Nick Cassavetes to Direct ‘Bruno Penguin and the Staten Island Princess’ Next

Image Credit: Angela George/Wikimedia Commons

Nick Cassavetes is set to direct ‘Bruno Penguin and the Staten Island Princess’ next. The shooting of the feature film will start in Winnipeg, Manitoba, early next year and is scheduled to conclude within two months.

Image Credit: Rotten Tomatoes Coming Soon/YouTube

Alternatively titled ‘The Night Season,’ the psychological thriller revolves around a group of researchers who are trapped in a remote facility in Antarctica during “the night season,” a six-month period of total darkness. Gradually, they start to turn on each other in a startling series of events. Upon confronting the gravity of the predicament, they race to find out whether these bizarre and violent behaviors are psychological effects of their isolation or the result of something far more sinister discovered in the ice.

Cassavetes is helming the movie based on a screenplay by Jenna Mirza Mattison. The filmmaker’s latest release is the action film ‘God Is a Bullet,’ starring Maika Monroe and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The 2023 movie was his first directorial work since ‘The Other Woman,’ starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton, which came out in 2014. His previous credits as a director include Heather Wahlquist-starrer ‘Yellow’ and the family drama ‘My Sister’s Keeper.’ Mattison, who penned the psychological thriller, previously co-wrote James Caan-starrer ‘For the Love of Money’ and wrote Christopher Lloyd-starrer ‘The Sound.’

Cassavetes is also currently developing ‘Lifeform,’ a science-fiction film written by Ice Cube and Anthony Thorne. The movie, set in the year 2125, follows the captain and his crew of miners, aboard a spacecraft, who come across a woman in an emergency escape pod. After taking her on board, the group discovers that she has brought a dangerous extraterrestrial organism along with her. The renowned rapper headlines the cast as well.

Winnipeg, the principal location of the movie, previously hosted the filming of several popular productions, including David Harbour-starrer ‘Violent Night,’ Bob Odenkirk’s crime drama ‘Nobody,’ Netflix’s horror drama ‘How It Ends,’ and Woody Harrelson-starrer sports drama ‘Champions.’

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