Priya and Bobby: Is the Indian Matchmaking Duo Still Together?

As a Netflix original production breaking every record of awkwardness, cringy-ness, and cuteness within the genre of reality dating, ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ season 3 is truly unlike any other. That’s because it lives up to its title and previous iterations in every way imaginable by exploring not just the realities of modern desi communities but also the process of arranged marriages. Amongst those to thus feature here to share their quest for love with us were Priya Ashra and Bobby Seagull — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Priya and Bobby’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

It was actually toward the end of season 2 when we first came across London-based divorcée Priya, only for this installment to really shine a light upon her as well as her personal experiences. As for Bobby, the well-educated author, math enthusiast, school teacher, television broadcaster, and public figure made his Netflix debut in season 3 itself, yet he was as intriguing as the former. In fact, the first thing this fellow London native amusedly quipped while introducing himself to the world through this series was, ‘If I were to describe myself, I would say, ‘Desperate. Please help!'”

The truth is Bobby did often try to find his own potential life partner, but the unwavering combination of his nerdiness with his vibrant optimism made most women leave him in the friend zone. That’s why he ultimately approached matchmaker Sima Taparia, just for her to soon deem his right fit would be Priya, whose primary criteria was for the guy not to be an “energy vampire.” “Whenever I go on dates, I always feel like I’m the person that brings the energy,” she candidly said at one point, “I always find I attract these guys that… sit there, and they take all your energy.”

Nevertheless, although Bobby tended not to give others much room to speak owing to his own undying excitement in every conversation, his first date with Priya surprisingly went quite well. Her parents as well as Sima were actually right there when they met, but they still started strong with the help of small talk and their common ground of being optimistic, family-oriented people. Even their time together at the ensuing salsa class he’d booked in order for them to break the ice without any issues was apparently a blast, yet she just didn’t get that deep, romantic spark.

Priya and Bobby Ended Things as Friends

“I had more fun than I thought I was going to have,” Priya openly admitted following their date. “He’s genuinely a really lovely, lovely guy. Like, he’s… he’s such a sweetheart. Um, but I’m not sure I necessarily felt those butterflies and the chemistry that maybe I felt in the past before. Yeah. Bobby is getting friend-zoned. Sorry.” In other words, Priya and Bobby came to an end before they could even really begin, and it doesn’t appear as if they have ever rekindled their association to go down the dating/relationship path. Instead, it seems like they’re both single at the moment.

As for their current whereabouts, while Priya is pursuing her passion for food by serving as the feeder and host for Tiku Tiku, Bobby is doing the same for math through his work as a public figure. He’s the author of two books, ‘The Monkman And Seagull Quiz Book’ (2017) as well as ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers’ (2019), plus he recently featured in BBC’s ‘Celebrity Hunted’ and BBC’s ‘Pilgrimage’ to gain further exposure. As if this isn’t enough, the ‘Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Adventures’ co-host also often serves as a panelist on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions?’ and as the resident “trapper” on Channel 4’s ‘The Answer Trap.’

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