Platonic Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

The Apple TV+ series ‘Platonic’ tells the story of two friends, Will (Seth Rogen) and Sylvia (Rose Byrne). Their friendship fell apart after Will got married. When Sylvia discovers Will is now divorced, she reaches out, and the two reconnect. As they are at a completely different stage of their lives now, the more time they spend with each other, the more it impacts their relationships with other people. In episode 9, titled ‘Slumber Party,’ Charlie (Luke Macfarlane) gets drunk at the office and gets involved in a compromising situation with Vanessa (Janet Varney). He immediately tells Sylvia what happened, making her understandably angry. Meanwhile, as friction between Will and his partners increase, they do something that completely blindsides him. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Platonic’ episode 9.

Platonic Episode 9 Recap

To a certain extent, the penultimate episode of ‘Platonic’ is about shifting roles. At the start of the episode, it’s Sylvia who is apologetic. Charlie is angry at her because she told Will that she got fired before she told him. He goes to the office, where he complains about his wife to his colleagues. This is understandable; he doesn’t seem to have friends outside his workspace. That evening, he decides to stay with his colleagues, work, eat takeout, and get drunk. It begins with Charlie, Vanessa, and Stuart (Guy Branum), but Stuart leaves after getting what sounds suspiciously like a booty call. This leaves Charlie and Vanessa alone together at the firm. They continue drinking, and when they finish all the booze they have, they raid a colleague’s stash. Soon enough, they start dancing, and that leads to touching and imitating intercourse. But the moment they see each other’s faces, they immediately snap out of it.

The scene shifts to Charlie and Sylvia’s home, and we see the former apologizing to the latter. Sylvia is justifiably agitated and treats her husband with significant coldness for the next few days. Meanwhile, at Lucky Penny, Will, Andy, and Reggie discuss Will’s potential involvement in Da Booch, their kombucha brand. Will refuses to negotiate beyond demanding a majority share in the company and even declares that he is going on a strike, despite being a partner at Lucky Penny.

When Will goes to Sylvia’s home to vent to her about what happened, she uses him to make Charlie more uncomfortable. Sylvia lets Will stay there for the night and allows all her children to invite their friends in for a slumber party. The following morning, Will speaks to Charlie about his current situation with his partners, and the other man suggests that he should talk to Reggie and Andy separately. As Will definitely likes this idea of divide and conquer, he decides to try that and goes out for lunch with Andy, during which he learns about the full extent of what is happening between Sylvia and Charlie. Although Sylvia didn’t tell Will anything, she spoke to Katie (Carla Gallo) about it, and the latter spoke to Andy.

Platonic Episode 9 Ending: Why Do Reggie and Andy Try to Force Will out of Lucky Penny?

This episode posits the idea of Will leaving Lucky Penny for good in a conversation between him and Sylvia before making it a real possibility. The series establishes Will as a gifted brewer while underscoring the fact that he is hard man to work with. It seems that his demand to be the majority shareholder in Da Booch is the final straw for Andy and Reggie. They also hold him responsible for what happened with Johnny Rev, even though they know how reprehensible Johnny acted that day. When Will returns to Lucky Penny, his partners confront him with an unknown man present in the room. It soon becomes apparent that this man is a lawyer. He is there to ensure that Reggie and Andy can convince Will to leave Lucky Penny.

Predictably, Will refuses, setting up a feud between him and the other two in the season finale. Will appears to be quite shell-shocked by the incident. He claims that even though he expected this behavior from Reggie, he finds Andy’s involvement in it heartbreaking. As the episode ends, Will refuses to give an inch to his detractors, asserting that Lucky Penny is his bar.

Does Charlie Cheat on Sylvia?

As Will speculates, the whole thing falls in a gray area. Both Charlie and Vanessa were utterly drunk, so they weren’t entirely in control of their actions. When they realized what was happening, they stopped. However, at the same time, the encounter undoubtedly had a sexual connotation to it.

By the time Sylvia is ready to move on, things have started shifting again. She and Will go inside the garage to see if they can turn it into a workspace for her and discover that the structure is held up poorly. This is when a raccoon attacks Will, prompting him to slam against one of the pillars. As soon as Will and Sylvia get out, a part of the garage collapses. Afterward, Sylvia has little to protest when Charlie brings up the prospect of looking for a new house again.

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