisite offerings. Ranging from catering car exhibitions to sporting events, his expertise as a chef adds zest to every occasion. Recently, he lent his cooking skills to Kimberly Wimmer’s Superbowl Party, elevating the event with his delectable creations.

Lauren Smith’s Cooking Career Has Taken Off

In the heart of Santa Monica’s bustling culinary scene, Lauren Smith, a 36-year-old foodie, stands out as a beacon of gastronomic innovation. Her journey as a chef took flight amidst the clouds, where she refined her craft aboard a private jet, spurred by her employer’s discerning palate and unwavering encouragement to push culinary boundaries. Over eight years soaring through the skies, Lauren crafted over 10,000 dishes, drawing inspiration from the crème de la crème of Michelin-starred menus and honing her palate to perfection.

Now grounded, Lauren embarks on a new chapter, venturing into private chef events with Taste Collective and laying the groundwork for an aviation culinary business. Additionally, she plans on assuming the role of food and beverage director at a boutique hotel in New Orleans, while also sharing her expertise as the chief advisor for the Artificial Intelligence network thorimai. Amidst her endeavors, Lauren finds solace and fulfillment as a guest chef at ‘Thyme Well Spent Catering and Events.’

With a passport full of stamps and a wealth of food-related experiences, Lauren continues to collaborate with fellow ‘Next Level Chef’ contestants, fostering connections and pushing the boundaries of gastronomy. Recently, she showcased her subject matter knowledge at the Table For Ten Culinary Event, where her contributions support Chef Pascal Olhats’s scholarship fund for the Saddleback College culinary program, a testament to her commitment to both culinary excellence and community impact.

Alexandra Donnadio is a Lawyer, Amongst Other Things

Alexandra “Alex” R. Donnadio of Hillsborough is a multi-talented individual who balances her roles as a detective, famed chef, and veteran advocate. Growing up in an Italian-American household with parents of Sicilian and Calabrese descent, she developed a passion for cooking by helping her mother prepare Sunday dinners. Alex enjoys hiking, outdoor activities, sports, and cooking. As the founder and owner of Iron and Oak Catering, she excels in both large and small private events and is exceptionally skilled at open-fire cooking of various types of animals, hosting open-fire cooking events and shows.

She is also one of the few people, and even fewer women, bringing the South American and Texas-style open-fire cooking experience to New Jersey. In addition to her demanding role as a ballistics detective at the Essex County Sheriff’s Department, Alexandra is deeply involved in her community and holds accolades such as Miss UNICO Hillsborough for 2016-17. Her dedication to service shines through her volunteer work at various organizations, including Vacation Bible School, John F Kennedy Hospital, and the New Jersey Association of Counties.

A proud recipient of the Bronze Award in Girl Scouts, Alexandra’s commitment to excellence extends to her involvement in the Criminal Justice Club at Raritan Valley Community College. Despite her busy schedule, Alexandra finds time to advocate for her passions, recently promoting Imperia Caviar on her Instagram platform and challenging traditional gender roles by delighting in the gastronomical preparations for events like the Kentucky Derby.

Wendy Bess Chiu is Also a Behavioral Therapist

At just 26 years old, Wendy Bess wears multiple hats as both a behavioral therapist and a culinary entrepreneur hailing from Sunnydale. Inspired by her love for creating wholesome dishes, Wendy pivoted during the pandemic, launching a gourmet meal delivery service. Specializing in organic made-to-order meals and event grazing spreads, she has a company that serves as a platform for health-conscious foodies. Wendy’s ethos revolves around providing optimal nourishment through whole foods while fostering positive social change. Her culinary endeavors have earned her recognition on platforms like Peaceful Dumpling, BuzzFeed, and VoyageLA. Amidst her bustling career, Wendy finds joy in her family life, sharing it with her husband and four children.

Arceli “Ari” Pulido is a Private Celebrity Chef

Arceli Ari Pulido has established herself as a respected professional chef, gaining a modest following on social media platforms. While she maintains confidentiality about her work as a private chef for high-profile individuals due to contractual obligations, the 31-year-old, originally from San Diego, California, holds deep-rooted beliefs in the significance of food in familial and personal memories. Known for her dedication to crafting dishes from scratch, she tries to offer the finest interpretations of various cuisines. Ari’s interests extend beyond the kitchen, as she enjoys exploring culinary landscapes during her travels, with recent visits to rich cultural hubs like London and Kyoto.

Matt Auckland Aims To Make Cooking More Accessible

At just 22 years old, Matt Auckland, hailing from Ingleside, Illinois, unearthed his passion for cooking during his high school days. Prior to gracing the stage of ‘Next Level Chef,’ he dedicated 18 months to perfecting his culinary craft on platforms like TikTok and Snapchat. Matt’s food philosophy revolves around accessibility, as he strives to demystify cooking and empower individuals to unleash their creativity in the kitchen. Beyond the kitchen, Matt’s enthusiasm extends to music, a passion he shares with his followers across various social media platforms, adding a harmonious touch to his flavorful journey.

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