Platonic Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

The Apple TV+ series ‘Platonic’ marks the reunion between co-creator Nicholas Stoller and his ‘Neighbors’ film series stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne. As the title of the series suggests, the relationship between Rogen and Byrne’s characters, Will and Sylvia, respectively, is purely platonic, despite what other characters presume. In episode 8, titled ‘San Diego,’ having lost her own job on the second day, Sylvia convinces Will to let her accompany him and his partners to San Francisco for a meeting with the legendary Johnny Rev (Ted McGinley), the owner of Johnny 66 restaurant chain. Meanwhile, Charlie’s (Luke Macfarlane) paranoia about Will and Sylvia grows as he discovers a secret his wife has been hiding. Here is what you might want to know about the ending of ‘Platonic’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Platonic Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins where the previous one ended. Still shell-shocked from her firing, Sylvia returns home to a hero’s welcome from her family. She is yet to tell them what happened, so they think she has returned after her second day at work. Just as she is about to tell Charlie about her firing, her son declares that he has a surprise for her. It turns out that he has prepared a slideshow for his school depicting her as his hero. The slideshow begins with photos of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the American female soccer team, and other prominent female icons and goes on to declare that women are equal to men. All the while, Baha Men’s rendition of “Who Let the Dogs Out” plays in the background. After this, Sylvia doesn’t have the heart to tell her family the truth. The following morning, she gets up, puts on her work clothes, grabs the coffee Charlie prepared for her, and leaves as if she still has the job. Sylvia drives around aimlessly for a bit before heading to Lucky Penny.

It doesn’t take long for Will to figure out Why Sylvia is there. After all, he was there when much of the fiasco involving Friedkin’s painting happened. Will advises Sylvia to tell Charlie the truth as soon as possible and welcomes her to spend the day at the brewery. But she also shows up there the following day with coffee that Charlie made for her and the day after. After several such days, Will convinces Sylvia to tell Charlie the truth, which she does.

However, Charlie’s response to seeing both sides of the issue leaves Sylvia irritated. When she vents about this to Katie (Carla Gallo), the latter reveals her plan of accompanying Andy and the others for a meeting with Johnny Rev. Sylvia is a big fan of Johnny and convinces Will, who was initially not even going to the meeting, to not only go but also let her accompany him.

Meanwhile, Charlie discovers the photos Sylvia took at Lucky Penny during the days between her firing and telling him the truth. He realizes that Sylvia told Will about it several days before him. It brings his insecurities about Sylvia and Will’s friendship back to the surface. In a comical sequence, he calls for the help of the other people at the law firm. They already refer to Will as Charlie’s wife’s boyfriend, so they have some idea of what is going on. After much research, they help Charlie realize that the lizard they now have at their home originally belonged to Will, and its name was Gandalf. Toward the end of the episode, Sylvia returns home from San Francisco to find Charlie sitting with the lizard.

Platonic Episode 8 Ending: Does Lucky Penny’s Deal with Johnny 66 Go Through?

Initially, during their trip, Reggie (Andrew Lopez) and Andy are not sold on the idea of Will being present at the meeting with Johnny Rev. They know how opinionated he can be and fear those opinions will undo the deal.

Meanwhile, Sylvia is as giddy as she can be about the prospect of meeting Johnny Rev. The group arrives at the Johnny 66 headquarters and is ushered in by a man from middle management. Will spots the massive brewery that is under construction and is genuinely impressed. They meet the brewer tasked with replicating Will’s creation for Johnny 66 and taste tests what she has made. This is when Johnny Rev shows up. Even though Will adds to the chorus made by the others that the beer is great, the brewer realizes that Will has some reservations. Johnny Rev prods him to articulate them, and after Will does so, Johnny Rev claims that he always appreciates honesty and invites the group for supper.

Things seem to be going well for Will, and the brewer even suggests the prospect of Johnny 66 poaching him away from Lucky Penny. However, during their visit to Johnny Rev’s home, the man tries to forcefully kiss Sylvia. She moves away and reminds him that she told him that she is married. He apparently thought as she was there with another man, that didn’t matter. When the others in her group show up and learn what happened, Will confronts Johnny Rev. This is when Katie discovers the wedding ring Andy has gotten for her, prompting the latter to propose.

While Sylvia deals with her shock, she agrees with Reggie’s plan to stay and reassess. But during dinner, Johnny Rev, a narcissist who likely hasn’t been refused anything in recent years, lashes out at Will and Sylvia, leading to a fight between him and Will. The group is subsequently thrown out of the house. Afterward, Will correctly states that this wasn’t his fault, but it’s safe to presume that the deal between Lucky Penny and Johnny 66 has been canceled.

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