Poppy Delevingne’s The Gun on Second Street to be Shot in Pittsburg, Wheeling, and Los Angeles

The shooting of Poppy Delevingne-starrer ‘The Gun on Second Street’ is set to commence production in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wheeling, West Virginia, and Los Angeles, California, later this year. The film serves as an allegory for the gun crisis in the United States, centering on two Pittsburgh police partners and close friends. Responding to a routine domestic violence call on Second Street, the situation escalates tragically, with Officer TJ Meadows III accidentally killing his partner, Officer Kevin Cooper, in a violent confrontation.

The narrative then follows the return of TJ, no longer a cop and still haunted by the past, to Pittsburgh, where he reconnects with Kacie, Kevin’s widow. Their growing connection unfolds as Kacie confronts her history and the need to share TJ’s complicated backstory with her 15-year-old son, Ralph. All of this is pointing for the movie to be a poignant exploration of love, redemption, and the far-reaching impact of gun violence.

Rohit Karn Batra is at the helm of the movie, which promises to be a compelling exploration of a deeply divisive and critical topic. He made his feature film debut as a director with the 2019 crime film ‘Line of Descent,’ starring Brendan Fraser. His credits also include the short films ‘Goggles’ and ‘Roundabout.’ Batra also penned the screenplay of the movie. He expressed his excitement about collaborating with Poppy on the film, noting and applauding her effortless sophistication and unique talent. He mentioned that they were in the process of planning a fresh and inventive approach to the film, highlighting that the actress’s portrayal of the complex character, Kacie Cooper, would come as a delightful surprise to the audience.

Delevingne recently completed the filming of Ben Cookson’s crime drama ‘The Chelsea Cowboy,’ which also stars Sadie Frost, Charlotte Hope, and Mark Stobbart. The actress was last seen in ‘Assailant’ as Zoe. Her recent credits include Daphne Eltham in ‘Riviera,’ Pam in ‘Spy Intervention,’ and Abigail in ‘Bittersweet Symphony.’ Noah Fearnley, who is known for his performances in ‘Mother’s Deadly Son’ and ‘Morgan’s Secret Admirer,’ also plays an integral character in the movie.

With Guy J. Louthan of Ransom Films on production duties along with Rikin Shah as one of the executive producers, the film is currently in the process of finalizing its cast. Apart from Pittsburgh and Wheeling, the movie is set to be shot in Los Angeles, which has long been a hub for burgeoning film productions and this year is no exception. Notable projects shot in the city include David Fincher‘s ‘The Killer‘ and the Bill Burr comedy ‘Old Dads.’

As ‘The Gun on Second Street’ inches closer to production, the excitement for this deeply moving exploration of gun violence and human connections continues to mount. With a skilled team and a captivating story in the works, keep an eye out for further updates on this film as it unfolds, poised to offer a thought-provoking and touching cinematic experience.

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