Outmatched Filming Location Details

Raising kids is not an easy task, especially when they are so much smarter than you. ‘Outmatched‘ is a Fox sitcom that treads in this territory. Mostly, parents expect their kids to obey instructions, but when you have smart kids on your hands, they are bound to question authority.

The situation is even worse here for the parents because three of the kids are certified geniuses. As is the case with geniuses, they often view the world in a different way and have a slightly different understanding of concepts like morality, as well as the necessity of certain social customs. One only has to see ‘Young Sheldon‘ to understand what is being talked about.

In ‘Outmatched’, we follow the story of a blue-collar couple who try to get by, while raising four kids, three of whom are geniuses. Naturally, their interactions drive the story forward and provide moments of humor. The couple lives in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Naturally, location is important in such shows, because it has an impact on the narrative that is playing out. Thus, you might be wondering about where was ‘Outmatched’ filmed. We have got you covered in that regard.

Outmatched Filming Locations:

Although the story of ‘Outmatched’ is set in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the show itself is filmed in Los Angeles. This is not an uncommon thing for sitcoms to do. Since a lot of the action and story play out indoors, sitcoms tend to use studio sets and stages, to film large chunks.

Take for example, ‘Friends‘. While the series itself is based in New York, it is almost entirely filmed in the Warner Bros. Ranch in California. Similarly, ‘Outmatched’ is filmed in a studio too. Now, without further delay, let us walk you through the specifics of the shooting locations of ‘Outmatched’.

Los Angeles, California

‘Outmatched’ is filmed in Los Angeles, joining a long list of shows that are filmed in the city of angels. LA provides an excellent option since there is always a network of talented people looking to work as the crew or extras on the show. Moreover, it does not strain the budget too much, since the shows are often produced there as well.

You can check out the post below, announcing the filming of ‘Outmatched’ in Los Angeles.

FOX Studios:

Apart from filming in and around Los Angeles, a lot of filming for ‘Outmatched’ takes place at Fox Studios. It is located at 10201 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064. The studios are mostly used for tv taping as well. The taping takes place in front of a live audience and is considered almost like a rite of passage in the world’s entertainment capital, by many LA residents, and tourists alike. This basically means that you can be present as part of the audience, in the studio, while the show is being taped, before it airs.


The basic reason behind taping in front of live audiences is to capture their reactions, and laughter, as a background for the sitcom. A lot of sitcoms are deliberately taped in front of live audiences, including ‘Friends’, which notoriously hid the news of Janice’s reappearance on the show as well, on multiple instances, just to elicit a more authentic response of surprise.

While ‘Outmatched’ might not go to such measures, the series is definitely relying on the audience reactions within the studio to portray the feeling of a proper sitcom.

‘Outmatched’ uses a combination of locations in Los Angeles, apart from relying on Fox Studios, to capture the essence of the show. The smart location choices do not just help the series remain within its production budget, but it also accentuates the action that is playing out, making ‘Outmatched’ a thoroughly enjoyable watch.