Oogiebear Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Shark Tank‘ is a well-known reality show featuring successful investors, known as “Sharks,” looking to invest in innovative business ideas. It gives entrepreneurs from all over the country a chance to present their ideas to the Sharks and win their support. The show has helped several entrepreneurs launch their products, which are now widely used daily.

The 14th season of ‘Shark Tank’ started with a live episode featuring some unique products, including Oogiebear, a company founded by Sina and Nina Farzin that offers baby booger pickers. The product’s innovative concept and the Sharks’ response have piqued people’s curiosity about the company and its offerings. The brand came back on the 20th episode of the show. If you’re interested in learning about Oogiebear’s current status and updates after their episode on Shark Tank, we can provide you with the information you need.

Oogiebear: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Sina and Nina Farzin, a couple from Maryland, founded Oogiebear in 2015. When their eldest child Ariana was a toddler, Nina found cleaning her child’s nose challenging, especially during the flu and cold seasons. As a pharmacist, she was surprised that no safe and healthy products were in the market to help maintain her child’s nasal hygiene and promote healthy breathing.

Sina Farzin, Nina’s husband, is also a medical professional specializing in treating sinus, oral cavity, and airway blockages. Sina and Nina Farzin never anticipated venturing into the business world. Still, their desire to help other parents facing similar challenges led them to create Oogiebear, a product that addresses a common yet significant problem in young children. Combining their expertise and experience, the Maryland-based couple developed a unique tool for removing boogers safely and effectively.

The Farzins’ patented design offers a safe and hygienic solution to keep the nostrils clean and remove all boogers from the nasal cavities. The double-ended tool is designed to thoroughly clean children’s noses and ease any discomfort caused by blocked airways. Moreover, the tool’s bright color makes it visually appealing, and the trademark bear head at the end adds a cute factor while preventing the tool from going too far into the baby’s nose.

The couple’s idea emerged from the discomfort their three children experienced during cold and flu seasons, and now their product aims to help other children breathe better. The Oogiebear’s success on ‘Shark Tank’ has helped the couple take their product to new heights, expanding their distribution channels and gaining wider recognition for their innovative solution. Today, Oogiebear remains committed to promoting healthy habits for children and making the booger removal process more manageable for parents.

Oogiebear is Flourishing in Baby Care Market Now

Oogiebear has expanded its product line and is now focused on offering more baby care items. In addition to the original booger removal tool, the company now provides a range of products, including teething toothbrushes, ear cleaners, aspirators, nose balms, chest rubs, and other essential baby care items. Some of these tools even feature LED lights to help parents see better while using them.

Since its inception in 2015, Oogiebear has generated revenue exceeding $15 million, according to its founders, Sina and Nina Farzin. During their appearance on ‘Shark Tank,’ they claimed to have made $5.4 million in sales and $1 million in profit since the beginning of 2022. The company’s success and steady growth have enabled it to expand its distribution channels, gain new customers, and continue developing innovative products to address parenting challenges. Oogiebear products are available on their website and in major retail stores such as Target, Buy Buy Baby, Nordstrom, Walmart, and Amazon.

The primary Oogiebear booger picker costs $12.99, while other products range from $9.99 to $19.99. Additionally, customers can purchase various bundles, kits, and gift boxes priced up to $55. Following their appearance on “Shark Tank” and their recent partnership with Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec, Oogiebear’s product sales will likely increase significantly. The company may experience rapid growth in the coming months as a result. We wish the Oogiebear team success in their future endeavors.

In September 2022, Amazon constituted a significant portion of Oogiebear’s sales, accounting for 76% of the company’s revenue. This statistic suggests that the company’s online presence has considerably impacted its success. While the company’s products are available in various retail stores and on its official website, Amazon appears to be the primary source of revenue.

Oogiebear’s partnership with Amazon has likely helped the company reach a broader customer base and expand its market presence. As e-commerce grows, this partnership is expected to contribute to the company’s future success significantly. However, it is also essential for the company to explore other sales channels to diversify its revenue streams and mitigate risks associated with relying too heavily on a single platform.

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