Out of Death Ending, Explained

Helmed by Mike Burns, ‘Out of Death’ is a taut crime thriller packed with some hair-raising moments and some running around in circles. The story centers on Jaime King’s photojournalist Shannon, who arrives at an undisclosed natural park at a fringe town to dispose of her deceased father’s ashes. However, her initial mission goes awry when Shannon accidentally becomes the witness of a shady police deal. The police personnel rushes to cover the tracks, and a cat and mouse chase ensues.

In the meantime, Shannon meets uncle Jack, who appears in the nick of time to take control of the situation. The story maintains the unity of time and action, and the forested backdrop proves to be ideal for the unfolding of the drama. Bruce Willis acts alongside King to bring the story to life. By the time the tale comes to an end, a few questions pop up in the mind of the viewer. If you seek to tie the loose ends, let us be of help. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Out of Death Plot Synopsis

Photojournalist Shannon is dropped off near a natural park by her friend. She ventures into the woods and brings out her diary to note down a momentary reflection, but it rains. Shannon takes a look at her father’s urn in her bag, hoping to dispose of his remains at an opportune time and place. After some walking, Shannon comes to overhear a heated conversation. Dirty cop Billie Jean and drug dealer Jimmy have an amicable relationship, as they help each other with drugs and money.

However, Billie is compelled to shoot down asset Jimmy after discovering that he has been recording their covert conversations on his phone. Shannon captures the whole scene on her camera, but Billie detects her in the meantime. Billie shoots at Shannon, but the latter gets away. Local police Chief Hank believes that Billie Jean has turned sloppy, and he sends the other officer, Tommy, to cover the tracks and hunt down the “unintended.”

After the death of her wife from cancer, Jack arrives at the house of his niece, Pam, to spend a long vacation. City Sheriff Jack looks sad, and Pam urges him to take a walk into the woods. In the jungle, Shannon is held captive by the police, but Jack walks up from behind in the nick of time. But he is police, and reasoning that police don’t shoot, Tommy goes to retrieve the gun. Seizing the opportunity with both hands, Jack and Shannon go on the run.

Shannon veers off and ends up in a covert workstation in the middle of the jungle, where Billie finds her. However, Shannon makes a daring escape while stabbing Billie on the knee and regroups with Jack. Billie dies, and after being shot by Shannon, Tommy is soon to follow. However, the police try to use Pam as a chip to lure Jack into their trap. As the situation spirals out of control, Hank comes down from his office, and the showdown waits to be acted out.

Out of Death Ending: Is Hank Arrested?

In the final moments of the film, Hank calls up uncle Jack and tries to strike a deal with him. Pam is at Hank’s disposal, and if Jack wants to save Pam, he must divulge the location of Shannon. Shannon overhears the conversation and grows distrustful of Jack. Running away from him, Shannon ends up in a solitary house among the woods. With a knife wound in her chest and a gun in her hand, Shannon doesn’t look very welcoming, and the woman in the house naturally freaks out. Shannon breaks down to the woman that she is on the run from a few bad guys who are out for her life. In the meantime, Jack comes around, pleading Shannon to trust him. He has a well-structured plan.

Hank has not heard Shannon’s voice until now, and they set up the woman from the house to talk to Hank over the phone. This would buy them some time, and in this window, Shannon can go to the FBI office and submit the video of the shady police deal. Reasoning this to be their best bet, the duo tries to execute the plan. Hank arrives at the household for a frontal encounter with Shannon, but Shannon, who was hiding behind the door, takes Hank by surprise.

The police surround the house, and Hank’s mayoral dreams are devastated. Going back to an early scene, when Shannon runs from officer Billie after recording the whole scene on tape, we see that Shannon leaves the camera behind. But at the end of the story, it seems that Shannon has found time to pick up the camera and copy the data on her laptop. She sends the files to the FBI, and Hank’s corrupt career suddenly goes downhill from here.

Is Shannon Dead or Alive?

Just as the police arrive to felicitate the climax comes a splash of rain. Shannon is pointing a gun at Hank, but Hank’s hand instinctually goes to the gun holder. As the scene cuts to the exterior of the house, we see gunshots being fired. Shortly after, Hank comes out of the house, wounded and with his hands up in the air. But we don’t know whether Shannon is safe or if she is shot. While Hank is arrested, does he take Shannon along with him as he goes down? Presumably not.

In the final scene, Shannon comes to meet Jack at his niece’s house, and they go out on a walk together. Jack reminds her to finish what she has started – to empty the urn of her father’s remains. The story seemingly comes full circle after the mayhem of a detour. But in the end, the story seems tied together quite well. Therefore, Shannon is marked safe at the end of the story. It seems that Shannon and Jack also come quite close at the end of the story, and Jack grows a fondness for the tranquil life of the sparsely populated region.

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