Prime Video’s Bastion 36 Starts Filming in Paris Next Month

Prime Video’s ‘Bastion 36′ is set to commence filming in Paris, France, next month. Directed by Olivier Marchal, the movie is a sequel to the 2004 action feature ’36 Quai des Orfèvres,’ also helmed by the former. The plot of the crime drama is currently under wraps.

The first movie delves into the gritty depths of the Parisian criminal underworld, where law enforcement faces a formidable gang unleashing a wave of violent robberies. As the impending departure of their chief creates a power vacuum, two ambitious cops named Leo Vrinks and Denis Klein vie for the coveted promotion. Their rivalry intensifies, pushing the boundaries of morality until the line between police and criminals becomes indistinguishable.

As the narrative progresses, Vrinks, entangled in a murder linked to a source, becomes a pawn in the dangerous game. Seizing the opportunity, Klein orchestrates Vrinks’ arrest and, going to extremes, ruthlessly involves the latter’s wife Camille. A tale of revenge unfolds, fueled by the escalating vendetta between the two officers. Marchal, a former French police officer with 12 years of service, drew inspiration from real events that unfolded in France during the 1980s for this loosely based narrative.

The sequel will be set at the headquarters of the Regional Directorate of the Judicial Police of the Paris Police Prefecture, now located at 36 Bastion in Paris 17th since July 2017. Previously, these services were housed at the well-known 36 Quai des Orfèvres in Paris 1er. The narrative promises to come a full circle, linking the past and present addresses. The cast of the movie is yet to be announced, but the original film features Daniel Auteuil as Vrinks, Gérard Depardieu as Klein, and Valeria Golino as Camille.

Marchal is directing the film after helming four episodes of Netflix’s crime drama series ‘Blood Coast,’ which revolves around a group of police officers’ efforts to protect Marseille from a dangerous criminal. He also directed Prime Video’s ‘Overdose,’ a crime thriller in which Sara, the head of the Toulouse police narcotics squad, collaborates with Richard, the head of local criminal police, to thwart a drug trafficking operation between Spain and France while unraveling a murder mystery.

Additionally, Marchal directed Netflix’s action movie ‘Rogue City,’ which delves into the complexities of police corruption and gang conflicts in Marseille, forcing a loyal cop to take matters into his own hands for the sake of his squad. The filmmaker earned three César Awards nominations for ’36 Quai des Orfèvres.’

Paris, the principal location of the movie, previously hosted the shooting of Netflix’s ‘Berlin‘ and ‘John Wick: Chapter 4.’

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