Paul Beban From Beyond Skinwalker Ranch: All We Know About Him

Image Credits: Paul Beban/ Instagram

Exploring the activities and similar phenomena at analogous sites across the country, ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ follows a group of experts analyzing and decoding unidentified occurrences. A spinoff of ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,’ the History Channel reality television show features experts expanding their perspective and collecting larger data.

The group uses Skinwalker Ranch in Uintah County, Utah, as ground zero for unidentified aerial phenomena and other anomalous activities. Paul Beban is one of the experts delving into the mysteries of the site. So, if you are also curious to find out more about the star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Early Life: Paul Beban’s Diverse Upbringing

Primarily based in New York, Paul’s work hasn’t limited him to the Big Apple. Brought up in teeming familial bliss, Paul’s multi-faceted interests took him to a number of places. After having graduated from Yale University with a BA in American Studies in 1993, he also studied at Columbia University and received a degree from the Graduate School of Journalism. Aside from his short stay in Denver, Colorado, Paul’s work has taken him across the globe.

Paul Beban’s Profession

Having received his degree and a chance to explore his horizons, Paul started working as an Editorial and Publishing Assistant at Brightleaf Magazine in 1997. Following his stint here, Paul worked as a freelance writer, editor and researcher at renowned media houses like CNN, The New York Times and Time Inc. While the experience he accrued in his years of research and writing helped him hone his talents, his unending interest in journalism and reporting further bolstered his portfolio.

In the year 2000, Paul started working as a Writer and Producer for ABC News. The experience Paul had amassed in his time as a freelancer for heralded news organizations helped him cement his place in writing and production. Till 2007, Paul continued his term with ABC. Next, Paul moved to PBS as a Freelance Correspondent. He gained more acclaim for his compelling storytelling and investigative journalism for PBS’ Now magazine.

Even still, his capacity to immerse himself in stories of human interest propelled him to explore other opportunities. In 2011, Paul joined Al Jazeera Media Network as a Freelance Correspondent and was stationed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He returned to New York in 2013 and worked for the media house until 2016.

From there on, he explored other aspects of media and worked for Yahoo as a News Anchor and later became a Host for Discovery Channel’s ‘Contact.’ As an investigative journalist, Paul has also dived into the greater mysteries of beyond. Paul hosted ‘Paranormal Declassified’ for Travel Channel International. He also appeared as an anchor on an episode of ‘Deception.’ He has also briefly appeared on CBS News as well as CBSN. In 2022, Paul joined He has since been hosting, writing and producing a number of eye-opening episodes on environmental tragedies for the podcast company.

Over the years, Paul Beban’s work as a correspondent, writer, producer and journalist has won him multiple accolades. He’s been awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Feature in a News Magazine, an Emmy for Outstanding Analysis of a Business or Financial Story, Long Form. He has also earned laurels for his reporting on 9/11.

Paul Beban’s Life with Wife and Children

Paul Beban is married and has a son and a daughter named Julian and Lucia, respectively. The family also raises a rescue dog named Katara. While Paul’s work keeps him in front of the lens, his wife largely prefers her privacy. However, that does not mean Paul shies away from showing off his family. While Paul’s wife prefers to keep her life under wraps, the entertainment star likes to share the happy moments of their life on social media.

In addition to an acclaimed career, he also enjoys travelling, riding his motorcycle and photography. An explorer at heart, Paul regularly takes to the environment to find new experiences. In his quest to discover the extent of nature, Paul has survived two avalanches. Nevertheless, he continues to push boundaries in all aspects of his life. As such, we continue to wish that Paul Beban achieves all professional and personal goals.

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