Nikki and Justin: Is the 90 Day Fiancé Couple Still Together?

Since the start of TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé,’ the various journeys undertaken by the featured couples have been quite successful in captivating our interest. The tenth season of the reality series has been no different as the cast members try to navigate their far-from-conventional situations. Consider Nicole “Nikki” Sanders (AKA Nikki Exotika) and Igor “Justin” Shutencov, who have had to overcome a lot of hurdles in their relationship, with the latest developments leaving the world curious about whether or not they are still together. The question has become even more pressing, given Nikki’s reluctance to forgive Justin completely.

Nikki and Justin’s 90 Day Fiancé Journey

In season 10 of the TLC series, we get to see the unfolding of the love story of Nikki Sanders and her partner, Justin Shutencov. While the former hails from Hoboken, New Jersey, the latter calls Chişinău, Moldova, his home. The couple’s journey actually started all the way back in 2006, and everything did seem to be going well for the then 30-year-old Nikki and 20-year-old Justin. However, two years into their relationship, Nikki revealed to Justin that she was transgender in a fit of anger. Now out in the open, the fact apparently “traumatized” Justin, who had a hard time accepting the truth.

Though Nikki and Justin ended up separating in 2007, they remained in touch for the most part. In 2022, the two were reunited in Mexico, where Justin ended up claiming that Nikki was the “love of his life” and that he wanted to marry her. With no hidden truths between them and Nikki herself being open about her past, the couple’s journey took a turn for marriage, with the US resident starting the process for a K1 visa for Justin for a second time.

However, the post-engagement ride for Nikki and Justin was not smooth. The two often disagreed over Nikki’s fashion sense, while the woman in question could not help but wonder if her partner was not as comfortable with her gender identity as he claimed to be. That said, there were several positive moments that the couple could not help but cherish. Nikki’s own mother expressed her own regret about not supporting her daughter in the past and seemed happy that Justin was being open about Nikki’s identity to his friends and family.

Indeed, during Nikki and Justin’s post-engagement Moldova trip, the latter’s loved ones seemed genuinely accepting of Nikki, even if some of them were a little bit surprised. However, the trip also led the way to new revelations. Nikki initially accused Justin of not being physically attracted to her anymore, which he seemed to accept, but claimed that his love for her was more about their souls and that he needed some time to completely get over his reservations.

The bigger bombshell regarding Nikki and Justin’s past dropped when the former asked her partner about his sexual past. At this, Justin admitted that he had slept with other women up until he and Nikki got engaged, as that was when he apparently realized that this was a serious relationship. This infuriated Nikki, who could not believe that Justin had been so unfaithful to her and that he only realized the seriousness of their connection so late, especially when she had often sent him money to help him in his time of need. Nikki then walked out and declared that she needed some space to understand how to go about the situation.

Nikki and Justin Have Yet to Share an Update

As of writing, Nikki Sanders and Justin Shutencov have not shared details of their current relationship status. The two do follow each other on Instagram, indicating that they are at least not at each other’s throats. That said, they are rarely featured on each other’s social media, especially when discounting promotional posts about the TLC show itself. That said, in October 202023, Nikki did share a cute video as a throwback to the couple’s Moldova trip.

It should be noted that Nikki and Justin apparently had a joint Instagram account, which does not seem to be functioning now. Whether or not this might be due to their current status as a couple remains to be seen. That said, both Nikki and Justin do seem to be doing well in their lives and are enjoying the fame they have gained from ’90 Day Fiancé.’ Many of their fans showcased their support for the two, though some cannot help but think that the two could do better if they communicated more openly.

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