Queer Eye Season 2: Where Are the Heroes Now?

Created by David Collins, Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ is the reboot of the eponymous Bravo series. The show five leading experts of varying fields who are on a mission to change the world one person at a time. In each episode of the show, we are introduced to a “hero” whose life is soon to be transformed by the “Fab Five.” In 2018, viewers were treated with the show’s second season, which featured several new heroes whose lives were forever changed thanks to the resident artists.

Tammye is Focusing on Community Work in Georgia

Tammye Hicks, also known as Mama Tammye, was the first hero of season 2 of the Netflix series. Having become beloved by the world due to her evident nature, she is proud to act as a mother to everyone and is always eager to help others. The Educator and Social Advocate has earned the respect of those around her due to her selfless deeds. Presently, she is based in Georgia and continues to work for the benefit of the community. Her son Miles, who had come out to her a few months before the makeover, continues to thrive in his life and is immensely loved by his mother.

William is Directing and Acting in Atlanta Now

Based in Georgia’s Atlanta Metropolitan Area, William Mahnken seems to be thriving in his personal and professional lives. Presently, he works as a Director and Screenplay Writer for Shield and Tree Productions. Additionally, he has been active as a professional Actor and Photographer since January 2010 and January 2002, respectively. Over the years, he has been a part of several projects like ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Stranger Things.’ Along with his wife, Shannan Mahnken, he is part of the content creator duo The Noncast with their own YouTube channel.

Leo is Cherishing Time with Family Now

Up next, we have Leonardo “Leo” Loria Rico, who was seen in the show in the company of his wife, Bethany Storm Loria. The couple had recently had a baby and were quite thankful for the help provided by the Fab Five and gained many admirers due to their time on the show. The two seem to be in love more than ever and are proud parents to three adorable boys, Bash, Orson, and Hadley.

Jason is Sharing Updates on Ceramics and Antiques

Not only did Jason Vogelsang enjoy his time on the Netflix show, but he also started dating his friend Beth Penland by the end of the episode. It does seem like the two are still together and are thriving in their respective lives. Jason himself remains a huge Star Wars fan and is always happy to share life updates on social media. Working in the field of ceramics and antiques, he eagerly promotes any upcoming sales via the Internet for those who might be interested in buying visually attractive pieces.

 Skyler is Advocating for Trans Rights Today

Following his appearance in the Netflix series, Skyler Jay decided to file a lawsuit against the University System of Georgia, for whom he worked as a Catering manager. His medical coverage was denied three different times, once before his top surgery and twice afterward. This led him to file a lawsuit in 2018 in order to be reimbursed.

Thanks to Skyler, the policy that stopped people from receiving trans-related care was changed. Presently, he works as an Activist, Speaker, and Coordinator. He is also one of the Founders of Aadya Rising. In February 2023, the reality TV star introduced the world to his girlfriend, Alyssa, whom he had met a year earlier through social media.

Arian is Studying at Georgia Tech Now

Season 2’s episode 6 introduced us to Arian Samiei, who left his job as an Onsite Program Lead for T-Mobile in November 2022. The reality TV star is now a student at Georgia Institute of Technology, having joined the institute in January 2022. Presently, Arian plans to graduate in December 2024 with a Master of Business Administration degree in Strategy and analysis. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he seems to be doing well in his life, and we wish him the best for the upcoming future.

Sean is Performing and Traveling Today

Since 2005, Sean VanMeter has been dedicated to his love for piano and continues to dazzle the world with his music. The reality TV star has degrees in Maths and Music from Piedmont University, having graduated from the institute in May 2022. Additionally, Sean is a fan of traveling and visiting various Caribbean islands in January 2023. March of the same year saw him turning 24, and Sean is only looking forward to continuing his musical world and having his work reach every corner of the world. It seems like the pianist is presently dating Clara Ortega, an Emergency Nurse with whom he celebrated his fifth Valentine’s Day in 2023.

Ted is Focusing on His Political Career Today

Edward “Ted” Terry appeared in the show as the Mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, a position he held until March 2020. Though the politician shared his intent to run for the Senate in July 2019 as a Democratic candidate, he rescinded his application due to funding issues in January 2022. Instead, he chose to run for Georgia’s DeKalb County Commission Super District 6 seat, his term starting on January 1, 2021, as no Republican candidate had qualified for the position. When not working hard, Ted likes to spend time with his partner, Andrea Cervone.

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