Oliver and Wilson Hoogendorn From Race to Survive Alaska: Everything We Know

USA Network’s ‘Race to Survive Alaska‘ is a thrilling reality TV show that follows several teams competing against one another in a series of challenges while trying to survive the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness. With limited supplies and resources, the teams must use their survival skills and ingenuity to make it through each day and come out on top. Season 1 of this reality show has recruited top-notch teams, each with their own agenda and unique skillset. One of the duos is brothers Oliver and Wilson Hoogendorn. So, here’s everything you need to learn about the brother team from Season 1.

Oliver Hoogendorn: An Adventurer at Heart

25-year-old Oliver Hoogendorn hails from Nome, Alaska, and the older brother has an eye for adventure. The adventurist brothers are born to Homer Hoogendorn and Brenna Outwater. The brothers love their parents, and they have always been their support system. Known for their thirst for adventure, Oliver and Wilson were the first Native Alaskan team to summit Denali in 13 days and skied down the highest peak in North America in one day. Oliver is a Commercial Fisherman who spends his days looking for great fish around the water, quenching his appetite for adventure.

Oliver graduated from Nome-Beltz in 2015 and competed in cross country, wrestling, and basketball for the Nanooks. He was named the 2015 Student-Athlete of the Year. The reality TV star was the three-time cross-country and two-year wrestling team captain. Oliver also stood third at the 2013 wrestling state tournament and was the 2014 wrestling state runner-up. Besides, the multifaceted reality Tv star was the MVP of the JV basketball team.

Wilson Hoogendorn’s Cultural Roots and Hunting Practices

Both Hoogendorn brothers are known to be heavily rooted in their primitive culture, where they value the land that supports them and hunt using ancient techniques and implements made of wood and ivory. 23-year-old Wilson loves riding bicycles and going on adventures with his brother. Recently, they rescued an adorable kitten in one of their adventures and named her Arena. They spoke about their experience on KTVA News. Oliver, who was 22 then, and his brother, who was 2o, were both from the flatland region of Nome.

The Hoogendorn brothers’ cross-country coach, Jeff Collins, encouraged them to go on a run outside of Nome, which sparked their love of the mountains. Wilson is a Gold Diver who loves to explore underwater. While staying close to his passion for the waters, he also loves adventure on land.

Wilson was a 2017 graduate of Nome-Beltz High School. He competed in ski biathlon, basketball, and cross country. In addition, the reality TV star was a four-year starter on the cross-country team. Wilson earned bronze and gold medals at the Arctic Winter Games in Nook, Greenland, for the ski Biathlon. Interestingly, he is a Licensed Pilot and loves to take out a private plane for a ride over Alaska.

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