Oskar and Meira: Is The Love is Blind Sweden Couple Still Together?

A new yet exciting addition to the beloved ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige,’ has introduced the world to several new couples that the viewers cannot help but root for. This includes the pairing of Oskar Nordstrand and Meira Omar, whose on-screen love story has captured the interest of many. However, like any couple, the two did have their fair share of struggles, which led many to wonder about the current status of their relationship.

Oskar and Meira’s Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

Both Oskar Nordstrand and Meira Omar hit it off at the very start after they started to go on dates during their time in the pods. However, the Netflix social experiment is also known for giving its participants some very tough choices like the ones faced by the two reality TV stars. For Oskar, the trouble began when he found himself attracted to both Meira and the beautiful Isabelle Bergman. Ultimately, Oskar decided to end things with Isabelle, choosing to only focus on his budding connection with Meira.

Oskar also thought it prudent to let Meira know that he had decided to stay in the social experiment only for her. At the time, Meira was actually still torn between him and her attraction toward Johan Melin. While she valued the comfort that she found with Oskar, she also admitted that her smiles after her time with Johan have always been the biggest ones. Determined to showcase just how much he cared for Meira, Oskar decided to take things a step further.

Though not an engagement ring, Oskar did send Meria a sort of promise ring with the claim that he soon intended to give her a ring for engagement as well. This gesture certainly swept Meira off her feet while Johan could not help but feel upset about the whole situation. Not much later, Meira also decided to end things with Johan, claiming that while she cared for him, she did not think that they had had the easiest connection in the pods, something she certainly could say about Oskar. As such, it hardly surprised many when Meira happily accepted Oskar’s promised proposal for marriage.

Following their engagement, Oskar Nordstrand and Meira Omar met each other for the first time and were soon off to Cyprus for their first vacation as a couple. However, while there, they did encounter many new struggles. For her part, Meira continued to struggle with the fact that she felt quite strongly about Johan, even though she was unhappy that he had chosen to propose to Kimia Cousarie not long after she had broken up with him.

A conflicted Meira also requested Oskar that the two take their physical relationship slowly. Though Oskar did not seem to mind this particular request that much, he did have his own issues. Over the course of his stay in Cyprus, he could not help but be somewhat off-put by the behavior of his soon-to-be wife. He stated how Meira’s moods often seemed to oscillate between the positive and negative direction, often leaving him unsure about just what might be in the store in the future.

The turbulent nature of Oskar and Meria’s relationship soon settled after they moved in together. The former was more than open to meeting his partner’s mother and older sister and learning more about her culture. Though Meira herself had initially been worried about how well Oskar’s family would receive, the affection bestowed on her by Oskar’s mother chased away any doubts. The only major between the two remained the fact that Meira liked to be in silence sometimes, while Oskar rarely felt comfortable being around someone and not conversing.

Oskar and Meira Happily Tied the Knot

Though Oskar and Meira were able to mend the hurdles in their relationship and did get along well with each other’s families, the two were still not completely sure about what they would say at the altar just a few days before their wedding. As such, the fact that they did agree to marry each other at the altar was a delight to many. Their evident devotion towards each other and the decision to enter a marital relationship has helped them win many hearts.

As of writing, Oskar and Meira have chosen not to share the details of their status as a couple with the public. However, the fact that the two reality TV stars do not follow each other on Instagram has made many of the fans wonder if their marriage is going smoothly. Since there has been no official announcement regarding the same, leaving the world in suspense when it comes to the two.

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