Nowhere Ending, Explained: Do Mia and Noa Survive?

Netflix’s ‘Nowhere’ is a Spanish-language thriller drama movie directed by Albert Pintó, from a story by Indiana Lista. It stars Anna Castillo, Tamar Novas, Tony Corvillo, Mariam Torres, Irina Bravo, and Victoria Teijeiro in the lead roles. Set in a dystopian era where a totalitarian regime has taken over Spain, a young pregnant woman tries to escape the chaos of war. Mia escapes by hiding inside a maritime container aboard a cargo ship. In the process, Mia gets separated from her husband, Nico, and must do everything to survive after she is stranded in the ocean. Whether Mia survives the challenges in her path and what happens to her baby encompasses the ending of ‘Nowhere.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Nowhere Plot Synopsis

‘Nowhere’ follows Mia and Nico, a couple from Spain who live under a totalitarian regime that has taken over the country and neighboring states. The regime brutally murders the dependent population as society lacks essential resources such as food and water. A pregnant woman, Mia, and Nico plan to flee the country and start a new life in Ireland, away from the regime. The couple pays human traffickers to transport them to a shipyard, where they will escape to Ireland on a ship. However, even before the journey starts, Mia and Nico are separated.

Nico is sent to another truck while the regime’s military checks Mia’s truck. After finding people in the truck, the regime opens fire on them, but Mia survives by hiding inside a crate. Eventually, Mia finds herself on a ship and learns that Nico never made it to the vessel. Instead, his truck was abandoned by the driver, leaving him stranded. After learning that Mia’s container got knocked off the ship and is floating in the ocean, Nico vows to reunite with his wife and unborn child.

While Mia tries to survive in the container, she goes into labor and delivers her daughter, Noa. Meanwhile, we also learn of Mia and Nico’s past. The couple ran a general store in their neighborhood and had another daughter, Uma. However, Uma is killed by the regime after she wanders out of the house, and Mia blames herself for her daughter’s death. After Noa’s birth, Mia fails to contact Nico as her phone’s screen is destroyed. Moreover, Nico does not contact Mia and is forced to rely on her wits to protect herself and Noa against the harsh ocean waves.

Mia survives with the help of the other passengers’ little food and water left in the container. However, she soon runs out of supplies and starves. At the same time, Mia works hard to keep water from entering the container and looks after Noa, telling her daughter stories about her life with Nico. Eventually, Mia is forced to eat the umbilical cord to survive and manages to carve an opening in the container’s ceiling. Determined to survive for her daughter’s sake, Mia’s condition slowly improves, and she devises a way to catch fish. Whether Mia and Noa survive in the hostile environment and brutal circumstances form the rest of the plot.

Nowhere Ending: Does Mia Find Noa? Do Mia and Noa Survive?

During the movie’s final act, Mia and Noa’s lives are in danger as their container fills up with water, destroying whatever little resources Mia has gathered. Moreover, Mia is injured, and the mother and daughter are forced to survive by occupying the container’s roof while they drift endlessly across the ocean. However, when Mia sees a photograph of Uma, she rushes to collect her deceased daughter’s last memory. In the process, Noa’s crib slips from the container, and the baby floats across the ocean. Eventually, Mia follows Noa’s cries and manages to swim to her daughter.

While the mother and daughter reunite, the container, their only security, is left behind. As a result, Mia and Noa float in the ocean with only Noa’s crib to support them. Soon, Mia runs out of strength and is close to giving up on her survival quest. She thanks Noa for being with her and admits her daughter’s presence filled her with courage. However, she can no longer protect her daughter against the harsh ocean waves. Just as Mia is about to give up, she notices seagulls in the sky and deduces they are close to land. As a result, Mia uses the last of Noa’s umbilical cord to attract the seagulls, hoping it will also bring the attention of nearby fishers.

Ultimately, Noa is rescued by a fisherwoman and her family. On the other hand, Mia resigns herself to growing after mustering her last remaining strength to push Noa’s crib towards the land. Just when all hope seems lost, Mia is rescued by the fisherwoman, as her hand is tied to Noa’s crib through a string. Like the umbilical cord, the string is a metaphor for the bond between a mother and daughter. Throughout the film, we see Uma’s death motivating Mia to protect her second daughter at all costs. However, Noa is the guiding light that encourages Mia to fight against the overwhelming odds. As it turns out, Noa is the one to save her mother in the end, leading to an emotional conclusion. The film ends with Mia waking up after the fisherwoman performs CPR, and she realizes she and Noa have reached Ireland.

What Happened to Nico? How Did Uma Die?

In the film, Mia’s tale of survival is balanced by her family tragedies. At the start of her journey, a pregnant Mia is separated from her husband, Nico. It quickly becomes evident that surviving without Nico will be difficult for Mia, especially in her condition. Moreover, when Nico fails to contact Mia for days, it seems like he has abandoned his wife and unborn daughter. However, towards the end, Nico surfaces again, only to add more misery to Mia’s already dire circumstances. Ultimately, Nico reveals he was caught sneaking onboard a ship, trying to reach Mia. As a result, he is shot and speaks with Mia and Noa with his dying breath.

In contrast, Nico and Mia’s firstborn daughter, Uma, died under similarly brutal circumstances. Uma begged her mother to leave the house while the regime massacred people daily. In the five minutes Mia let Uma out, she was found and killed by the regime. As a result, Mia blames herself for her daughter’s death. Mia sees visions of Uma throughout her journey in moments that test her, highlighting her guilt over the situation. Moreover, Uma’s death further motivates Mia to protect Noa at all costs. As a result, Mia’s journey of survival is shaped by her personal tragedies, which demand she rise above the pain and suffering to protect her newborn daughter and musters courage and strength from these events that ultimately ensure her and Noa’s survival.

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