Pablyne Noleto and Adriana Wilians: Is the Written in the Stars Couple Still Together?

Hosted by Ingrid Guimarães, Amazon Prime’s ‘Written in the Stars,’ AKA ‘Match nas Estrelas,’ features one person of a specific zodiac sign in each episode as they go on dates with suitors chosen for them based on astrology. For the Scorpio Pablyne Noleto, the choice was certainly not an easy one, but her instant connection with Adriana “Drica” Wilians in the Brazilian reality series did reach a happy ending that many could not help but cheer for. Naturally, the world is now curious about whether or not the two have continued to date.

Pablyne Noleto and Adriana Wilians’ Written in the Stars Journey

Checking off all the boxes that make her a true Scorpio, Pablyne Noleto was quite eager to go on her astrological chosen dates, initially stating that she had a weak spot for Leos. However, her meeting with Taurus Adriana “Drica” Wilians had a chemistry that no one can deny. From the very moment that the two met, they were able to easily talk with each other and established an easy rapport. As Drica shared how she was a fan of change, Pablyne could not help but comment that Drica would certainly like the fact the Scorpio was constantly changing.

Sitting down to have an intimate sushi date, Pablyne and Drica continued their conversations and kissed shortly afterward. Breaking apart, both confessed to heavily enjoying the experience and continued to get to know each other. They also seemed more than happy to share more kisses while easily complimenting each other and not shying away from expressing their thoughts. This easily formed connection was an experience that Pablyne kept in mind as she had to stand before Ingrid Guimarães to make a tough decision.

Before she got to know more about her astrology compatibility with her suitors, Pablyne chose to eliminate Stephanny Silva Nunes, claiming that though she was a Leo, she was also the person that the Scorpio felt least of a connection with. After her chat with astrologist Papisa, Ariel Saori was also removed, which saddened Pablyne as the date between them was certainly one she enjoyed. Then, the dating show star was told that her compatibility with Lauriane Santos was 83%, while she and Drica matched at a whopping 94%. Commenting that she knew that Drica was the one for her from the moment she saw her walking towards her for the first time, Pablyne chose Drica, something that both the stars and her heart desired.

Pablyne Noleto and Adriana Wilians Have Yet to Share an Update

As of writing, Pablyne Noleto and Adriana “Drica” Wilians have yet to share any updates regarding their love lives. The two do not appear on each other’s Instagram feed, which certainly does not seem promising. That said, the fact that both reality TV stars continue to follow their fellow cast member on social media indicates the possibility that, if nothing else, they at least have an amicable bond even now.

Both Pablyne and Drica live in São Paulo, Brazil, and have been more than happy to promote the Amazon Prime show on the internet. As such, we believe that they do have fond memories of their time on the show, and, if nothing else, their time together was one they continue to cherish. Presently, neither party has given an indication about whether or not they are dating each other or anyone else. Nevertheless, we wish them both the best in life and hope that they continue to gain happiness in the future.

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