Only Murders in the Building Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Only Murders in the Building’ episode 7 is one of the show’s most ingenious entries that delivers almost all the answers that we have been dying to find out about. The episode features minimal dialog and revolves around Charles, Mabel, and Oliver investigating Teddy, their prime sponsor, as a suspect in Tim Kono’s murder.

In the process, we learn the truth about a tragic incident that took place years ago and ended up shaping the lives of Mabel, Tim, and Oscar. If you wish to find out more about these startling revelations and how they connect to Tim’s murder, here’s a breakdown of the episode’s events and ending for you. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Only Murders in the Building Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode titled ‘The Boy from 6B’ opens with Teddy’s deaf son, Theo, spying on Charles, Oliver, and Mabel. Oliver takes Teddy out while Mabel and Oliver sneak into Teddy’s house and investigate. They find a hidden room with shelves stacked with urns. Meanwhile, Theo breaks into Charles’ apartment and takes pictures of the murder board. Theo tells Teddy that the trio is on to them, but Teddy brushes him off.

Charles goes on a date with Jane. Oliver and Mabel head to the funeral home that is mentioned on the urns. They figure out that Teddy is a graverobber and sells the jewelry on the black market. Through flashbacks, we learn that Zoe had taken a ring from Teddy’s apartment, and Theo saw it. Theo, who has a crush on Zoe, tries to comfort her on New Year’s Eve after she has an argument with Oscar.

Theo asks for the ring back but ends up pushing Zoe over the ledge leading to her death. Tim sees this and is later threatened to remain silent by Teddy. In the present, at the funeral home, Mabel and Oliver discover a room full of jewelry and are caught by Theo. They are kidnapped by Theo but manage to text Charles the password to Tim’s phone.

Only Murders in the Building Episode 7 Ending: Did Teddy Kill Tim?

For a long time, viewers of the show suspected that Tim’s murder had something to do with Zoe’s death. In the seventh episode, that is finally confirmed. As it turns out, Tim was the sole witness to Zoe’s death, and Teddy threatened him to remain silent to save his own son, Theo.

In these scenes, Teddy appears to be a menacing presence. His sinister side is further uncovered through his graverobbing activities. Teddy is definitely the black market dealer Tim was trying to take down before his death. He is a criminal and can go to any extent to cover his tracks. We have already seen him do this once by threatening Tim. Tim was investigating Teddy’s black market jewelry business and also knew that Theo killed Zoe. Therefore, it makes sense that Teddy would want to get Tim out of his way.

While the episode does confirm that the tragic circumstances of Zoe’s death are connected to Tim and Teddy, it is in no way proved that it was indeed Teddy who killed Tim. While it is possible that Teddy murdered Tim to protect his son and keep the lead on his criminal activities, Tim’s murder could be related to something much bigger. We do know for sure that the walls of the Arconia are hiding many secrets, and the truth will be revealed in due time.

Why Did Theo Kill Zoe?

In the episode, we learn that Theo had a crush on Zoe. She saw Theo hiding behind the hidden door when she swiped the ring from Teddy’s apartment. On New Year’s Eve, Teddy found Zoe and Oscar arguing. Theo tries to comfort Zoe and politely asks for the ring back as it belongs to his father. They got into a heated argument, and Zoe berated Theo. She accidentally slips and plummets to her death.

Theo did not kill Zoe. Zoe’s death was merely an accident. However, it is important to note that we see these events from Theo’s perspective. Therefore, it is possible that there are some discrepancies in this version from the truth. Theo was also visibly disturbed and shaken by Zoe’s death, further hinting that he did not intentionally push Zoe.

Theo is the one who has been spying on Charles, Mabel, and Oliver. It is likely that he poisoned Oliver’s dog and threatened the trio to stop their podcast. He also kidnaps Mabel and Oliver. Therefore, we can’t be certain of what Theo is capable of. Who’s to say that Theo did not push Zoe over the ledge after feeling insulted by her remarks? However, at least on a superficial level, Zoe’s death appears to be an accident.

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