Is Billy Dead or Alive in Outer Range? [Spoiler]

‘Outer Range,’ a Western show with science fiction elements, features a mysterious story that unfolds on a family ranch in Wyoming. As a result of a longstanding feud between the Abbots and The Tillersons, a patch of the former’s land comes under threat as the latter family attempts to stake their claim over the pasture. Worse yet, the same results in the accidental murder of the oldest Tillerson son, Trevor, at Perry Abbot’s hands. To make things even more complicated, the family patriarch, Royal Abbot, discovers a neverending pit of time Void on his land that seems to cause rapidly increasing problems.

The first season brings all these plot points and more together for an explosive ending that leaves the viewers with a fair share of questions, including Billy Tillerson’s fate. Similarly, the show’s second season— which deals with the aftermath of season 1 and explores the Void further, also charts a tumultuous path for the youngest Tillerson ward. Therefore, fans of the character must be eager to know where his ultimate predicament lies. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Billy Tillerson Meets a Tragic and Ambiguous End

At the end of last season, Billy Tillerson found himself in a near-fatal position. After agreeing to help the enigmatic stranger staying at the Abbot’s ranch, Autumn, in her mission to kill Royal, Billy ends up on the wrong side of the man’s gun. Not only that— but after getting shot, he also undergoes the after-effects of a car crash and is left for dead while Royal saves Autumn following a new revelation. For the same reason, Billy’s fate seems all but sealed at the time.

However, Billy gains a lucky second chance at life, barely managing to pull through after the car crash. Still, due to the bullet in his throat and several other injuries, doctors have to perform surgery on him to save him from the brink of death. Thus, even though Billy manages to pull through, he remains bedridden and non-vocal. Consequently, his father, Wayne— who has always favored him over his older brother, Luke— assigns the other man to look over Billy while he’s sick.

The same, paired with the recent discovery that Billy was the sole inheritor of Wayne’s will, makes Luke act out— with feelings of resentment festering in the man for his younger brother. Additionally, interaction with the time dust also leads Luke to develop an infatuation with Autumn, adding to the brothers’ rivalry. Therefore, throughout the season, Billy remains incapacitated for the majority of his storyline. Inversely, Luke fulfills the narrative space his brother leaves behind, becoming a common fixture by Autumn’s side to help her carry out her unknown plan.

Predictably, lingering tension persists between the two brothers. Eventually, Billy reaches out to his hidden stash of time dust from the Void, which has a refreshing effect on him. After hallucinations of technicolor flying, the dust also seems to cure Billy of his bedridden state, allowing him to move his body again. However, simultaneously, Luke also steals the time dust, which leads to new visions of the future, affirming his interest in Autumn. Consequently, the same leads to a confrontation between Billy and Luke. The former believes Luke isn’t good enough for Autumn and would lead her to her ruin— a certainty that Billy must save her from.

In contrast, Luke remains firm in his belief that he’s supposed to be by Autumn’s side since the woman confirmed she only saw him in her vision of the future rather than Billy. As the situation escalates, Billy’s attacks become personal— going from drawing comparisons between Luke and Trevor to physically assaulting the man. Yet, Luke goes a step too far in his retaliation and ends up stabbing Billy through the chest with a sharp fireplace stoker.

As a result, Billy dies in the same room that had been his place of steady recovery for the entirety of season 2. Although Luke is shaken up over murdering his brother, he leaves the house at once to return to Autumn’s side and help her carry out her mission. For her part, Autumn catches onto Luke’s tormented disposition and quickly learns about Billy’s death. However, the woman’s response throws the audience in for a loop as she states that even death isn’t really final in their world.

Considering the time-traveling pit in the Abbot family Ranch, Autumn’s words don’t seem to be an empty promise. Furthermore, in season 2, Perry intercepts Trevor’s murder, creating an alternate timeline— essentially bringing the character back from the dead in a sense. Since Wayne ends the season by frantically jumping into the same pit, it’s plausible that he may save Billy from his fate in the past. For the same reason, there is always a possibility that Billy— or some version of him could return in potential future seasons. Nonetheless, as the second season ends, Billy seems to have met his brutal end, dying at the hands of his own older brother.

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