P’Jae Compton From Sweet Life: Los Angeles: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Jessica Perez/HBO Max

As the name suggests, HBO Max’s ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles‘ is an exciting reality TV series set in the City of Angels that offers us an authentic sneak peek into the lives of a group of black twenty-something friends. While the cast members are all Los Angeles natives, we get to witness them navigate a challenging life and deal with common young adult issues that stem from broken friendships, failed love affairs, and even a bit of jealousy. On the other hand, the show even brings in an angle of race as each cast member is determined to achieve black excellence.

Nevertheless, with a handsome helping of steamy romance and high-octane drama, ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ makes for some thrilling television. When initially introduced on the show, P’Jae Compton came across as one of the group’s most popular members. However, with time, every single issue seemed to be centered around him, making fans curious about his life. Well, here is everything we know about P’Jae.

P’Jae Compton’s Age and Background

Born on December 23, 1993, P’Jae Compton belongs to a close-knit family in Los Angeles. Interestingly, he is the youngest of all his siblings, and growing up in a loving environment helped him develop a solid bond with his parents, which he cherishes even now. Moreover, the reality star acknowledges his parents for the success he has achieved to date and often features them on social media. Besides, he also loves expressing his gratitude for his loved ones, and his parents have even appeared in ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles.’ Albeit, they try their best to keep their identities hidden from the public sphere.

Fans would be surprised to know that P’Jae Compton was an enthusiastic and gifted basketball player in his school days. The reality star graduated from Middle College High School, where he played for the varsity team and even a semi-professional team called The Dreadfort. However, P’Jae left his basketball days behind once he entered California State University-Dominguez Hills and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Management. Since then, he has been making waves in his professional life and has explored several roles over the years.

P’Jae Compton’s Profession

After beginning his professional career as a marketing intern, P’Jae soon moved on to work at Metropolitan Los Angeles’ YMCA, where he was made a program coordinator. Around this time, he graduated from university and got employed as a brand marketing and strategy coordinator at Hyland Corp.

Since then, P’Jae began making a name for himself in marketing, customer satisfaction, and web development while holding the prestigious position of program director at a YMCA organization. Nevertheless, willing to explore new opportunities, P’Jae cleared his schedule in 2020 and currently owns a clothing store called His & Hers, as well as the record label, Lost Sound.

Is P’Jae Compton Dating Anyone?

Unfortunately, P’Jae has always been quite secretive about his dating life and refuses to divulge any information in public. Although, in ‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles,’ he revealed that he was single and even seemed quite interested in his castmate, Rebecca Magett. Surprisingly, while Becky’s interest in him was pretty apparent, she seemed reluctant to build a connection with him as she was previously in a talking phase with Jordan Bentley.

This love triangle proved to be a significant reason for conflict in season 1 and even threatened to blow the group up. Although the issue has been somewhat under control since then, recent reports and P’Jae social media posts make the absence of a romantic partner in his life quite clear. Thus, we can safely assume that he is single and wholly focused on furthering his businesses.

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