Rushali and Tushar: Is the Indian Matchmaking Duo Still Together?

As a reality dating series delving deep into the age-old yet utterly complex process of desi arranged marriages, Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ truly lives up to its title in every way imaginable. After all, it primarily follows Mumbai’s renowned marriage broker Sima Taparia (aka Sima Aunty) as she strives to find near-perfect life partners for lovelorn singles from across the world. Amongst those to thus share their quest for love with us in season 3 were Rushali Rai and Tushar Tyagi — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about them, we’ve got the details for you.

Rushali and Tushar’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

Although it was in season 1 when we first came across Delhite Rushali while she served as a potential match for Mumbaikar Pradhyuman Maloo, season 3 is the one that explores her real self. In fact, this installment makes it perfectly evident she is so much more than a mere model or a beauty queen — she is a momma’s girl who values family as well as comfort over everything else. It hence came as no surprise she genuinely worried whether having a significant other would take her away from her roots, not just physically but also emotionally, leaving her torn for her future.

Therefore, one of the very first things on Rushali’s criteria list was for her suitor to be a “decent family man,” followed by his being kind, caring, creative, loving, respectful, understanding, and tall. That’s because she herself stands at a proud 5’7″ with a deep affection for her loved ones alongside a passion for poetry, making it clear her ideal man is someone similar to her in every sense. So, matchmaker Sima Taparia subsequently presented her the biodatas of two equally incredible potential partners; Noida filmmaker Tushar Tyagi and Mumbai-based actor-writer Vardhan Puri.

However, with Rushali’s beliefs and her past of being away from her parents in boarding school giving way to genuine fear, she chose to go out on a date with only Tushar since he lived closer. Their ensuing first date actually started off amazing despite some nerves from both sides, that is, until the topic of family closeness came up, and he asserted he liked there to be some space. This obviously led Rushali to kind of shut down, which soon resulted in their date coming to an end as she just couldn’t move on from the image of her connection with her parents dwindling.

Rushali and Tushar’s Relationship Ended Before it Even Began

The truth is Rushali called it quits with Tushar before they could even really begin owing to their core differences in ideals, and it doesn’t appear as if they have since rekindled anything intimate. Nevertheless, the fact they sometimes interact on their respective social media platforms via likes and comments despite there being no mutual follow does make it evident they’ve remained amicable. Moreover, it’s imperative to note while the former continues to reside in Delhi, the latter now splits his time between Los Angeles and Mumbai to spread his wings in the entertainment industry.

We should thus mention that even Rushali is still wholly dedicating herself to her public career, all the while working on the deepest parts of herself to heal from her traumas, worries, and scares. In fact, it appears as if the ‘India’s Next Top Model’ season 1 runner-up, Miss India Finalist, and Miss Delhi is currently focusing on expanding her career from a fashion model to an actress as well as an influencer. Yet the most significant aspect of her and Tushar’s personal lives, at least for fans, remains the fact they’re both still seemingly single at the moment.

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