Platonic Season 1 Finale Recap: Does Will Sell His Share of Lucky Penny?

In the Apple TV+ comedy-drama series ‘Platonic,’ filmmaker and series co-creator Nicholas Stoller (along with his wife Francesca Delbanco) collaborates with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, who previously worked with him in the ‘Neighbors’ films. But unlike those two projects, in which Rogen and Byrne portray spouses, the relationship between their characters is platonic, reflecting the title of the project. This is despite the fact that people in their lives seem to think otherwise. In the ‘platonic’ season 1 finale, ‘When Will Met Sylvia,’ Will (Rogen) and Sylvia’s (Byrne) relationship implodes following an argument, but that doesn’t stop the latter from helping Will with the issues in his professional life. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘platonic’ episode 10. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Platonic Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Despite the title, the episode doesn’t necessarily depict when Will first met Sylvia. Instead, it acknowledges the destructive force they have been in each other’s life while embracing the fact that there have been good moments as well. Ultimately, they have been there for each other in a chaotic period of their lives, and that’s what friends do.

The episode begins with Charlie and Sylvia arriving to see yet another house. It looks gorgeous from the outside, but they don’t want to get their hopes up because of past experiences. It is perfect on the inside as well; Charlie is particularly ecstatic about the fact that the place has three bathrooms. Their current home only has one, and it has been a struggle for their family of five. That seems to seal the deal for them. Even after they learn that there was a triple homicide on site the previous year, they buy the house.

Meanwhile, Will discovers that he has been demoted from his position as brewmaster at Lucky Penny, and Omar (Vinny Thomas) is given the job, making him realize that this is a ploy by his partner to oust him from the business. Stubborn as always, Will refuses to leave and starts working under Omar.

Sylvia is unsure whether to invite Will to the housewarming party and even acknowledges to Katie (Carla Gallo) that she and Will tend to get carried away whenever they are together. Despite this, she and Charlie invite Will, and he even shows up with what seems like a bottle of wine. When they are alone, Sylvia apologizes for dragging Will into her marital problems, but he brushes it off, though when Sylvia tells him that she and Charlie got the house, he cheekily remarks, “You buy a thing, all your problems go away.”

The party rolls into the evening, and Will and Sylvia behave civilly. He even approaches Andy (Tre Hale) to “break the ice.” After the party loses the electricity because of some children’s mischief, Will convinces Sylvia to go to the rooftop with him to fix it. There, they see something. The viewers are never shown what it is, but Sylvia and Wfirmlytely believe it’s a UFO. When they go down into the house and tell the others about it, they predictably don’t believe them. This increasingly makes Will angry, and Sylvia starts to back out from her own version. Will seems to let out the frustration that culminated inside him throughout the season and shouts at everybody.

Sylvia takes her friend aside, and they have yet another of their fights, but this time, they don’t hold back, telling each other what they really think. These kinds of fights end friendships, and it would have been an end for Sylvia and Will as well, but the former decides to extend an olive branch.

Platonic Episode 10 Ending: Does Will Sell His Share of Lucky Penny?

Yes, Will eventually agrees to sell his share of the Lucky Penny brewery. During the party, he reveals to Sylvia that Johnny Rev approached him with the job offer to run the brewery at the Johnny 66 headquarters. The job was initially offered to him when he and the others visited San Diego, but then Johnny Rev acted inappropriately with Sylwhich which led to an altercation between him and Will. These types of things have apparently become so common that Johnny Rev has gained the ability to move aside his massive ego and offer Will a job, though the latter decides to decline.

However, Sylvia later learns she isn’t the first and only victim of Johnny Rev’s reprehensible behavior. He has been forced out of the company, with Jenna (Rachel Rosenbloom), the brewery executive they met during their visit, replacing him as the CEO. Sylvia helps Will finally admit that he has been miserable at Lucky Penny. When they get to San Diego, Will discovers that Sylvia lied to him about the job. Despite what she told him, she never spoke to Jenna personally. Just when Will thinks they have come to San Diego for nothing and prepares to leave, Jenna calls him back and gives him her previous job.

Before leaving for San Diego, Will informs Andy and Reggie that he will sell his share of Lucky Penny, which proves beneficial for everyone involved. Will becomes an executive at a massive corporation. Although he later admits he isn’t entirely fond of corporate life, he has enough freedom to be creative with his work. Andy and Reggie get to turn their business into a money-making enterprise, away from Will’s meddling ways. Omar becomes a brewer and develops the types of beer the customers of Lucky Penny prefer.

Does Sylvia Go Back to Work?

The season began with Sylvia expressing her desire to go back to work. As she was a lawyer before she decided to stay home and raise her children, Charlie got her a job at a law firm. However, she got fired from there only after two days. In this episode, Andy and Katie ask her to plan their wedding, which seems to spark something within her.

After Will gets the job at Johnny 66, he moves to San Diego. The episode skips a year, and we see Sylvia running what appears to be a thriving event-planning business. She and Charlie live in the home they purchased a year ago with their children. The series began with Sylvia helping her husband and children get ready to leave for work and school, respectively. In this episode, she heads out for her work, underscoring the change her life has gone through in the past year.

As chaotic as their relationship had been, Will and his nearly obnoxious tendency to tell people the truth they don’t want to hear about themselves actually helped Sylvia realize that she was trying to find joy by hanging out with him because she had grown bored with her own life. Toward the end of the finale, she and Will see each other again at Andy and Katie’s wedding, and Sylvia admits to him that she also thought it was a UFO they saw that night.

Who Does Will End up with?

Will’s relationship with his former wife, Audrey, fell apart because of his infidelity, though every time that topic comes up, he consistently reminds everyone that he had sex with someone random as if that matters. He ends his relationship with his much younger girlfriend, Peyton, after he has an epiphany while watching her dance with her friends to a song from their middle school days — “Starships” by Nicki Minaj.

Sylvia was never a potential romantic partner for Will, and credit to the creators, they don’t even entertain the idea beyond the speculations of other characters. In the season finale, Will shows up at Andy and Katie’s wedding with Jenna and later reveals to Sylvia and Charlie that they are engaged. When Sylvia and Will agree that they miss each other, he states that she can plan his wedding, an offer she happily accepts.

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