Kristen Stewart and Elle Fanning’s Pruning the Rosebush to Shoot in London

The production of Kristen Stewart and Elle Fanning-starrer ‘Pruning the Rosebush’ is set to begin in London early next year. Alternatively titled ‘Rosebushpruning,’ the psychological drama film revolves around Alessandro, who is burdened by hereditary diseases. He devises a dark plan to liberate his healthy brother Augusto from shared responsibilities. However, his obsessive scheme unfolds with a series of dreadful accidents and murders, initiating with the deliberate act of pushing their blind, religious mother into a ravine and concluding with the elimination of Leone, their brother.

As this macabre narrative unfolds, Alessandro grapples with unsettling desires, including incestuous impulses towards his sister Giulia. Meanwhile, Giulia strives to undermine Augusto’s departure from the family by disrupting his relationship with Lucia, whom he loves deeply. Amidst escalating family dynamics, a pressing question emerges: can Alessandro successfully execute his obsessive project, freeing himself and Augusto from familial obligations, for a new life in the city? Or will unforeseen obstacles obstruct his twisted ambitions and disturbing plans?

Director Karim Aïnouz, acclaimed for Cannes Film Festival-winner ‘The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão’ and Alicia Vikander-starrer ‘Firebrand,’ is at the helm of the upcoming film. Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Efthimis Filippou, known for co-writing films like ‘Dogtooth,’ ‘The Killing Of A Sacred Deer,’ and ‘The Lobster‘ with Yorgos Lanthimos, penned the movie.

Drawing inspiration from Marco Bellocchio’s 1965 Italian film ‘Fists in the Pocket,’ Efthimis Filippou’s script for the psychological drama is poised to deliver a dark, dramatic, and intense narrative. The Italian classic revolves around an epileptic man orchestrating the murder of his dysfunctional family, setting the tone for the movie. Aïnouz and Filippou aim to craft a contemporary parable exploring the demise of the traditional patriarchal family. The filmmaker anticipates a touching and provocative production, reflecting on the societal shifts since Bellocchio’s groundbreaking work. Despite the controversies that surrounded the satirical drama upon its original release, ‘Fists in the Pocket’ is now hailed as a landmark in Italian cinema, showcasing Bellocchio’s enduring influence.

Stewart and Fanning are set to share the screen with Josh O’Connor in the upcoming film, marking the first collaboration for these accomplished actors. Stewart’s recent credits include David Cronenberg’s body horror film ‘Crimes of the Future’ and Pablo Larraín’s Diana Spencer-biopic ‘Spencer.’ O’Connor, who played Prince Charles in Netflix’s historical series ‘The Crown’ and Antony Penrose in ‘Lee,’ recently completed the filming of Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Challengers,’ starring Zendaya. Fanning, on the other hand, played Catherine in ‘The Great’ and Michelle Carter in ‘The Girl from Plainville.’

Building on their collaboration with Aïnouz after ‘The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão,’ The Match Factory’s Viola Fügen and Michael Weber serve as producers of the film. The production company manages global sales for the film, while CAA Media Finance deals with the North American distribution. MUBI provides financial backing for the production. London remains a key hub for film productions, with this year’s major releases like ‘Barbie‘ and ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One‘ being notable examples filmed in the English capital city.

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