Vikash and Anjali: Is the Indian Matchmaking Duo Still Dating?

While there’s no denying Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking‘ season 3 features a host of new and familiar faces alike, the presence of California-based Vikash Mishra is arguably the most intriguing. After all, this charismatic as well as extroverted ER doctor has a criteria list specific enough to match season 1’s Aparna Shewakramani’s, plus he’s quite closed off to let go of these preferences. So now, if you’re simply curious to learn more about his match with fellow Californian Anjali Naskar — having a specific focus on their current standing — we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Vikash and Anjali’s Indian Matchmaking Journey

If we’re being honest, it was utterly evident that Vikash is a loud and proud Indian-American for whom his roots, heritage, and culture are everything the moment he first came across our screens. Thus, of course, he placed a lot of importance on his potential partner not only hailing from a similar background but also knowing Hindi, being open to Bollywood, and recognizing family values. In fact, the nearly 40-year-old’s criteria list explicitly included all this, along with the aspect he wished for her to be at least as energetic, kind, optimistic, outspoken, and ready to have kids as him.

Sima Taparia hence presented Vikash with three great biodatas shortly after, that of Sonia Patel, Vinita Patel, and Anjali Naskar, just for him to prove he is rather picky when it comes to dating. He’d already admitted he’s been single for so long owing to the combination of his “work [schedule], waiting for the right person, maybe being too picky,” yet his reaction to the women cemented it. Nevertheless, he ultimately chose to give Financial Services professional Anjali a chance since he felt they had the most things in common — she didn’t speak Hindi, but even he was trying.

Vikash and Anjali’s ensuing first date was at a local couples wine & paint class, where they genuinely opened up to one another regarding their work, interests, expectations, as well as beliefs. There were definitely a few awkward pauses in between, yet there were also moments they connected unlike any other and that’s what drove the former to decide he’d like to see her again. The duo thus went for a hike before meeting her brother and sister-in-law for date number two, followed by a romantic dinner for their third, but then the doctor conceded he simply couldn’t go any further.

Vikash and Anjali Couldn’t Make Things Work

The truth is Vikash worried about Anjali being over eight years younger than him and not speaking Hindi one bit, even following their cozy hangouts, making him believe he had to call it quits. In other words, the affinity between them came to an end before it could really begin, yet it all worked out as the former soon met Janki Kaneria, whereas the latter realized her true worth. Plus, from what we can tell through their relatively active social media platforms, it genuinely does not appear as if the California residents have since rekindled to get into anything serious or intimate.

However, that’s not to say Vikash and Anjali haven’t remained on amicable terms — in fact, their mutual follow, combined with their online exchanges, makes it evident they’re friends to this day. Though it does seem like the duo’s top priority at the moment is their respective career as an Emergency Room doctor and the Director of Partner Relations for First Republic Private Wealth Management. Moreover, while the Davis habitant is ostensibly currently dedicating himself to traveling too, the San Francisco Bay Area native is actively working on herself with the support of her dog Bubba. We should mention that Anjali was featured in ‘Indian Matchmaking’ season 2 as well — she was a potential match for cardiac surgeon Arshneel Kochar.

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