Paradies 4 in the Works at BET+

BET+ is finally initated the development for ‘Paradies 4.’ The filming is slated to commence in Luqillo in May. Damien Douglas and Eric Falvey are behind the script of this project, and Dale Stelly is set to direct. The cast announced so far includes Jhone Y. Lucas and Gui DaSilva-Greene.

In ‘Paradies 3,’ we saw the persistent demonic threat haunting the island of Belize, where a new group of young adults arrives to work at a resort, only to confront the same malevolent forces. With the demons’ ancient adversaries joining the fray, led by a sinister leader, the battle against evil intensifies on the island.

Peaches and Mike find themselves in Puerto Rico for the fourth installment of the chilling horror franchise, only to discover that the sinister force they thought they left behind in Belize has tracked them down.

Dale Stelly recently helmed the comedy film ‘Bomb Pizza,’ featuring Snoop Dogg, where a gigolo pizza delivery service takes an unexpected turn after Piece receives a special pizza recipe from Snoop Dogg himself. Additionally, he co-directed ‘First Day Out,’ which follows the story of 2 Sweet being pursued by his former partner Twan after his release from a ten-year prison sentence for an armored truck robbery. Stelly’s directorial credits extend to television, including episodes of ‘The Real Side Chicks of Charlotte’ and works like ‘Hub City’ and ‘Double Cross.’

Damien Douglas and Eric Falvey have recently collaborated on the screenplay for ‘Lunar Lockdown’ and have previously worked together on scripts for the ‘Paradies’ franchise. Additionally, they teamed up for the thriller ‘Deadly Desire,’ where Sophia’s dream wedding takes a dark turn as her friends begin to die during her bachelorette party. Suspicions fall on her obsessed best friend, Melody, whose love turns deadly.

Jhoné Lucas’s recent roles include portraying Callie in ‘RSVP,’ where an aspiring author must use her wit and martial arts prowess to survive a treacherous dinner party. In ‘Lunar Lockdown,’ she played the character Dae Dae. Additionally, she has appeared in recent productions such as ‘Heart for the Holidays’ and ‘Stay Out.’

Gui DaSilva-Greene’s recent work includes roles in various projects. He appeared as a Bar Patron in the short film ‘Clones’ and portrayed Officer John Locke in the action-crime movie ‘Overrun.’ Additionally, he has been credited in productions such as ‘Snake Eyes,’ ‘The Paper Tigers,’ and ‘Outcast.’

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