Queer Eye Season 5: Where Are the Heroes Now?

Image Credit: Ryan Collerd/Netflix

A 2018 reboot of the eponymous Bravo series, Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ is a reality show that features five amazingly talented experts from various fields who band together to improve the lives of others. Every episode focuses on a single individual who has been nominated by someone they know to be a “hero.” Under the guidance of the Fab Five, the lives of these individuals turn towards the positive. In season 5 of the show, which was released in 2020, we are introduced to many new heroes whose current whereabouts are certainly a subject of curiosity. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Noah is Currently serving as Pastor in Philadelphia Today

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Noah Hepler serves as a Pastor for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Atonement, a position he has retained since January 2015. As an openly gay man of faith, he has started to increase his knowledge of “Queer Theology,” along with several other critical issues like “systemic racism within the church community.” With over 15 thousand Instagram followers, Noah also makes content surrounding his work in regard to faith and the LGBTQ+ community.

Rahanna is Managing Stylish Pooch Hotel

As of writing, Rahanna Gray is the CEO of Stylish Pooch Hotel and Spa, a dog grooming establishment where she also serves as a Dog Stylist. Alongside a talented team of groomers, Rahanna and her company are undoubtedly thriving and have many loyal clients who are happy to leave their beloved pets in the expert hands of the reality TV star and her team. She herself is always excited to show off the transformed dogs, much to the joy of her online followers.

Kevin is Recovering from Amputation

Up next, we have Kevin Abernethy, who unfortunately had to get his left leg amputated due to complications from his diabetes diagnosis. His daughter, Haley Ferrigno, shared an update regarding the same asking the people on the internet to contribute to a fundraiser she had set up for her father so as to modify his home that would allow him to live more comfortably following his surgery. The overwhelmingly positive response of the public touched both her and Kevin, with the latter thanking every single one of his well-wishers from the bottom of his heart.

Tyreek is Advocating for Community, Mentoring Youths

Tyreek Wanamaker is currently the Director Of Development for The Block Gives Back. Though he left Mighty Writers in July 2020, he continues to help the community with all his heart. As an activist and educator, he is always happy to talk about various issues that impact the world in one or the other. Additionally, Tyreek is a skilled writer and takes delight in mentoring young minds. It is possible that the reality TV star may enter the political area someday, but presently, he seems content in helping others through his work at the grass root level.

Abby is Actively Protesting for Change

Let’s talk about Abby Leedy, an activist who is always eager to change the world for the better. In October 2021, she and 11 other protestors were arrested for refusing to leave the driveway of Representative Josh Gottheimer’s home. Since her time on the show, she has indeed moved out of Sunrise Movement’s housing and now lives with some of her fellow activists in an apartment.

Ryan is Enjoying Life with Loved Ones Now

Musician Ryan Dyer continues to work as a DJ and delights his listeners with his beats. The reality TV star is always happy to share the dates and locations of his upcoming gigs on social media with his fans. When not working, Ryan likes to spend time with his friends and family. In October 2021, he shared his intention of moving out of the home that we saw him residing in during ‘Quyeer Eye’ season 5. However, he has resolved to keep the changes that the Fab Five brought into his life with him in his new home. He ended up closing on his 3rd house and a new home in February 2022.

Jennifer is Fighting Breast Cancer Today

Though Jennifer Sweeney has wholeheartedly embraced the advice of the Fab Five, her time after the show has not been simple. Having been diagnosed with breast cancer, the reality TV star has tried her level best to maintain her optimism and is always eager to spread awareness about the disease. Joining her in her quest are her husband, John, and three beautiful daughters, Dana, Rachel, and Ashley. With a great support system around her, Jennifer has not let the diagnosis bring her down and continues to brighten the world with her zeal and determination.

Marcos is Serving Fusion Cuisine at Alma del Mar

If you want to have a taste of Marcos Tlacopilco’s cooking, you to can visit his restaurant Alma del Mar, which is located at 1007 South 9th Street in Philadelphia. The fusion of American and Mexican cuisine that the establishment provides is sure to keep you wanting more. In June 2023, he and his wife, Alma Romero, celebrated their 26th anniversary and are looking forward to many more years together.

Lilly is Cherishing Motherhood Today

Pediatrics Specialist Lilly Yi is also a Lactation Consultant and takes much joy in helping those under her care. As for her personal life, she is now a proud mother to two children, having welcomed her youngest kid, a girl, in February 2020. Though the medical expert lost her father in June 2021 due to cancer, she continues to hold him close to her heart and cherishes all the happy memories of their time together. Live many other heroes, Lilly has taken well to the changes brought into her life by the Fab Five. She has especially embraced her fashionista side and is always happy to show off her outfits to her online admirers.

Nate is Running Bodyrock Bootcamp Today

Last but far from least, we have Nate McIntyre. The Owner of Bodyrock Bootcamp and Executive Training seems to be thriving in his professional life and is as eager as ever to help others. The organization offers online classes, body workout sessions, and various other services to those interested. Nate himself has acquired a new dog named Dutchie, who often features on his social media. Unfortunately, after his time on the show, the rekindled romance between himself and Kristen did not pan out, and the latter got engaged to someone else.

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