Nicki Myers: Tammy Myers’ Daughter is Now a Family Woman Herself

It was December 19, 2006, when everything turned upside down for the once tight-knit Myers family as matriarch Tammy Marie Myers suddenly went missing without a trace left behind. This much is even explored in CBS’ ’48 Hours: The Day My Mother Vanished,’ especially as it details everything from her personal relationships to the complex aftermath of her disappearance. Though the most intriguing aspect of it all was her separation from husband, Ryan Myers, while still being amicable out of respect and for the sake of their three kids, including Nicki Myers.

Who is Nicki Myers Bates?

Although Tammy and Ryan Myers led a near-idealistic life in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area ever since they first got together around 1994, things changed for them over a decade later. That’s because the latter ended up having to lay up at home for a while following a work accident that left him with a broken back as well as broken legs, causing his wife to join the workforce. But alas, since her options were limited as she’d only ever been a stay-at-home mom, she ultimately evolved into a stripper, grew accustomed to a different/new lifestyle, and decided to leave.

Nevertheless, Tammy and Ryan’s youngest, Nicki, has always maintained the former “was a great mother. We got to go shopping for girl clothes, and she did my hair and painted my nails.”This reportedly continued even after she’d gotten involved with William Greer, who allegedly also never minded most things when it came to his two sons or his live-in girlfriend’s three toddlers. He did get angry over little matters sometimes when they were all spending quality time together, the then 7-year-old once said for ‘The Hunt with John Walsh,’ but he never took it to an extreme.

However, Nicki did eventually notice that while William might have been generous towards the kids, he was abusive towards her mother — she actually vividly remembers seeing Tammy in pain. “This man’s rich,” she recalled for ’48 Hours.’ “He has money. We got to do all these fun things, so immediately, we just like were drawn to him until we realized our mom wasn’t happy. When they were together, he was very abusive… [I once saw her when] she was bleeding, she was bruised, she could barely walk.” Therefore, of course, after Tammy went missing and it came to light he’d gone on the lam too, this youngster made it her mission to not only find him but also keep her mother’s name as well as case alive by taking every possible opportunity to speak to the media despite her age.

Where is Nicki Myers Bates Now?

It took over 11 years, yet Nicki’s efforts did eventually pan out as William was arrested in Nacajuca, Mexico, in late November 2017 before being extradited to Texas and charged with murder. He ended up taking a plea for second-degree manslaughter, for which he was sentenced to a mere ten years in state prison on January 22, 2024, only to be denied parole in April. She is, hence, genuinely glad justice has been served at least in some capacity, though she does wonder if he’ll ever give up the location of his victim’s remains to give her family some much-needed closure.

Until then, it appears as if Nicki is determined to move on in life while keeping her mother’s memories alive in her heart and honoring them in any way possible. As for her personal as well as professional standing, this happily married mother of three — one adopted and two biological — is a Cleveland, Texas, resident, from where she also serves as a professional photographer. We should also mention she’d tied the knot with Sean Bates on January 1, 2021, and together, they share two sons followed by a daughter, which is the exact order her parents had.

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