Nicole Becky’s ‘The Perfect Town’ in the Works at BBC

BBC has ordered the series ‘The Perfect Town,’ written by Nicole Becky, for the flagship channel BBC One. The filming of the project is set to commence in London next month. The plot revolves around Lorna, a successful businesswoman from South London who is self-made and Black, and her best friend Juliet, a white woman born into privilege, who both reside in the gated community of Primrose Estate. Their daughters, Grace and Allegra, share a close bond, and life in the estate appears picture-perfect.

The show is only one of the several productions that are in development at BBC. The network’s upcoming projects include ‘Dear England,’ which is based on the acclaimed theatre production of the same name, delving into Gareth Southgate’s tenure as the manager of the England soccer team. Joseph Fiennes, who most recently appeared in ‘The Mother,’ will portray Southgate after playing the latter on the stage. The series is penned by screenwriter James Graham.

Also included in BBC’s upcoming slate is the television adaptation of Kaliane Bradley’s debut novel ‘The Ministry of Time.’ The narrative revolves around a newly established government department that initiates an ambitious experiment: gathering expats from different eras in history to test the feasibility of time travel. Commander Graham Gore, an officer from Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated 1845 Arctic expedition, is among those rescued from certain deaths. Alongside him are figures like an army captain from the Somme, a plague victim from the 1600s, and more. Placed with 21st-century liaisons known as “bridges,” they embark on an extraordinary journey. Alice Birch, who co-wrote BBC/Hulu’s ‘Normal People,’ is behind the adaptation.

Richard Gadd’s ‘Lions’ was also announced by BBC earlier this year. The story centers on Niall, who is taken aback when his estranged brother Ruben unexpectedly appears at his wedding. Ruben’s sudden arrival triggers a chain reaction of violence. As the narrative unfolds, it delves into the intricacies of their relationships, exploring the highs and lows they have experienced together. The viewers will uncover the reasons behind their longstanding feud, delving into the depths of their past to understand the roots of their conflict.

London, where the shooting of ‘The Perfect Town’ will begin, is a significant filming location of several of this year’s high-profile releases, including Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem‘ and ‘The Gentlemen.’

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