Put a Ring on It Season 2: Where Are the Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

Testing the strength of their bonds and discerning whether or not couples are meant to be, ‘Put a Ring on It’ follows three couples across a nine-week period to find out whether or not they would be a good marriage match. The show catapulted into fame after the premiere of season 1 in 2020, garnering a huge fanbase that enjoyed dissecting the interwoven intricacies of the cast’s relationship and why they’re ill-suited. The OWN reality TV show stars three couples trying to get to the root of their issues.

With Dr. Nicole LaBeach as their guiding expert, the three couples of season 2 — Alexia and Darion, LaRhonda and Jay, and Jessica and Eric — dated other people and were pushed out of their comfort zones in order to understand where their loyalties stand. This ultimate relationship test naturally brought forth a series of dramas and conversations that have left fans wondering about the couples long after the conclusion of their season.

Alexia and Darion Have Since Separated

The former basketball player Alexia Adams and Grammy-nominated musician Darion Crawford had viewers hooked on the issues that erupted between them on the show. While the two were in an on-and-off relationship for more than 14 years, they didn’t tie the knot much to the former’s dismay. After Darion admittedly cheated on Alexia with extra Kai on the show, their journey was skewed.

As such, their road to happiness was cut short, and unfortunately, the two finally called it quits and are no longer together. Many fans speculated that Darion’s inability to commit was due to his previous marriage and the lingering issues. While the facticity of the matter cannot be found, Darion’s children are thriving and share a good relationship with their father even today.

Despite their intra-personal issues, the two still thrive professionally and personally. While Alexia Adams continues to reign as a social media personality, Darion Crawford is also actively making music. Alexia’s podcast ‘The Reality Table’ has accrued her a wider following. Not just this, she has also launched a health and beauty brand called ‘Drink2Shrink’. The company is known to make juices with herbs that target belly fat and help people lose weight.

While Adam’s interest in health and fitness can be traced back to her athletic days, Darion’s success in music began with his work as a rapper in the Grammy-nominated hip-hop duo Field Mob’. Crawford is now the CEO of a clothing brand named ‘Supplanter’ and also works as a real estate developer. While the two give little information about their private lives, fans continue to look forward to their personal and professional growth!

LaRhonda and Jay Continue to Embrace New Opportunities Together

In their appearance on ‘Put a Ring on It’ Season 2, LaRhonda and Jay Dukes won the hearts of many for their sheer go-getter spirit. Despite being wholly committed to one another, the couple didn’t tie the knot because of their different tax brackets. LaRhonda is an engineer, and as a practising investor with an MBA, her boyfriend Jay Dukes felt that he needed to be an equal contributor and only then should they go on with their marriage. Jay was still a rising standup comedian who felt that he needed time to grow.

And so the power couple didn’t just manage to grow together professionally and financially, but also kept true to their commitment and got married. Jay and LaRhonda got married in a quaint ceremony in Jamaica, surrounded by friends and family blessing their union, showcasing that their love needed no test.

While their patience and respect for each other’s careers became the stepping stone for their mutual growth, their hard work is also a major factor. From the time he was a struggling standup comedian, Jay Dukes managed to rise up the ranks and is now an actor and a celebrity host. Dukes is known for his work on ‘Couples’ Night,’ ‘Franklin University’ and ‘Wounds of Time.’ As viewers wish the best to the couple, the two continue to make fans swoon with their displays of affection on social media.

Jessica and Eric Have Seemed to Drifted Apart

Jessica Kelly and Eric Weems first met on Instagram, and it wasn’t long before sparks between the two flew. While the two were four years into their relationship when they appeared on the show, it was clear that their definition of ‘together’ differed immensely. From flagging the idea of their relationship’s official status to being evasive, even fans wondered whether the two were able to make it through or not.

After leaving the show, their activity on each other’s accounts didn’t take long to decrease. After four years, they called it quits and are no longer together. The news first broke when the two stopped sharing pictures of each other on their social media and later completely unfollowed each other. As of now, the two keep their private lives under wraps and do not engage with the media.

On the personal front, Jessica is the owner of House of Kelly Online Boutique, an online shopping and retail brand with Jessica as its headline model. Additionally, she also works as an influencer and has a large following on Instagram and TikTok. The former NFL player, however, keeps his professional and personal details secret from the world. Despite their short-lived engagement, fans still continue to support them and wish the best for the two.

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