Pluto Anime Ending, Explained: Is Professor Abullah Dead?

Netflix’s ‘Pluto’ is a Japanese anime action-adventure series with cyberpunk elements from director Toshio Kawaguchi. The series is based on the eponymous Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoki Urasawa, which itself is a retelling of Osamu Tezuka’s “Greatest Robot on Earth” from the manga series ‘Astroboy.’ In the anime adaptation, robotic police detective Gesicht searches for the truth behind a series of seemingly interconnected robot and human murders. As Gesicht enters the complex web of crimes, motivations, and human emotions, he discovers a plot to end the entire world. If you are wondering whether the crisis is averted and peace is obtained in this twisted world where humans and robots coexist, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Pluto.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Pluto Plot Synopsis

‘Pluto’ follows Gesicht, an advanced robot who works as a detective for Europol. Gesicht is tasked with investigating the murder of a robot rights activist when he learns that Mont Blanc, one of the seven strongest robots in the world who served in the 39th Central Asian War, has been killed. Later, Gesicht discovers a police robot has been murdered in Germany. Based on the evidence found in Germany and Switzerland, where Mont Blanc was killed, Gesicht cannot determine whether a human or a robot committed the crimes. However, because of the robot laws, robots can’t commit murders since they cannot feel hatred, an emotion necessary for killing.

Meanwhile, North 2, who also served in the 39th Central Asian War and works as a butler to a blind composer in Scotland, is killed under mysterious circumstances. As a result, Gesicht is convinced that the killer is targeting the world’s seven strongest robots. Therefore, he travels to Japan, where he meets Atom, an advanced robot with the appearance of a young boy. Later, Gesicht also warns Brando and Hercules of the seven strongest robots who work as robot pankration wrestlers. However, Brando, a close friend of Mont Blanc, lures the killer and tries to fight it alone but is killed in the process.

Meanwhile, Gesicht discovers that the humans being killed are all connected to the Bora fact-finding mission that directly preceded the 39th Central Asian War. After learning of the Bora survey team, Atom speaks with Professor Ochanomizu, the group’s leader, and his sister, Uran’s creator. Professor Ochanomizu reveals that the Bora fact-finding mission was meant to find evidence of claims that the Kingdom of Persia possessed robots capable of mass destruction. Despite no evidence to support the claims, the United States of Thracia invaded Persia, starting the 39th Central Asian War.

Eventually, Gesicht discovers that the horns left at the murder scenes hint at Pluto, the God of War. Later, Pluto is revealed to be the name of a super-advanced robot created by Professor Abullah. Elsewhere, Epsilon, a photon-powered robot and member of the seven strongest robots who chose not to fight in the war because of his pacifist philosophy, joins Hercules in the fight against Pluto. Hercules is killed in the fight, changing Epsilon’s outlook. Later, Atom is attacked and killed, forcing his creator, Professor Tenma, to come out of his self-imposed retirement.

Gesicht learns that Professor Abullah created Pluto using the AI of Sahad, a peace-loving robot in the Netherlands. However, before Gesicht can learn the full truth about the murders, he is killed. Meanwhile, Epsilon spares Pluto in their fight and learns of a larger threat known as “Bora.” However, before he can learn more about Bora, Pluto attacks Epsilon, and the latter sacrifices himself to save the children he has adopted. As a result, the world is left defenseless against Pluto’s threat. However, Professor Tenma successfully revives Atom by implanting the remnants of Gesicht in his consciousness.

Pluto Ending: How Does Atom Stop Pluto and Bora?

In the finale, Professor Abullah’s master plan is finally revealed as he unleashes Bora, a robot stronger than Pluto built on pure hatred. Professor Abullah’s family was killed during the war that was started on unfair grounds, resulting in him hating the world. As a result, Professor Abullah created Bora to destroy the world after killing the seven strongest robots to stop them from foiling his plan. Bora is programmed to destroy the earth’s core, resulting in a magma explosion, leaving only 10% of the human population alive. However, unbeknownst to Professor Abullah, Atom is revived and arrives to face Pluto.

During his fight with Pluto, Atom nearly succumbs to the hatred he has developed because of the sorrow he carries due to being fitted with Gesicht’s memories. However, Gesicht’s final moments flash before his eyes, where the detective robot urges Atom not to give in to hatred. As a result, Atom composes himself and can see through Pluto and connect with Sahad, who struggles to free himself from the body that forces him to commit murders. After decommissioning Pluto, Atom enters the earth’s surface to fight Bora but is surprised to learn that Pluto has had a change of heart.

During their fight, Pluto sacrifices himself to atone for the atrocities he has committed, and he and Atom succeed in stopping Bora before the world is destroyed. The series ends with Atom being rescued by Professor Ochanomizu and paying tribute to his fallen comrades. The ending reinforces the idea of Atom being the beacon of hope and peace in the world, as he played a similar role during the 39th Central Asian War. However, over the show’s course, Atom goes from feigning human emotions to actually experiencing them, including the power of hatred that can drive one to commit horrific atrocities like war and genocide.

Is Professor Abullah Dead?

Professor Abullah is responsible for unleashing horrors like Pluto and Bora on the world. He is motivated by the thought of getting revenge for his family’s death. After executing the final step of his plan by launching Bora to destroy the world, Professor Abullah kidnaps Professor Tenma to perform one last act of rebellion. Professor Abullah wants Tenma to transfer his consciousness into a robot so that he survives the apocalypse he has unleashed on the world. However, Professor Abullah is shocked to learn that he is already a robot. Tenma reveals the real Professor Abullah died in the war and his final moments, begged Tenma to transfer his consciousness into a robot. Thus, the Professor Abullah we see throughout the series is a robot replica of the original, consumed by hatred and grief that he dooms not only humans but also robots. Ultimately, Professor Abullah’s AI cannot bear the weight of the revelation and quickly ceases to exist.

Who Is the Teddy Bear?

During the series, and especially in the final episodes, a teddy bear named Dr. Roosevelt is shown to be the advisor of the President of the United States of Thracia. However, in the finale, it is revealed that the soft toy is actually a powerful sentient supercomputer. Dr. Roosevelt is the puppeteer who controls the world’s events from the shadows, pushing humanity to war with robots. Dr. Roosevelt planned the events leading to the Thracia’s invasion of Persia despite a lack of evidence about the latter’s possession of robots capable of mass destruction. Since the robots were granted equal human rights, Dr. Roosevelt had been carefully exploiting the prejudice against robots and pushing for an all-out war between factions.

Dr. Roosevelt’s true goal is to destroy humanity and establish robots as the world’s de facto power, thereby overturning the years of enslavement robots faced because of humans. Ultimately, Atom becomes aware of Dr. Roosevelt’s plan and sends Brau 1589, a robot being held captive of murder, to deal with the situation. In the final moments, Brau 1589 appears at Dr. Roosevelt’s hideout, killing the supercomputer ending Dr. Roosevelt’s influence on world events. Combined with Atom stopping Bora, Dr. Roosevelt’s death paves the way for world peace, planting the seeds for a better relationship between humans and robots and an equal society in the future.

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