Nick Kici From Too Hot to Handle: Everything We Know

When it comes to the genre of dating shows, few are as popular as Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ The series provides its participants the chance to form genuine connections and emotional bonds. However, they cannot participate in any sexual activity as doing so will reduce the amount of money they will win at the end of their stay. The restriction only serves to increase the number of steamy moments in the series.

In season 4, several men and women entered the show’s luxurious retreat, not realizing just what they were signing up for. One of the most popular cast members from this particular iteration of the reality series was none other than Nick Kici. His calm and collected nature, combined with his good looks, helped him gain many admirers. Needless to say, his fans are eager to learn more about him, and we are here to share the same!

Nick Kici’s Age and Background

Hailing from a small town in Michigan, Nick Kici entered ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 4 at the age of 28. As someone with a deep connection to the spiritual side of life, Nick is quite passionate about the beauty of life and nature. While on the show, he stated that there is no one boat he can be put in. The reality TV star is quite fond of traveling and likes to explore what his travel destinations have to offer.

In fact, in April and May of 2022, Nick was enjoying the serenity of Bali, Indonesia, and living life to the fullest. He has also visited places like Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. Additionally, Nick seems to have a knack for writing and often composes beautiful captions for his Instagram posts. He is reportedly living in Los Angeles, California, having moved out of his Michigan hometown. He also seems to enjoy the company of his loved ones and likes to spend some quality time with them.

Nick Kici’s Profession

Nick Kici is a professional artist and model with an impressive resume. He apparently also works as a yoga trainer and imparts his knowledge of the spiritual world to others. Over the years, Nick has worked on several noteworthy projects. In fact, he is a part of Leigh Whannell’s 2020 film, ‘The Invisible Man,’ and can be seen as Taylor, a waiter, in the movie. Additionally, the reality TV star appears in a short modeling video for Knotwtr, an eyewear brand. He was also featured on the cover of Desnudó magazine alongside Jordyn Renee.

Is Nick Kici Dating Anyone?

Having been a part of over 10 relationships, Nick Kici’s dating history was nothing short of impressive when he entered the reality show. However, he had not yet found a genuine connection with anyone. While in the beautiful retreat, Nick seemingly fostered a genuine connection with Jawahir Khalifa, the 22-year-old model from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their affinity seemed to have thrived while in the house and became one of the focal points in season 4.

From what we can tell, Nick and Jawahir do not follow each other on social media, though they seem to be on amicable terms, considering their bond on the show. Nevertheless, they have been pretty complimentary towards each other on social media. Given their strong and intense connection on the dating reality show, fans are hoping the two are still together. However, neither of them has made any official announcements about their status as a couple. Thus, unless confirmed by either of the two, we believe Nick is enjoying his life as a single man.

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